How to Decorate a Kids’ Bedroom by Rent-A-Center

Revamping a kids’ room can be a fun, budget-friendly project. With minimal expense, you can create a space that reflects their hobbies, interests, and personalities. Bunk beds and trundle beds are the ultimate space saver for a shared room. Many styles are designed with storage for easy organization, and may eliminate the need for a dresser or armoire. Less can be more when you need to conserve every inch! A new paint color can instantly change the look and feel of a kids’ bedroom—with very little cost. You can also add whimsy and fun to the room by using stick-on decals that reflect each child’s personality. The decals are easy to apply and take off. Shop online to compare prices—many styles are available for around $10. Create a cozy spot for the kids to read, draw, or just chill out by adding an area rug and colorful floor pillows. (DIY Tip: Keep your budget in check by repurposing existing pillows. Simply glue or sew fun ribbons and buttons onto the pillow for a brand new look.) Speaking of repurposing, you can upcycle an existing piece of furniture with a little paint. Take an ordinary wooden chair and give it some kid-approved pizzazz with brightly-colored paint. You can also boost the color quotient in the room by adding wallpaper to the back panels of a bookshelf. Upcycling is an economical, environmentally-friendly way to decorate on a budget. Make the space truly theirs by displaying personalized painted wooden letters. (Tip: You can purchase wooden letters for a few dollars each at a craft store and use the leftover paint from the chair upcycle project.) Showcase their most prized artwork by framing it and then hanging it gallery style for everyone to admire. You can also create an inexpensive DIY mobile by printing out photos and hanging them with string attached to a piece of bamboo wood (or a sturdy stick). The best part about decorating your kids’ bedroom? You can get the furniture you need without credit. At Rent-A-Center, our speciality is big brands and small payments. Shop online or visit RAC today for beautiful, affordable bedroom furniture.

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