How to Get Free Real Estate Foreclosure Leads from Public Records

>>Johnny The House Buyer: What�s going on
guys? Today we�re going to talk about how to get
free foreclosure leads for your real estate business. So, the way you get these foreclosure leads
is through public records. Each county provides the foreclosure leads
right and, it, depending on the county, right. I mean sometimes you could get them on, a
lot of times you get them online if they’re big counties but if they’re smaller counties
you might not be able to. But living in here in Dallas Fort Worth we
were able to get a lot of leads online. But you know the best way to find out obviously
is to look and the thing that I use obviously is Google. So, let me show you here how to do that. And the thing to be aware of for foreclosure
leads is when you contact these people they’re in kind of a tough situation. So, you know I try to be sensitive toward
their situation and not just try to take advantage of them. If you, at first when I first started out
like I might be in a vulture trying to take advantage of these people. If you want to help these people, help them. If they don’t want to be helped you know for
me I don’t try to force them into it. But let me give you up here or here, I’ll
give you, I’ll give you the link for the “are you a vulture” video that I did. If you feel like you’re just, you know, you
know, people will say �hey you’re trying to take advantage of me�, you know, �you’re
trying to kick me while I’m down� you know kind of thing but you don’t have to do that
right, so anyway. So, to get these leads I would, and there,
so there’s two different foreclosures right there’s, there might be more, but the two
main ones that we’re talking about. There’s mortgage foreclosures where people
don’t pay their mortgage, then they get foreclosed on by their borrowing entity right. They borrow mortgage, they borrow money from
you know Wells Fargo or you know whatever these big banks are and they don’t pay them
a mortgage right, their mortgage payments so, they get foreclosed on. The second type is the tax deed foreclosure
in Texas, right, where you don’t pay your taxes, all your property taxes and you get
foreclosed on. What we’re talking about today is the mortgage
foreclosure, okay. And then I’ll do another video on the tax
deeds. I’m actually going to a tax deed sale on Tuesday
so hopefully I’ll get some good footage from the county. But anyway, mortgage foreclosures, so today
we’re talking about your county. So for me I’m going to look at Fort Worth
which the county is Tarrant County so I’m gonna type in Tarrant County or foreclosures
in Tarrant County or you can type in Tarrant County foreclose, whatever you want to do. For this instance, is foreclosures in Tarrant
County. Now the thing to be aware of is there’s going
to be a lot of different things, a lot of different websites pop up right, the one you
want to pick is the one that is actually the government website right. I mean you can look at all these other ones
Zillow and foreclosure listing, they’re, they’re, trying to sell you foreclosure lists which
is okay. I mean if you don’t want to spend a lot of
time because this is time-sensitive right I mean this this this method of gathering
leads is if you have a lot of time versus if you have a lot of money. If you have a lot of money trying to get foreclosure
leads I would just pay for a list but if you don’t have a lot of money and you have a little
bit of time then this is the way that you do it. Okay so, I’m just trying to give you the free
way of getting foreclosure leads right because this is how, how you do it. And once you get the leads right the best
way to contact, the way I contact I used to go knock on their doors and stuff and I’ve
got a lot of you know experience in dealing with the people,
their mindsets are a little bit, they could be angry, they could be stressed, they you
know, I mean you’re about to lose your house dude I mean right. So, if you’re good at the sales and persuasion
stuff probably the best way is to knock on the doors because they get stacks and stacks
of these letters and postcards. When I talk to one guy he’s like �look dude
I get stacks of these postcards why are you, you know, any different how are you going
to help me?� So if you’re a good persuader, if you’re a
good person that that can you know sell then probably knocking on the door is the best
way. If not, the way I do it is, I send out postcards
or letters. So anyway, back to what we’re talking about. So, the Tarrant County website happens to
be this one �Foreclosures Tarrant County�. And like I said your county can be different
and it probably will be. The best way to do it is to look online and
to see if your county provides foreclosure records in this particular instance Tarrant
County County Clerk Foreclosures, BAM right there. Notice of Substitute trustee sales that means
foreclosure sales. Okay so here is a list, the date in like,
so your county is gonna be different but in this county the date is the date of the actual
