How To Apply For The NYC Rent Freeze Program (For Seniors)

are you 62 or older if you live in a rent regulated apartment and have an income
of $50,000 a year or less you may be able to freeze your rent in
this video will walk you through the five sections at the application to see if you qualify for the NYC rent
freeze program for seniors also known as the senior citizen rent
increase exemption or SCRIE if you need an
application the fastest and easiest way to get it is
from our website go to or contact 311 applications and
comprehensive guides are also available in Begali, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian and Spanish what are the eligibility requirements to qualify you must be at least 62 years
old rented apartment that is either
rent-controlled rent-stabilized or hotel stabilized you name must be on the lease for rent
or have a total household income $50,000 or less after
allowable deductions pay more than 1/3 the household
monthly income for rent however tenants who lived in
private homes a New York City Housing Authority
development and or receive section 8 rental subsidies do not qualify for rent freeze benefits tenants who live in Mitchell mama
housing must apply for the rent freeze program for seniors with the NYC Department of Housing
preservation and development application information now let’s get started filling out the
application make sure not to skip any lines or leave anything blank number one rate
your first name then last name number to you right your
address number 3 your street name 4 your apartment number 5 your city 6 your zip code 7 your telephone number 8 your email
address if you have one 9 your date of birth you’ll need to send in your proof for
the age when you mail in this application sending a copy not the original a either your birth certificate driver’s
license a passport from any country or other government-issued ID with your
date of birth number ten indicate the total number I’ve rooms and Windows in your apartment do not
count bathrooms for example in a studio apartment you
have one broom 11 check one indicating your
apartment I’d rent-stabilized rent-controlled or rent regulated room or hotel 12 check all that applies to your rent increase a
one-year renewal lease a two-year renewal lease fuel building improvement major capital
improvements also known as MCI maximum collectible rent or other reason number thirteen have you applied for the rent freeze
program before check yes or no but if you check yes enter the docket number: if you have tenant represented you can have copies love your entries notices sent to
another person in addition to yourself you can pick anyone who lives anywhere this way if you ever miss a notice or
misplace your mail this person will also get a copy we
strongly recommend the Euless someone here to make sure you don’t miss any notices
number one right their name number two there email address 3 their address number 4 Street me 5 apartment number 6 their city said their zip code and 8 their telephone household members and income this
section can be challenging so please follow along carefully you
must list everyone who lives in your
household including yourself right down olive your income including
the income a few co tenants if you have a border
don’t include them as a household member but you must include the rent they pay
you as income the income should be for the calendar
year prior to the application for example if you’re applying in 2015 list all income received in 2014 in the appropriate boxes and when you
mail in your application you’ll need to attach copies a all
income documentation under household members the first line
refers to you fill-in your social security number
right down all income you’ve received each box that
applies social security income SSA SSI or SSD pension income any wages interest and dividends public assistance and any other income you might have
received if you have a coated rate their info
here each person that lives with you needs to
be listed still in their name the deboer
relationship to you and their social security number if more
than three people live with you there infill must be provided on a
separate sheet certification in this section your
certifying that to the best of your knowledge and belief all information provided on
this application is true correct and complete after reading just
sign in pre your name then dated at this point review your
checklist before you email they sent did you
complete all questions on the application did you sign and date the application
did you include your proof is age for rent-stabilized apartments did you
include a copy of your prior and current lease signed by both you and
your landlord for rent control department June clue to
copy of the notice maximum collectible rent and the
certification a fuel cost adjustment for the prior and current year for rent regulated rooms in hotels did you
include a copy up for rent increase letter signed by
your landlord ended copy of the DEC are bent history or THC are partner registration for building improvements did you
include a copy of the building improvement increase also known as in MCI order did you
include proving come for all household members including yourself and coated for the
calendar year prior to the application prefer the income includes but is not
limited to income tax returns if files singer
entire tax return including all the schedule social
security benefit statement SSA as a sigh SSD IRA new any statement including earning
statement pension statement signed letter from
border stating rental payments $10.99 and or get you to steam in public
assistance Budget statement student status letters
for any non working students living in your household signed letter from a friend or family
member stating the amount of monetary assistance given to you and finally please make sure to keep a
copy of your application for your records if you need help or
have questions please contact 311 or email scree at finance done NYC dot gov you can also
receive help and language assistance by visiting our
walk-in centre at 66 John Street third floor new york new york are open
Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for more information go to NYC dot gov slash rent freeze in

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