How To Get Rid Of Mice in Apartment, House Naturally – SPIDERS IN YOUR HOUSE AGAIN!

Please like comment share and subscribe my channel Today in this video I will tell you how to get rid of mice permanently in all natural way home remedies to get rid of mice How to get rid of mice without killing them A single random Mouse might seem cute But if you spot one there is bound to be an entire horde of mice living in your home They are known for their vivacious breeding habits All it takes is just one of these furry critters to get in and within a matter of weeks there could be dozens Once they start nesting it then becomes an uphill battle trying to get rid of them Living with mice isn’t just embarrassing or bothersome. It is a major health hazard They use their urine as a method of communication So as their scurrying around your house foraging for food, they are systematically urinating Mice also have the tendency to gnaw on wires which becomes an electrical nightmare a Single strain Mouse may be cute to me personally But once you start hearing them during the night flipping and flopping around in your walls, it is definitely time to take action But I am a lover of all animals and I just don’t have the hard to kill them The following are 5 simple First home method Mouse proof your home One of the easiest ways to rid yourself of a road infestation is to prevent one before it even has a possibility of happening Most homes are invaded by rodents during the cold winter months to find a nice warm place to nest eat and have their young Here is a comprehensive checklist to rodent proof your house Instructions if you have trees near your home, make sure to trim down branches so they can’t be used as bridges They will enter through any opening in your roof or attic to get themselves inside your walls Locate any holes and gaps that mice can squeeze through and seal it off with something highly durable Such as sheet metal or steel wool Keep in mind that your average Mouse can fit through any opening a little bigger than 1/4 of an inch Use weather stripping to seal all window frames and doors where it presents easy access Position your trash cans a good distance from your home they tend to have their nesting in old storage boxes the interior of your walls and Anything soft that can be used as bedding for nesting material. I’ve even seen a few nest in an old stuffed animal Second home remedy You sense that our mouths repel a smell that mice absolutely include garlic Spicy scents such as cayenne pepper and probably your best bet would be peppermint Rodents like mice have a sharp sense of smell. So implementing these certain odors at key points in your home will deter their presence acquire some peppermint oil and cotton balls Simply soak some of the cotton balls and place them strategically where you suspect their activity The great thing about using these aromas is that it’s all-natural safer for household pets and children Additionally, they won’t do any harm to them However, it is prudent to keep in mind mice are smart and can easily circumvent these measures so it is important to supplement this tactic with a Third home remedy Keep your home as clean as possible Rodents love a house that is in an unsanitary condition Clear the clutter from around your house, especially in your garage attic and closets Keep as much of your food as possible in airtight glass or tin containers Also switch to metal containers for your trash your garbage. Is there endless buffet? The average adult Mouse can survive on just a few grams of food per day. So a few scraps or With home remedy Using non-lethal mousetraps A more humane alternative to tradition popping rap traps and toxic glue traps are the non-lethal traps they’re used to catch them without incurring harm to the mice the majority of these traps are bait bait traps luring them into an enclosure that makes it impossible for them to climb back out as Far as bait goes mice have a bit of a sweet tooth Using cookie crumbs some chocolate even peanut butter will do nicely to entice them The best place to lay, the traps are around areas where they frequent areas with droppings and signs of rodent activity This catch and release method is only viable if you don’t already fifth home remedy Lining certain areas of your home with aluminum foil This may sound unconventional but aluminum foil is like kryptonite to mice There’s something about it that is unnatural to them and they steer clear of it Although foil is a great deterrent for them. It really isn’t too practical to have it strewn about everywhere Lay down foil where you feel the highest concentration of activity is present So obviously wrapping certain foods that are left out would be ideal protection from the mice nibbling and contaminating your leftovers Interesting facts about mice There are at least 30 known species An acute sense of smell an excellent hearing but have poor eyesight They are nocturnal by nature and thus are most active at night as a pet A mouse is most content having at least one other Mouse to keep it company Females are capable of giving birth to litters of up to 15 at a time after being only two months mature After delivering a litter they are able to get pregnant again just after 48 hours time in Zambia they are even as a rich source of protein and considered a delicacy They are very social animals and communicate using different sets of squeaks in their urine Please like comment share and subscribe my channel

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