How to get an Apartment in Berlin – Life in Germany

Everybody wants to move to Berlin and it really is no surprise It is one of the most exciting cities on the planet That is exactly the reason why it’s getting increasingly difficult to find a proper flat here Especially an affordable one, to make sure that you find the fat of your dreams here in Berlin me and my friend Alex here, Hey guys, it’s great to be here. I hope you enjoy have prepared all the steps you need to take to get there step 1 Check your social media connections and ask friends and friends of friends If they know anyone moving soon most flats in Berlin change hands like that without ever being on the open market If you’re lucky you have a flat within a day step 2 So now luck in the social circle, then it’s time to hit the public market Here’s what you should get ready now Schufa-statement, proof of income and a lot of time Go to Immoscout and WG-Gesucht and write to any new flat within the Ringbahn. You do not want to live outside the Ringbahn. Might as well move to Brandenburg. step 3 Wait for responses and feel great to get your first apartment viewing invite step 4 Go to your first apartment viewing just to realize that you have to wait for one full hour behind 200 other people just to get inside step 5 Realize that you are away underdressed and have almost no chance against all those other people I can pay a year in advance if you want. Yeah, that sounds a little bit risky Step 6 cry Step 7 Repeat step 4, 5 & 6 for at least three months. Step 8 Run out of money while looking for a flat because you tried to bribe all the agents, but they all just ripped you off Ok, I will go and talk to my colleagues and I will most likely get back to you in a week or Maybe a month Step 9 Live on the streets of Berlin to save up money again and try not to lose the will to live Step 10 time for the dirty air hope Save enough money to rent an Airbnb flat for more than 90 days Alright, well, take care of the flat. After 90 days the German tenancy law kicks in and you are now the legal tenant of the flat. Even without a contract You are now protected by the German law They can’t kick you out Step 11 Sue your new landlord via the Mietpreisbremse to get your super high Airbnb rent down to a normal level. Step 12 get kicked out by illegally hired Hells Angels landing on the street again. Step thirteen cry Step 14 begin couch-surfing and buy some Bitcoin with the little money you have left then Start learning how to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies with Alex Winkler You join me as I go live every morning at 9:15 a.m. eastern standard time. Step 15 Become a crypto millionaire and buy your own freaking flat in Berlin. That’s the only way you’ll get one

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