How To Get Free Seller Leads On Facebook (2020) | Real Estate Facebook Lead Generation

How To Get Free Seller Leads On Facebook (2020) | Real Estate Facebook Lead Generation

Hey everybody its Matt Cramer and today we’re gonna be talking about how to get free seller leads on Facebook Alright so if you’re watching this video You’re probably a newer agent or maybe an agent who doesn’t have a ton of budget right now To use to go out and pay for leads or maybe you just don’t want to pay for leads You just want to do things free, right? You want to earn your leads or whatever you want to call it. Today, We’re gonna be talking about how to get free seller leads on Facebook. And before we dive into that I want to talk to you a little bit about what a lead is a lot of times people are referring to a lead in their calling Anything that has a name and email and a phone number a lead. Which yeah I mean according to Facebook if you’re paying for the traffic, it’s a lead, right? What is a lead really though? Realistically, you need to think of a lead more like a detective show on TV. Let’s say you’re watching Law & Order Somebody gets a lead They don’t just run out and arrest that person know it’s a lead Right, they go out and they interview that person they go out and they speak with that person. They go out and they have a conversation. They try to figure out what’s going on They try to learn more about the situation and then they go past that – you know the arrest that person or whoever it is Later on, but the point being this is a lead it’s something that you need to immediately follow up on try and make a connection with and Continually build out the relationship until that person is ready to buy or sell their home So now that we understand that this lead is not just the name email phone number It’s actually a person and we know that we have to work with that person We have to reach out we have to take care of them nurture a relationship Actually connect with them now we can start talking about how we’re gonna actually generate those free seller leads on Facebook So the first method that we’re gonna be talking about today is a Facebook group Now the Facebook group is a great opportunity because you can get in front of thousands of people at no charge So let’s dive into the computer and look at that So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to our Facebook and we’re gonna type in garage sale Now you can type in things like online Flea market yard sale different things like that. There’s all kinds of them You’re probably gonna see buy sell group all that sort of stuff. But these are the groups that we’re looking for because we go Oakland virtual garage sales. Okay. So, this is Oakland, Michigan we have Seventy thousand plus members now the first thing we want to look for again. We want to check for the rules Do we have rules right here? We do. Not so let’s check over on the side of the description Residents of Oakland County make sure that you’re following the rules. Okay Please read the basic rules located under the file tab and also the pin post Okay, cool. So we know where we got to go to right now. Here’s the rules. We’re gonna jump in there We’re gonna see what it says Please read all the rules Again, we do this so that we don’t get kicked out of the group Like this can be a long term method that we can be using But if we go in there and we we just mess it up We stink the place up right off the bat by doing exactly what they tell us not to we’re gonna get kicked out We’re not gonna be able to continue to use this as an asset. So that’s what we want to make sure we’re following the rules I’m just gonna hit ctrl F and go like this Let’s see here. You may list pets whether it be okay be Filming is not allowed post regarding work from home. Okay, cuz I’m looking for home stuff, right so representative for a home party company. Nope Homemade goods get home. Okay, perfect You may list houses apartments vacation rentals perfect so we just searched again that’s control F for command F if you’re on a Mac we search there we found homes houses and We are allowed to post in this group and we’re gonna repeat that process across multiple groups just again going in here taking out That we want to join these groups as quick as possible right, but we want to make sure that we space out the time in which we’re joining so that we don’t stand out and Appear to be a spammer, right? So we want to go in and join another one. We’re gonna see okay Does this one allow us to post homes again? We’re repeating the same process We just did but now that we know we can do that We’re gonna go in here and we’re gonna create a post. Okay? Then we’re gonna grab a stock photo which we can go to something like pixels have a free stock photo Alice Download You Okay, so this is the post we basically put this in there and Now we’re offering free no-obligation home evaluations for anybody who’s thinking of moving So that’s option number one The problem with home evaluation leads is typically home evaluation leads are really far out in the process You know, there’s somebody who’s just at the beginning of thinking about moving So don’t just think that because you’re you’re generating these leads. They’re all gonna turn into business today Okay, this could be three six twelve months down the road eighteen months twenty four, you know three years down the road sometimes But you’re building a database you’re making connections and those people can also send you referrals before they ever even work with you Okay. So another thing that we can do is we can actually go in