How To Control Real Estate Without Ever Owning It

How do you control real estate without
actually ever owning it? If you could understand how to do that, I’m telling
you right now it would have a huge impact on your personal finances in the
craziest of ways. We get so caught up in the game of ownership when actually it’s
all about control. And what I’m going to do is break it all down for you in this
video and show you how you can control way more real estate than any bank would
ever want you to. It is amazing to me how many people get
caught up in the illusion of ownership. Which is so expensive in contrast to
control. Reality is controlling money is more important than owning money. And I
know that sounds really weird for some of you that are watching this right now
that are thinking, “Kris, what do you mean by that? I mean, what do you mean
controlling it versus owning it?” Well, I’m going to break it down for you in today’s
video. Because when we talk about real estate, you can get a lot more real
estate if you focus on control versus ownership. For just a moment, I’m going to
put up here on the screen think how most people end up telling you how to build
with wealth. They’re in this game called accumulation. An accumulation means what?
It means over time to build a pile of money. I want you to think for a moment
of like Uncle Scrooge. Do you remember that from duck tales? They’re love duck
tales growing up. Yep, that dates me. But Uncle Scrooge had his money bin. And what
he did is he would earn it and then he was a miser. He was stingy, he was known
for that. And he would save it and he would accumulate it. Well, most of us
actually operate that way. I put my money in my 401Ks, I put money in my IRAs. I
put money in the stock market, I put money in savings account. And over time, I
wanted to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. And then I can finally
take that pile of money and what can I do with it? I can actually put it into a
real estate transaction. Now, what’s the problem with this? Well, the problem is is
that if you want to own a piece of property, the nationwide median right now
is probably around $250,000. You need $250,000 to own a home. And some
people are either thinking, “Well, I’ve got to buy it cash.” That’s going to take forever
to save that amount of money for the average person. Or you’re thinking, “I’m
going to put a 20% down. But even a 20% down, what’s 20% of a quarter-million dollars?
It’s $50,000. So, if you’re in this accumulation mindset of ownership, you’re
like, “Well, I want to own this so I need to save and then I can own.” Now, I’m not
telling you that that is bad. In fact, I think it is good for you to have habits
of saving money. And being able to do that, I’m just telling you that there’s a
faster way. And rather than accumulation, we’re talking about a methodology that
says, “What I’m actually doing is controlling money.”
Because if we go to this first example, everyone’s goal when they own real
estate is someday to have it what? Paid off. I buy the house, I get that thing
paid off and then I say, “I own this! I don’t owe the bank anything. I’m not
paying interest anymore. And I’m the winner.” But in a lifetime, even if you’re
an aggressive saver, how many homes can you own paid off free and clear?” Dude, for
the average person, we’re talking about one. Maybe 2. Probably not more than
that. So, control says, “I’m not ever trying to pay off the asset. I’m trying to
manage this asset.” So, here’s what can control can look like. Before we talk
about how you buy it, let’s just assume for a moment that… Because I’m going to
give you the three most important things to look for and nailing a great deal.
When it comes to control, I’ll usually hold on to a house for 5 to 7
years. And why do I do that? Because if this is profit right here on the left
side and this is time, the reality is is that you get over time a
diminished return. And this right here is like your 5 and 7. This means that
in the tenth year, in the twentieth, the thirtieth year,
this home has almost no juice to give you. You’ve gotten all your money out of
it that you can possibly get out of it. And so, control says, “I’m not trying to
pay it off. I’m going to own it for 5 years. I’m going to get a maximum profit and
then I’m going to sell it.” The bank gets paid off and I get a grundle of money.
And now I can go and take one house and turn it into 2 homes or 4 homes or
8 homes and then I get to grow and expand.
So, when finding a home, we have to ask yourself “What does it really take to
control property?” It takes 3 things to control property. The first thing that
you need is you need a deal. Not just a house, you need a good deal. And I’ll
qualify in a moment what a good deal is. The second thing that you need to
control real estate is you need money. Right?
Someone’s got to put up the 20% down payment which is a requirement with
investment real estate in most economies. You know, when the economy gets really
aggressive and it’s been going up and up, the banks start creating programs for
like 10% down and 5% down. You should be afraid of those and never actually
participate in those programs because that’s an indication that we’re in a
bubble. And when that pops, you’re going to be upside down in
that property. Which means you’re going to owe more than the value of the home.
So, you need a deal, you’re going to need some money. And then the third thing that
you’re going to need is credit. Someone’s got to actually put the credit
online if you’re going to be financing real estate. Now, here’s my question for you:
Between the deal, the money and the credit, which is most important? Is the
money? Is it the credit? Most people would say, “Oh, takes money to make money. The
money is really important. That’s probably the most important.” I disagree.
