How To Find The Owner Of A Property, Real Estate Or Vacant (Abandoned) House

How can you find the owner of a property if
you happen to stumble across an empty house for example? Today I’d like to share with
you four different ways that you can achieve this. Hi there, my names Tony Law from Your
First Four Houses and my channel is all about helping you get to house number four as quickly
and as painlessly as possible. Let’s look at four different ways that we can find the
owner of a property quickly and inexpensively. Let’s in fact start off with the free first
of all. This is something I encourage everybody to
do. I want you to imagine you found yourself a house, it’s clearly empty, we could talk
about how you could determine if it was empty but let’s imagine that we know that it is.
The very first thing that you should do, the first way is to actually knock on the neighbors
doors. I know a lot of people watching this are going to perhaps be a bit intimidated
by this, but it works. I’ve done it many, many times. Can I suggest you do it like this? You’re going to go up to the neighbors, you’re
going to ring their doorbell, they’re going to open the door. You should drop your body
language, be very apologetic for bothering and troubling them, and just say something
like that, “I’m so sorry to bother you, I’m a property guy. I’ve walked up and down this
road many times and I can’t help noticing the house next door to you is empty. If you
got just a moment, I wonder if I could be a bit cheeky and just ask you a little bit
of information about it. Would that be okay?” If they’ve had a rat in their garden, or they’ve
noticed a smell coming from next door, or if there’s maybe a mess, a mattress sitting
on the drive next door, do you think they might want to engage in that kind of a conversation?
Absolutely they will. Please do it. You’re doing them a favor frankly. The second way
is to go to Land Registry. For three pounds you can find the address of the owner for
that property. In truth when you do this, you may well find that the address for the
owner is actually the address of the property that you’re looking at. I grant that that’s
probably going to be the case, but for three pounds it’s worth finding out that because
it may not be there. It may be an address elsewhere, in which case you can write to
the owner elsewhere. In fact, pay the six pounds and that way you’ll
get a map as well. I’ll put a link for this in the box below here. The third way is to
use a tracing agent, now these cost between 30 to 40 pounds. I’ve used these several times,
they’re great efficient ways of finding owners of properties. Generally you’re going to pay
around about 35 quid for this. They’re going to use a number of online systems that aren’t
available to you, although they are going to use a number that are as well. Usually
very, very quickly indeed they will be able to locate and find the owner of that property. Lastly, you can hire your own private detective
as I have done on three separate occasions. Maybe I’m exaggerating here a little bit.
I use a company called Finder Monkey. Finder Monkey, that is a genuine name for a company
and I’ll put a link in the box that will take you straight there. Therese are experts at
finding anybody in the country, so you’ll give them a minimum amount of information.
Obviously you’re going to give them the address for the property next door. You might want
to send them the title deeds for the property that you’ve already downloaded as well. I
am very confident, I’m not going to put any money on it but I’m very confident they will
be able to find the owner of that property wherever they may be. Usually going to take a little bit longer,
maybe 36, 48 hours, something like that, but they’ll find them. There’s four great ways,
but I’m sure that you can think of some other ways that you can find people. If you can
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I really hope you found this video useful and I look forward to seeing you next time.
Thank you.

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