How to Bid Apartment Complexes – House Cleaning

How to Bid Apartment Complexes – House Cleaning

How do you bid cleaning jobs for apartment
complexes? That’s a great question and we’re going to
talk about it today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask
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offer us discounts. So check it out at All right. Onto today’s show, there’s a very interesting
question. How do you bid cleaning jobs to apartment
complexes? Here’s what one professional house cleaner
called into the show and asked. Vanessa: Hi, this is Vanessa. I have a question. How would you bid on an apartment complex
that wants your service? Alrighty, so this is a trick question because
what does the apartment look like? I’m not trying to throw you on a loop, but
what I want you to be aware of is that there are different types of apartments. There are different types of jobs. If you’re going into an apartment building
that has lots of hallways and lots of stairways and elevators and public restrooms, that is
what you’re going to be bidding for. It is very unusual that the apartment would
also provide interior cleaning for the tenants. Now what it might include is move in, move
out cleans when the tenants leave so that the room is flipped for the next person that’s
moving in. It might include those. But my first request would be whomever you’re
talking to, whether it’s the property manager or if it’s the complex manager or there may
be somebody that’s just in charge of hiring the outside help. Find out who that person is and find out who
you would be reporting back to. And then ask them right now, “Tell me about
your experience. What has been happening in the past?” Because what has been happening in the past
is not working. Otherwise, they would not be calling you. Okay. If it was working in the past, they would
stay with what was working, but they’re calling you because something was not working. So what did the job involve before. And then you have to figure out is it too
much for one person to do? Do you have a team? Are you going to be cleaning every day? Are you going to be cleaning once a week? Are you going to be cleaning once a month
or are you only coming in to do those tenant turns when people move out? So you need to find out what it looks like,
how much did it pay. And before you give them a price of any kind,
find out what they paid. Maybe the person that left, left because the
pay wasn’t high enough for the job that was requested. And so you have to figure out how much is
this project going to pay? How long is it going to take to do it? How many cleaning supplies, how many people? There are a lot of variables that we don’t
know, and you need to know that going in before you place your bid. Now, if you’re not familiar with how to price
something like this, I might recommend you to a product like CleanGuru. It’s a cleaning estimator software that walks
you through every different variable of something like this. And it’s great for commercial and residential
work. And now this falls under the category of commercial
work even though we set apartments and people live in apartments. Because this is a huge building with a lot
of extra stuff and you want to make sure, am I cleaning the interior only or am I expected
to clean the stairwells going up and down on the outsides of the property? Am I expected to clean the entryways that
just have a cement floor? Am I expected to get the cobwebs out of those
exterior hallways? Tell me about the parking lot. Who does the parking lot? Does that fall under my job or is that classified
as landscaping? And so there are a bunch of variables that
you have to figure out before you even accept the job. And then once you accept the job, you will
have the variables that you can change in order to give a fair price. Now, unlike residential house cleaning where
you go in and the parameters are pretty much the same, and I say pretty much the same. Everyone has a kitchen, everyone has a bathroom,
they have a dining room, a laundry room, whatever. In an apartment complex it’s a little bit
different because the variables can be different. Is it flat floor? Are you taken up and down by an elevator? Are they stairs? Is it three or four stories? Is it a hundred stories? Right? Every apartment complex is a little bit different
depending on the city, depending on where you are. So figure out what the parameters of the job
are. And then once you have determined that, this
is going to be where you send a bill, not that you just quote a price right there off
the top of your head and then you start today, you’re going to end up sending an invoice
and there will be terms. Unlike residential cleaning, there will be
terms they will pay on 30, 60, or 90 days. And so you have to determine how long can
I go after I clean without getting my money back? And so these are variables that I want you
to be aware of. If you’re asking the question how to bid,
it’s probably not the right job for you. There are smaller jobs that pay immediately
and I recommend that you fill your calendar completely full of those and then after your
business has grown and your business is completely full and you’ve started expanding and you
have regular money just coming in on a regular basis, then I would take on bigger projects
like apartment complexes where you’re going to be able to outsource that to additional
cleaners that you hire as you expand your business. I hope that makes a little bit of sense. I’m not trying to be vague. I’m trying to say that there are so many variables. I can’t come in and say, “Just quote this
price per square foot,” because what does that mean? And then also, while you’re quoting the price
for the apartment complex, what are the rules and regulations for soliciting? And I would find that out as part of your
contract upfront because if people see you coming and going with vacuums and mops, they’re
going to probably ask if you can clean their individual units. And are you allowed to sell your services
to the individual tenants that live there? And the reason I say that is because a lot
of apartment complex have rules against that. You can clean the outside but you do not get
to clean the inside of the tenants’ places. And so if you ask even to lay flyers, sometimes
they’ll say, “Yes, you can leave them with us, we will pass them out.” Then you go back again to do your next cleaning,
and they’ve thrown all of your flyers away. That happens all the time, it’s super sad,
but the rules are different for every apartment complex. And so you have to find out what are the rules
so that you’re not stepping on any toes and so that you don’t jeopardize the commercial
job, which is the outside and the building itself. All right. I hope that helps a little bit. If it does, please pass this on to a friend. I’m going to leave links in the show notes
also to CleanGuru, who’s my friend, Dan Liebrecht, who was on our show a couple of weeks ago. And we talked about how to create cleaning
proposals, and he’s a master at this and his software is spectacular. So I’m going to leave links in the show notes
to that as well, check it out. All right. I hope that helps you, if it does, please
pass it onto a friend. If we’ve earned your subscription, please
subscribe. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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  1. Bravo! Everything you said is the true! I do miscellaneous stuff like cleaning hallways that’s separate even windows in the hallways are separate! Quick money! 😁

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