Money is everywhere. The most important of the 3 is neither money or credit,
it’s the deal. And here’s what I know: When you find a good deal, the money
shows up. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing. The highest likelihood of
making a deal happen is if you actually have a really good deal. Now, there’s a
couple of ways of defining a good deal. And then I’m gonna show you how to get
your hands on amazing deals. At the end of this as a bonus. So, hang tight. When
you actually get a good deal on something, this can mean 1 of 2
things. It’s either qualified by equity in the
home which means that you’re buying the home for less than it’s worth. And that
difference is equity. The home is worth $250,000
and I can buy it for $200,000. That’s equity. Now, you have a deal that’s going to peak some some people’s interests
that have money and credit and you can make something happen. But more important
than equity for me is the ultimate equalizer of all investment
opportunities. It’s called ROI. Which stands for a
return on investment. And this is factored in by way of a percentage. If
the stock market pays out 5% and IRAs pay out 4% and this annuity pays out 3%.
And ROI for me in real estate that makes sense as a double-digit ROI that starts
with a 2. It’s in the 20% range. So, if I can find for example a property with a
20% ROI, here’s what that means: If I make 20% this year, 20% this year, 20, 20, 20. Those add up
to 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 percent. So, in 5 years, I double my money.
That’s an ROI at a minimum standard that I play with. And part of the reason why
I’m so young and I’ve had all the success is because I learned early on
that if you play with stupid low ROIs is they don’t multiply very fast. Like it’s crazy how long it takes for money to multiply. But when
you start doing 20%, now we’re talking a handful of years. And that’s
enough time for you to get excited and say hey, “If I put my head down, work hard
and work smart, I can build a lot of wealth in a very
short period of time as opposed to working a lifetime. And then running
short on the money.” Which is what happens in most people. So, what do you do with
this information? Well, first of all, at the end of this video, I’ve got another
one coming up that will actually walk you through the strategy that I’m about
to deliver to you. It’s called a lease option. And lease option is about
controlling real estate. It basically says, “Someone owns this property and what
I’m going to do is I’m going to step in and I’m going to control it.” You might even
have to put no money up front to be able to start controlling this asset. In many
cases, you have to put up 3, 4 or 5 thousand dollars. But not 20%. Not
$50,000. There’s a way of doing that too. But ultimately, I’ve created a system
here where I help you find deals in your backyard that are good deals by virtue
of equity or ROI. And then because the home is already controlled and owned by
somebody else, the money’s already in it, the credit is already in it. You don’t need
these things you could also bring on a partner that puts up money and credit
and go buy your hands on a really good deal and actually make something happen
that way. So, that strategy right now, it’s called a lease option.
I do lease option in a very special way. It’s called a lease with an option to
purchase. I call it compassionate financing. In fact, many of you have read.
I written entire book about it. It’s right over here.
The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth basically documents how you go into your
backyard to get your hands on the very best deals that are out there. By the way,
you can click the link on most of my videos and get this for free. If you
don’t have it already, I just ask that you cover the shipping and then the book
is going to be sent to you. Many people will read that book and start taking
action on real estate. Now, that’s why I make this video. Get out there and do
something for yourself. You know, before I finish this up, I just want to digress
for a moment and share with you that how I got in this position in the first
place and financially free at 26, I’ve had I’ve lived such a privileged life.
When at 22 I was freaking down-and-out. As in, my career dreams got dashed to
pieces. I found out I wasn’t going to be a doctor.
My wife was disappointed in our life and what was being created. And
did it was a sucky, sucky time of my life where I felt like nothing was going my
way. And frankly, there are months when I just hated my life. I feel disgust right
now just even like thinking about what that was like for me. When 4 years
later I was financially free. And what I did was exactly what’s in this book. So, the
video that is coming up next and I’m recommending for you will actually show
you how to take this lease option methodology, find homes in your back yard
and actually I’ll show you how to profit in five different ways. So, you can make a
pile of money up front, you get to make money along the way. You get tax benefits,
you make a big bunch when you actually sell the property. And then a fifth bonus
one that’ll let you discover for yourself. But if I were starting out all
over again, Ground Zero and I possess this knowledge, I’d be a millionaire very
quickly all over again. If you’re not currently a millionaire, it’s time that
you become one. And you can’t follow society’s gameplan for doing that. You’ve
got to learn how to do that on your own. So, what I want you to do is click on the
recommended video coming up next here and actually learn how to do this. Or
also click on the link below and get your hands on a free copy of this book.
And figure out exactly what you need to do to get into real estate.
Controlling it versus owning it. With control, you can own 100 or 1,000 more real estate than accumulation will ever allow you. So, if
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