How Relationships Affect Real Estate Investing

How Relationships Affect Real Estate Investing

No matter how much you want to succeed
in real estate isn’t it worth divorce or ruining a relationship because that
happens all the time. I’m joined today by my wife Kalenn. And today, we’re going to
talk about how you navigate. The tricky waters of real estate, business and life
and keeping an amazing relationship. Thanks for being in today.
-You’re welcome. -You look hot. -Thank you. -My wife and I are celebrating 18 years of marriage.
4 little human beings. So, Kalenn, there’s been a ton of people that have wanted or
know like, “Alright. I feel like the business or real estate is getting in
the way of my relationship.” And that’s because the polarity of like men and
women in general. Or at least masculine and feminine energy, right? Like the
masculine energy wants to dominate, wants to win; wants to create, wants to provide.
Then the feminine energy is often like creates beauty and flow and wants
security, right? -It’s funny because it’s not always a male and a female energy.
Sometimes the the woman is the one that’s the dominating and the man is the
one that’s, “Let’s be careful and secure.” It happens a lot. -There’s always that
polarity, right? It’s rarely like if both are gunning for it, I’m terrified. I’m
like, “You guys are going to get burned so bad.” -Yes. -You need somebody hit the brakes
and say, “You know, let me put some sense into you.”
-And that’s totally where we were. Where I was very, “Let’s be safe. Let’s not do
anything crazy.” Especially because we were so young when we started this. -Yeah. First of
all, when I told you what to be a doctor, I actually want to really know like, “What
did you think about that?” -Really? -Yeah, for real. -Okay. -I’ll tell what I think a woman
would be thinking. But I’m a man. So, I’m going to be wrong. What were you thinking?
-Okay. I was… Because you tell this story all the time. You guys probably all know this
story. I was like, “Yes…” Because I was thinking 10 years of medical school and residency,
tons of debt, tons of work, me not seeing you. If we had kids… -You’re saying you
didn’t want me to be a doctor? -Secretly, no. -Alright. -Did you not know that? -I think there’s a
lot of women are like, “Dude, what a catch. That guy is go to medical school.” -Eventually. But
I knew how many years of like work. Like I just knew how difficult it would be to
get there. -Okay. Then when I couldn’t find out what I wanted to be
when I grew up. And I was trying on all these careers, then what did you think?
-This is where I just held space for you. Because I knew. I said, “I knew
whatever you figured out you wanted to do, you’d be good at it.”
-Yeah. But then when I went into like real estate
entrepreneurship, which basically is like the more safe and secure persona, it’s
like “Where’s their safety in business? Where is it like…” It’s all risk, risk, risk,
risk, risk. Like the idea of real estate… Like, did that bother you? What did
you think about it? -It was definitely new and different because you know… I came
from a family where you’re supposed to be around 30 when you finally buy your
first house after 10 years of like saving and saving and saving. And I was
21 and you were 23. And so, it definitely felt premature like we’re still in
college. And “How in the world do we even know what we’re doing?” -So, do you remember
what about that first house? -Yes. -And it was a good junker. -So gross.
-Do you remember that fridge? -No. -Might throw up on camera if we tell if we tell you about that fridge. -It’s like they turn off the power month earlier. And they’ve left it full and at the first crack, purple sludge comes out. -They
moved out and forgot to take the food. And the power was off for about 3
weeks. -And we were so poor that we’re like we have to save this fridge. We went in like…
-We tried . We tried to not buy a new fridge and we
had to. It still smells so bad we had to haul it to the curb with a sign that
said, “Please, take me.” We did that. And then I remember they had two Great Danes that
were in the house and stayed in the house. And the outside, it was so
gross. People they left, they left everything. -What are you thinking about your husband
when I did that? -Well, I remember what I said to you which was “There is no way in
bleep I am living in this house unless every odor is gone.” These people, they
smoked in the house and there were like picture frames on the bare walls where
you could see where the smoke was like on the walls. This one was probably the
most challenging is the first because it was a fixer-upper.
-Yeah. -And I didn’t want to have to do that again. Which we did it. And later, we
figured out we didn’t have to do that every time. But this was our very first
experience. And ended up being great. Because when we moved in, it was lovely.
-Yeah. It really was. It was beautiful. I remember before we got carpet in like…
I remember like the walls were painted pink and I got out of the bed and I had
to put my shoes on because we didn’t even have anything down yet. Like, we
created some really beautiful memories in that house. When we bought our second
house though and we weren’t really going to be like occupying that house then what did
you think? -I’m one of those people that just needs the details and needs the
numbers. And when I got the numbers of like how much we could buy it for how
much it was worth how much we could rent it for, the costs of you know a little
bit of rehab that we didn’t need to do on that one. And saw that there was like
substantial cash flow. And you know, I think the only like trust was “Can we get
a renter in quickly?” -Yeah. -Which we did. -Yeah.
-And we got a down payment from them. -Yep. You got a down payment. They moved those
the lease option. -Yeah. -And they ended up living there for
like 10 years. We own that house forever. Probably 15 years. -When we sold it, we made a
grandeur. That was a six-figure profit. -So, that was a fabulous second
one where we didn’t have quite the hassle of the first one. I always
remember the moment when it really clicked. Because there were moments of
friction. Like, you were tentatively like “Alright. I’m getting used to this deal.” -I
was totally freaked out. -You know. -And I felt like, “It’s okay.”-And it was like, “When am I going to tell my