sale right. So, I’m probably not gonna do February because
it’s February 4th, Super Bowl Sunday, but so I’m gonna be a little late. You want to, you want to send your letter
or knock on the door with plenty of time for them to make a decision to whether they want
to go with you or if if they want to go with some kind of a borrowing situation where they
borrow the money to to pay for their pay their, their mortgage. So here I’m gonna go, I�m going to start
in March. So, I have a, have a February 4th now I’ve
got a month to talk to them to assess their situation and to see how best I can help out
if they want to be helped right. So, this is how you do it, so first from my
CRM System Podio or if you just you want to use Excel files you’ll need Excel. You know you could problem probably do this
in something free like you know Google Docs or something like that but you know I’m just
Excel guy. And I’m gonna show you how to do this in Excel. And you know I don’t know if you can do a
mail merge from Google Docs but you know I take these leads from Excel merge them into
Word right and then send them out and I’ve got another video on how I do that. I’ll put a link up here on the merge, in case
you need a, in case you need to merge to send them out yourself. Or you can use a mailing provider, there’s
tons of them out there but, but for right now we’re mailing out the letters ourselves
with our big old printer. But depending on your needs on your time availability
on your, how much money you got, either do it yourself or have someone else do it. So, let’s look here, here is the template
that I use, I use I pull it from my Podio. And if you’re interested
in how I set up my Podio, I can give you a demo just type in comments if you’re really
interested in how to set up a CRM. CRM is customer relationship management software
basically all it is, is how you manage all your leads right. You got to manage leads if you do it in word,
not word but if you do it in Excel. At first that’s what I did but it gets really
cumbersome. Here you can have your contacts, your campaigns,
your seller leads, that’s my main, my main these are called apps my main app that I use
and I export, export my leads into this format. So, it has your dates your addresses, all
the fields that I use to maintain leads. Anyways, this is not a commercial for Podio,
but it’s just what I use and if you want to know I’ll put a link in the description below
on, on how you can get, it�s it pretty cheap, it’s a few hundred bucks a year I mean whatever. But the way I do foreclosures, okay so like
I said I’m going to start with the March. And I did a few of these groups, I don’t know
what the groups mean but I go through each group and in your county, it may be different,
but I go through each group to see the name of the person, the address information and
a lot of it, here I’ll just show you. So, in this particular instance and, their,
each of them are done differently you know in yours might not look like this and even
in each county depending on the way that the attorney does this or whoever files it in
the county court they have a different sheet, so each one of these could be different. So, let me, I’ll show you how to find the
pertinent information. The first thing you need to find out is the
address that’s getting foreclosed on right. And sometimes they don’t even show you the
address so I just skip it but you can always find the address. So, in this particular instance, the address
is this right here right. So, they make it, on this one it’s real easy
a lot of them aren’t this easy. So the, that’s the address that’s being foreclosed,
the date and time place of sale March 6, 2018, the sales going to begin at 10, the place,
the base of the courthouse steps on the east side of Tarrant County Courthouse or as designated
by the county commissioner. It’s sometimes if it at Tarrant County, it’s
not really at the courthouse steps right, it’s inside a building and in a room. Okay so cash, you got to buy it cash only. When you bid on it and there’s a clerk you
go to and you give them your cashier’s check right for how much you bid for. So, you need to have the cash right then and
there. Sometimes they give you like a few hours to
go to the bank to get the cash so but it depends totally depends on your county, everything’s
different right. So, the instrument to be foreclosed that means
the deed right. It gives you the instrument number which you
can look up to find out how much is owed and all that stuff but for this particular video
I won’t make it too long. Daryl Johnson is the grantor; the grantor
is the person that is being foreclosed on. My bad, sympathies to Daryl but you know these
people are in tough situations so, when you’re talking to them or when you’re dealing with
them just be you know just be cool. Be sensitive and don’t be a jerk trying to
just say �hey man I want to buy your house� and you know like a lot of other people are
