How to File a Memorandum of Contract | Wholesaling Real Estate

How to File a Memorandum of Contract | Wholesaling Real Estate

If you’re wondering how you can have
insurance and make sure that a seller does not sell a property behind your
back, keep watching. Hey what’s up! It’s Dara real estate investor, entrepreneur, and
consultant out of Atlanta, Georgia and right now I am standing in front of the
County Courthouse because I’m about to file a memorandum of contract. And I have
searched high and low on the internet and have not seen one video showing you
the actual process. If I’m wrong, and if there’s a video floating around the
internet showing you this process, let me know, tag it below in the comments with
your CashApp because I will send you one dollar. I will send you one dollar if you
find another video online showing you this process. If not, come right along. Right now I’m inside the courthouse and
we had to go through security, I’m not sure what your courthouse is gonna require,
probably something similar, but I don’t have any bags on me but anyway I’m here
to record the affidavit and memorandum of agreement which I do not have filled
out because I have to get it notarized. I also have with me the original purchase
and sale agreement that I signed with the seller and I’m gonna go get it
recorded. Come right along with me. *background music* So, the process is that easy. It was really, really, really quick. I had to first get the document notarized. And then from there, I took it to the
recording office, which cost me all of 14 dollars. I cannot quote and tell you that
that’s how much it’s going to cost you but if you’re ever in Fulton County,
Georgia, that’s how much it’s going to cost. The process, like I said, is really,
really, really simple. Alright so that was a super simple
process, super easy, and I really want to thank you guys for watching this video.
If you liked it, give it a thumbs up. I personally do not have these contracts
for sale, but I will send a link– I’ll put a link down in the description box where
I got mine from for free. I’ll also tag the video of the guy who
has these for free. So no promo, no affiliation to him but he was kind
enough to have the affidavit for free and I will just pass that along to you
guys. Also, if you like the shirt that I’m wearing and designed myself, go ahead and
look down in the description box on how you can order yours as well. Down there
there’s a lot of other great things as well. I don’t have this contract, but I do
have five others for sale, I also have the link to schedule a consultation call
with me, and of course, if you’re interested in mentorship or coaching
from me, there’s a link down there to join my coaching program. As always, thanks again for watching I will see you in the next video.

38 thoughts on “How to File a Memorandum of Contract | Wholesaling Real Estate

  1. I don’t have followers like you but…send me my dollar! Lol $morelandcapital

  2. I had to file one here in Milwaukee. I ended up just letting the seller out the deal though. You have to use very specific verbiage. Mine cost $20 or $30. I forget the exact amount.

  3. This is really awesome girl! So glad you created this, because I dodnt know the process HANDS-ON like you did it. Let me ask.. does thr seller have to get there end notorized too? Or the seller just signs it and thats it?

  4. So the seller can sign it after you’ve had it notarized? Or can they sign it and then you go get it notarized? I’m still confused about that

  5. With this process, the only signature needed from the seller is on the original purchase and sale agreement. The seller was not with me in this video, because their authorization or signature is not needed to file a memorandum of agreement.


  7. I’m confused, why didn’t you just file the original PSA with a title company? Wouldn’t that protect you?

  8. you literally provide the best content. I also loved your video on mailchimp setup for your cash buyers, nothing else out there

  9. Hey Dara, is there an email we can reach you at? I checked both your descriptions and your youtube page but all I found was your IG. I have a couple of questions about a consultation that I would like to have answered before I go ahead and pay the money. Please let me know, thanks!

  10. how to use the memorandum of contract for deal insurance for real estate

  11. Does the memorandum cloud the title, even after your contract with the seller expires; or does it expire with your purchase agreement?

  12. How long does it take to go into effect , I filed one today and giving out the property information .. I’m hoping it will be in effect before someone else tries to steal the deal from me

  13. Great content! Do I fill out my name or my company name on the first line of the MOC? I used my company name on the Purchase Agreement

  14. I went on Redfin to look up a house I found on the violations list . Only info they had was the square feet, no beds or baths . What would u do in a situation like that

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