type beds bathrooms things like that and we look for listings that other people have out there of them trying to sell their home on their own and these are called for sale by owners and a lot of you already know what That is so we can use that to reach out to the person and start asking some questions Building some rapport building a connection with them and seeing if we can offer them any value as a licensed real estate Agent that they may not normally have as a person trying to sell their home on their own So the next thing that we’re gonna be talking about is Facebook events And this is great if you’re holding an open house If you’re holding a new home buyer seminar anything like that second time home buyer seminar You know baby boomer home buyer seminar retirement home seminar, whatever home seminar thing that you’re running This is a great opportunity to get it in front of a ton of people Okay. So let’s see. We’re doing an event all we need to do boom. We’re gonna go create event create public event. It’s very simple So now once we click create event, we’re gonna select our page right here We’re gonna put a photo something from pixels or maybe the listing photo or whatever we need to do To put a photo here that looks right fill out all the information Down here and then you’re going to invite your friends to this event invite your family to this event Whoever it is that could benefit from this I mean first you want to fill it up and then have them start inviting more and more People and you might be saying hey, I don’t have anybody that can come to these events Like the nice thing is when it’s a public event Can still see that it’s happening So it’s definitely worth doing Don’t miss out just because you don’t feel like you know people that are gonna show up create the event put it out there do Your best invite people and watch what happens. So the next thing that you need to be focused on is making content consistently posting content Okay, so you want to make sure that you’ve set up your Facebook profile if you’re not sure how to do that? Check out our other videos where we show you exactly how to set up your Facebook profile to make it start generating leads today But anyways, you want to make sure that your profile is set up so that people go there. They realize your real estate agent There’s links that they can click to go learn more about you or to fill out a form and then you want to start posting Content. Okay, you want to start posting things about what you’re doing as a real estate agent. Did you just sell something? Did you just close something what exactly is happening in your life as a real estate agent? What is the market doing? Think about it if you were to buy a home, what are the kind of things that you would want to know? What are the kind of things that you might like to see from a realtor you were going to work with? think about that when you’re making your content and start to produce 2 to 3 posts every single day and Use those as stories talk about what you’re doing, you know, just pull your phone out and start doing things like hey I’m creating content right now. I’m trying to show everybody Exactly what they need to know when they’re buying a house in 2020, whatever it is All right Start creating that content start showing people that you’re a real estate agent. Who? Actually works and if you’re not selling houses at least show them that you’re trying. Ok. I wouldn’t exactly say Hey, I’m trying this allows Azir not doing very well, but whatever No Do your best? To show people that you are in the office that you’re working or that you’re at your home office and you’re working, but you’re consistently Showing people your real estate agent that they can reach out to that they can work with so the last thing that I’m going to be talking about is using Facebook chat BOTS, okay So if you haven’t used a chat bot before you are missing out chat bots are an incredible way to stay in front of your clients to communicate with your clients while Offering value the open rates from chat pods are much much higher than email also The engagement rate from chat bots is typically much much higher than email So if you want to keep better with your database you want to do it all for free You need to go to many chat comm download the chat bot And if you get it and you download it you connect it to your page You’re like hey, I have no clue what I need to do with this thing. That’s ok We actually have a link down below you know the description there or you can click and you can join our Facebook group where we talk about how to implement these how to use them what they’re great for and many other things And so with that this has been how to get free seller leads on Facebook If you’ve enjoyed this do me a favor smash that like button down below if you want to see more videos as we’re putting them out if you’re getting Value make sure to hit the subscribe button. Click the little bell for the notification so You know when we put a new video out and also if you know other people that should be seeing this that are gonna get value from This please do as a favor share the content help us get it out there to anybody who needs to know how to go get You know selling leads on Facebook or buyer leads on Facebook. Thank you so much for watching Feel free to check out the Facebook group like I mentioned down below and any other stuff that you have questions about Just feel free to leave down in the comments and I’ll get to those as soon as I can Thank you so much and talk to you all soon

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