but you know whatever. So, in the spreadsheet that you’re going to
be using I’ve got a created-on date, created by me, the property full address is a formula
of these four fields here. So, the first things I need to find out is
the property address which is that and you can you know you can usually copy and paste
some of this information this one I couldn’t but a lot of them you can. Sometimes you type it in right Cheswick, Fort
Worth, Texas zip code. The seller name is right here right, Daryl
Johnson. And the mailing address you guys know from
previous videos I’ve done, you want to look through on these I use the same as the property
address. But it could definitely be different they
could live somewhere else and you could look through the CAD, the county appraisal district
to find out if the mailing address is different from the property address. And I have another video that I can, that
you can see how to find that out but I just put the same one just to be quick and if it
comes back as none deliverable, then I�ll do some more research. For Podio I used lead sources, foreclosures
Tarrant, lead capture date is the date of today that I am capturing. Lead entered date I’ve only done a few just
for this demonstration so I’m not going to put that there but that would be the date
I entered it into my CRM system so the system knows when I entered it. The campaign I’ve got different campaigns
in Podio so the campaign I’m using today would be, foreclosures ok, and the status, status
is mail because I want to mail them and the action, what do I need to do for this particular
lead, for these leads is to mail, so that might be redundant but it’s different. I�ll show you real quick, I’m probably getting
too far in depth but I want to show you guys exactly what I’m doing, exactly how I do it. So, you know I mean, let’s see so I’ve got
different lead sources, the lead source would be foreclosure Tarrant like I showed you. The status I’ve got all these statuses because
when I talked to potential buyers or sellers I have to see what status they’re in right. If they sold it or if their respondent or
if they’re dead, they say �forget you, go away� right or if we’re negotiating or right
now, I’m mailing, so there’s the status. The actions mail, I can research the owner
if the mail comes back undeliverable I put that as that, make an offer you know, all
this other stuff but let’s get back to what we’re doing. That is the explanation of status and actions. Foreclosure date is the date, the date of
the sale March 6th so that is what I would be using here. So that is one record for the Cheswick address
there okay. Same kind of thing I’ll go through a couple
more of these because some of them are different, that was the only one for the Group A.
Group B, I’ll show you okay so notice the format between this one and the other one,
there’s no name up here, there’s no address, so like I said before each of these templates
are different right, each of these entries, notice to the courts you know are different,
depending on who enters them. So, for this one if you cannot find the address
you can always find, if you dug hard enough, the legal description would give you the address
but I don’t really, I mean I don’t do it, you can do it. And that way you can have an advantage to
everyone else because most people that if they don’t see the address right there, boom,
they’re just going to keep going. Same with me I’m just going to forget this
one right. I’m going to keep looking down, this one,
date of sale, property, okay, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, that one doesn’t have it
either. Date of sale, place of the property, sale
property is same thing Fort Worth, okay in that particular instance I’m not writing anything
down because I’m just going to keep going for the sake of speed. Group C okay here it’s totally different from
A and B right. I mean the grantors, Kenneth and David sermons
jr. and Jennifer Jones sermons looks like they’re married. The principle amount it gives you how much,
the date the deed amount was, what their mortgage was on what particular date, I know man they,
your information is so public it’s just amazing, kind of scary but it’s out there for everybody
to look at. I mean your deed if you bought a house, it’s
out there for people to look at I mean it it’s kind of weird but anyway. So this one gives the name of the grantor
like I said that’s the borrower. Current mortgage is with JPMorgan Chase. Here we go reported address this is what we’re
looking for on this one so in this particular instance you would find the address under
reported address and like I said I’m gonna say it again, you’re gonna say �like you
said that hundred times� I’m like �yeah I know�. But every county is different even within
the county, every, every notice is different, notice of acceleration, and notice of Trustee
sale means it’s being foreclosed on. Okay so 500 Glen Cove Court and here you can
copy and paste this I copied and paste that in there, 500 Glen Cove Court, Nance Ville
