How this millennial manages to afford a home with a $31,000 net income

My name is Alyssa, this is Belgrave Ontario, and this is my home. I’m 27-years-old, I’m a single female. Home ownership as a millennial is important to me because I feel that there’s a whole— like our whole generation is struggling to be able to buy in such an inflated housing market right now. I make about $2,600 net every month, my mortgage payment is about $950, a phone bill, small student loan to still pay off, I usually budget about $400 a month on groceries. That seems like a lot but, I live in a rural area so I think that there’s a premium on groceries. Ultimately, by the end of the month I have very very little left over. If I’m making meals I try to maximize them, so, like lasagna today, I’m going to hopefully get six meals out of this and I’ll freeze everything. This is my car, I think that my handbag is probably worth more money at this point than my car is. I’m just going to start it, and i’m not sure if it’s going to start. It’s important for me that people know that if you’re not able to buy in the city there’s other options out there like a rural setting like this. I’m so proud to live here and there’s other places where it’s more affordable than you think.

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