parents? Or what are my friends going to think of me?” -Trust me, I’ve never done this before.
-I know. -Total joke, right?
-But you went with it long enough. And I think that it was 3 months after we
bought our second house that you’re like, “There’s like $600 left
over every month. What am I supposed to do with it?” I’m like, “I don’t know.” -I’ll spend it. No. Accounting wise, it was… I didn’t know you could have
multiple lines for multiple income streams. -We just had our job. -And I just thought
that was so cool. -Well, the first house now had the basement that was producing.
-Yeah. -The second house was a positive cashflow. -And that’s and that’s when the lightning
like hit. And it was, “Wait. How much are our expenses? And is there a way to just
get passive income from real estate coming in to be able to just knock it
out and not have to work?” So, let me ask you this question Kalenn. What do you do
with either men or women married to a spouse that is gung-ho about real estate
in business, does not have a perfect track record? And their spouse is
skeptical. First of all, what do you think skepticism will do to the
opportunity? -Well, kill it. -How so. -Well, because I’m a firm believer that you
shouldn’t… You really shouldn’t do anything really important even if when
there is risk involved unless both partners are on the same page. This is
the problem that I see happen all the time is you’ve got basically a couple
who really wants to get in the game of real estate or I should say at least one
of them does. But they’ve been burned before. That’s always the story. Because dude,
things don’t work out. The whole journey of developing security and freedom, if
you rely just on a job, a job isn’t going to provide you anything more than
day-to-day security and a little bit of retirement. If you really want to figure
something more substantial out, you’re going to have to find a way to like get on
the same page and ultimately figure out what can we do as a team to like weather
the storms, when things fall apart. How are we going to like stand us when things
aren’t going our way. And how do we get back up and keep trying. Because the
moment one of you becomes skeptical enough to say, “I’m out and I’m done”, you
have a really big problem. Because then the other one is impotent –can act. And
you’re basically saying, “Well, whatever we’re doing financially is all we’re
ever going to do. And you’re about to lose your biggest asset.” Time. And you lose
time. A day will come when you have to financially get your act together.
And if you don’t have any more time, then you’re left to desperate measures. Which really just means you’re going to succumb to a pathetic retirement. You’re
going to have to keep on working into your late whatevers. -Most people, it takes a
while to realize that most people’s salaries will never be enough for
retirement unless you invest in something. -Yeah. So, Kalenn, are you happy you
took a bet on me? -Of course I am. -We took each other, we showed up for each other and we showed up for each other in really
big ways. -And for people out there that want to invest in real estate, I would say the
best thing to do is find somebody who knows what they’re doing.
Find someone who has a track record. -Are you indicating me? Oh, my gosh. This is
like the first time in my life. -First time endorsing. -I think my wife is
endorsing. -She’s like, “Finally after 18 years and 4,000 deals and a billion dollars,
I’m finally ready to say, “He might be worth looking at.” -Okay. Just so you know, I read
your comments. I actually do. -So, some of you haters,
my wife’s always like, “Some of these people really mean.” -Well, sometimes people
like, “Is this guy legit? Especially women out there who are like, “This guy
from the internet. There’s no way he could be a real guy.” He’s real. And he
actually has done all this real estate. And his programs and his team are amazing. So, I’d say go for it. -That’s awesome.
Listen for those of you that are out there, I can’t believe it. This is weird. Like my wife… -This is weird. -I feel like you’re pimping me out right now. I’m like…
-Don’t use that word. -Okay. -Well this is just kind of like… This is the first.
Listen. Today’s video was just to say, we get it if there’s strain and struggle
out there. And you got to find a way to to fight through. You got to find a way
to come together. You got to find a way to to get on the same page because you
don’t want to choose real estate in business or your relationship. You’re
going to have to find a way to to get back up and wipe off the blood off your face.
And then go back and do it again no matter how many times. Because the
alternative sucks. It’s far worse. At the end of the day, I’m thankful that I have
a friend and a partner that was there with me when we had nothing and that is
here to mean with me today. We get to enjoy what we have today. We have truly a
magical life. But it’s because I think we found our way together and we had to
know when to trust each other. So, thank you for that. And for those of you that want to take my wife up on her daring first endorsement of her husband
in ever after 18 years. There’s a link below that will give you some information on how
you can partner with me. And click that link. It will tell you how you can get
the real estate with no money and no credit. Which is one of my favorite
things. I love helping people. I love the underdog. I was the total
consummate underdog. What did I have going? Who believed in me besides you?
Like everyone was skeptical. Everyone was just like, “Dude, go to college. Get your
degree. Work for somebody else.” And I put myself on a different path and you were
there for me. But frankly, nobody else was. So, if you feel like if that resonates
with you, click that link below and learn that you have options that you’ve got
other people in your corner that believe in you and
being mentor for you and help show you the way. Other than that, Kalenn, should they
subscribe? -Absolutely. -Like a scale of 1 out of 10, 10 be like really important
and 1 being not so important. -Like a 20. -It’s a 20. So, if you subscribe… And by
the way, smash that like button. It tells YouTube that you got some value out of
today’s video. I certainly hope you did. That’s why we make these. And I thank my
beautiful why for being here with me today. We will see you guys
tomorrow’s video.

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