Texas. And then I would take the, let’s see what’s
the next thing is, the sellers Name, Kenneth David Sermons Jr. and Jennifer Jones Sermons. Okay so I cut that down because when you mail
them right and they see this on their mail they’re like oh well this is definitely you
know something, something serious right if they put their whole name. So I just say Kenneth jr. and Jennifer’s sermons
right I mean, so maybe they opened up my piece of mail maybe, I mean I don’t know but that’s
how I do it. Mailing full address is a formula of the mailing
address, same thing sale information March 6 10 a.m. or within 3 hours after. So be there at 10:00 right at the base of
the courthouse steps substitute trustee the (inaudible 20:53) going to do it, okay so
next. Next one, okay reported Address, same thing
all the information is here. The grantor is up here which is pretty cool,
so you can copy and paste that. Do I have that one? And well yeah Ella and husband Joe, you know
of course I don’t put in husband right. I strip all of that stuff out into the seller
name because when I mail them, I’m gonna mail them something kind of you know easy to read
right, Ella (inaudible 21:22) whatever and Joe Rodriguez. You know you can see the principal amount
$81,000, you can look up on Zillow or whatever for the address and see if it’s even close. But I mean at this point you’re not doing
any type of, any type of calculations, any type of, of, any type of trying to find, trying
to analyse it, you’re not doing any analysis of the deals is what I trying to get at right. You’re just finding, you’re just putting the
leads into your funnel, right, as many as you can get. And if they contact you back then that’s the
stage you analyse right. So, first thing is find the leads right, we’re
finding leads, find and this one is finding foreclosure leads. Okay this one, okay reported address got it
easy here, 1 Terrace Drive, $62,000 on 3rd. So, the hardest part, not the hardest part
but the longest part is actually just typing the stuff in. If you got someone you that you can train
to do it. This took me about an hour and a half to type
in 27 records right. So, I mean it might be worth it, it might
not be worth it if you would rather pay for it and pay for it. I’ll give you a – Listsource is a good place
where you can find it. And there’s also I’m looking at a different
thing called Propelio which supposedly gives good leads. And one of our guys at the real estate meetup
group that, that I run he uses propelio he says it’s really good and, he’s doing deals
so I trust him, My man Neil. But anyway let’s see there was some that I
wanted to show you okay so this one has reported address as well this one does not have, okay
this one has reported address, this one has reported address, so those were pretty straightforward. There was some that was, was that B or C,
okay. B reported address, reported address, so you
would just do the same thing. Okay so here’s a different one right, different
one notice of Trustee Sale. Here is the address. You would find the name here so depending
on, my point is depending on the actual notice of Trustee sale, you know notice of acceleration,
notice. Whatever is being recorded at the county clerk’s
office right is you got to look and there’s no automatic way unless you pay for this data
because someone actually does what I’m showing you how to do right. Someone who compiles all this information
puts it into a database and then sells all this stuff right. So if you wanted to right make some money
without buying houses if you wanted to compile all this information in your particular state
or county. You can start selling this stuff too and say
�hey I’ve got the best leads�, you know �hey up� you know �pay me� but I mean
that’s the side kind of gig. But what we’re really trying to do is make
money off, of deals you know deals, deals, deals, so, but, if you want to make some extra
money on the side this is how you do it. let’s see so in this particular particular
instance that he mortgage was, the mortgage company, there’s the address and you can copy
and paste those into your spreadsheet here. Charles Thomas Hall, do I have that one? No. Charles Thomas hall, interesting. I thought I got all these. Charles Thomas Hall, yeah okay. So, I put, okay because as Estate of Charles
Thomas hall, I grabbed it from there and the comma you
know you don’t want to put hall commas state of Charles Thomas right that’s the last name
on the the mailer that you send right well you should probably put Thomas hall Charles
Thomas hall but I put Estate of Charleston. I mean you know he’s in this particular instance
he is probably deceased and they foreclosed on him because he couldn’t make this payment. And in Texas yes you can foreclose on a dead
person which is kind of crappy but I mean, they want their money right, so they’re gonna
take the house back. So, I’m guessing I’d have to look through
probate records and stuff but I’m guessing since he has an estate or not I mean you know
but I’ve seen enough these to know. So, this is Thomas estate (inaudible 27:11). Did I put the estate, yeah I put the estate. Notice of trustee sale you can see where the,
when they bought it, November 12, 2002, how much they bought it for usually, and this
one you can’t. That’s okay, because all of them are different. In this one see how this is totally different
too it doesn’t have it on the top, the amount 157410, legal description, it doesn’t have
the actual address so I bet you I did not put this down. But if you wanted to research the actual address,
boom, you know you’ve got a niche in which most people won’t do that. You know I’m not doing it a lot of people
aren’t doing it so if you want to dig down deep you can actually do that. And I can show you how to find the but you
know you just go to the county appraisal district website and do it. But if you need help definitely hit me up
in the comments below and ask me how to do it and I’ll show it to you. But basically, all this stuff is the same
except you know my point is the reason why I’m taking some time and showing you. All of these are different right, all of these
are different, the legal description, date of sale, time, place of sale, there’s no address
here so I did not put it down. Here’s an address here on this one, so I did
put it down. Here’s the name, here’s how much he owes,
maybe, maybe not, whatever. So, some, some people some example or some
recordings right where some recordings are show you all the information, some don’t. Some lawyers that do this you know they’re
like �hey let’s keep this kind of you know hard to find because people like us right
data miners�. They don’t want, they don’t want us to find
out their addresses so easily to bother these people right. I mean and we’re trying not to bother them
we’re trying to help them, but if they don’t want to be helped I move on you know. But you know like I said if you’re a good
salesperson you can kind of get in their minds and say �hey look dude we’re helping you
out, we’re trying to help you out, if you don’t want to, if you want to be helped here
we’re here to help you so.� Principal amount, grantor name, a reported
address, BAM, that’s a good one. Did I get that one? Matthew Murphy, Matthew Murphy sure did, okay
good, okay. So all these are the same so once you, cut
this video pretty short, once I mean you guys get the idea right. You have to dig through these and find the
gems within the rubble. So, once you get these wrote down put them
in the mail merge right that I showed you, search for mail merge in my playlists, I’ll
actually earlier I think I showed you the mail merge. But I’ll maybe put it up there again to show
you how you take this excel file you merge it back into your CRM system to where you
can track everything then you merge out all the ones that have not been mailed right. All the, these are hidden fields right here
right. So, I look at the date mailed first if they
haven’t been mailed one time I will send out bulk mailers to all these and I’ll show you
a different video on how to do all that unless I haven’t done it, unless I’ve done it already. I mean so you’ve got a good list here. I will continue to go through I stopped at
E and I have F through Q for the March and I won’t bore you to death doing all those. But first step to wrap up Everything, first
step is to Google your County not the city. You can google your city but they will have
tax sales which of course I will talk about later. But before mortgage foreclosure sales, the
notice of default, notice of acceleration, all this other stuff is what we’re talking
about now. And first thing Google your County, find the
website, see if they give the information on the website. If not maybe Google a county that is near
you right, if you’re in a real small County maybe like I’m in. I’m in that, I’m in Denton County but I go
a lot Fort Worth, Collin County or Collin County or Denton County and sometimes, I used
to live in Ellis County but it’s a real small County. But you might want to do that but you know
wherever you want to travel to write for these for these leads is, is what you want to find. So hopefully this helps you out if you like
what you saw, if you, please subscribe to the channel, click the links down below. I�ve put all the links about all these other
videos I’ve done to help you out down below. Subscribe to me, you know, smash the notification
button to get all the notifications. I send you out videos on a constant basis
about how you can get leads, how you can optimize your business and I don’t ask nothing from
you man you know. I’m not trying to put you in a funnel or any
kind of weird stuff you know I might have some affiliate links here and there but you
know nothing, nothing super salesy but if you got any questions hit me up let me know. And as always be a light, speak truth, change
lives and I wish you much success in your business and
in life, peace out.

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