How Brexit may affect the property prices

How Brexit may affect the property prices

welcome to this short video. I’m just going to talk about how brexit
may affect the property prices. Here’s the news for you?
We have no clue. No one can tell you even what brexit
looks like, let alone what the impact will be on
property prices. So the newspapers,
the news print, the highlights and low lights.
So if somebody says the price might fall they love to print that,
they love to print that, but it’s not exciting news.
If they say we don’t know and it’s not exciting news.
If they say we’re not sure what we do know about house prices in the UK right
now we have a million shortfall just to the people we have living her now
already. On top of that,
we have net migration into the country of a town the size of south Hampton,
so we need to be building over 250 to 300,000 houses a year and their not
getting built. We’re not building anywhere near that.
About half the volume we need to build be building so that shortfall is getting
bigger and bigger every year. We’re an island so we can’t build more
land so we’ve got restricted language puts the land price up,
supply and demand. Thirty years ago we would have husbands
and wives and kids living in the same out more and more.
Unfortunately these days, husbands in one house mothers in another
house because they’ve separated and the kids are going between the two.
That means less people per household, which means we need more houses.
All of these things. The bottom line is properties,
supply and demand, so if there’s not enough supply,
the prices go up. If there’s too much supply,
prices stall, I’ll go down.
So I don’t think anything that’s coming out of Brexit,
whether brexit happens or doesn’t happen,
whether it’s a no deal or a deal. However that piece looks and whenever it
happens, I don’t think brexit is going to overly
affect the house prices in this direction with everybody said that if we
had a brexit in 2016, and that’s where the vote,
when that there’d be a disaster with house prices,
guess what. The prices have been rising since
brexit. Now in London they’ve snow balled,
but it because of the brexit vote, that’s because they want you to slow
more. If you track the house prices,
you can look on that house or land registry and track the house
prices. You knew that on average property prIces
go up at seven point nine percent of the year.
They have for the last 90 years now and they’ll continue to do so over time you
will know the a million pound portfolio in london and if you track that and that
doubles that say over 10 years. Then a million pound portfolio,
birmingham will start rising about three years later.
It will still double over 10 years and the million pound portfolio,
manchester are the same and it’ll be about four years behind and Newcastle
might be five years behind, but then it will do a little bit over 10
years. So over time as a percentage,
how prices go up the same. Where ever you are in the uk,
they start rising in London first and march out from that.
And then if they’re going to freeze or fall they start
london. So london has still been rising in the
last couple of years, but far more
slowly slowing down and we all still it, but places like birmingham,
liverpool, seven percent growth last year,
project five to eight percent price is realizing that M62
corridor a great opportunity this year and as the year develops going into the
northeast Newcastle. So coming back to the brexit piece,
the only other thing that may happen, there’s a bit of slowing down while
people uncertain. Now,
some of that uncertainty is going to grow very quick way as they do slow
down, it may be a two or three month,
just a little blip while people slow down.
Brilliant buying opportunity. If you’re going to invest,
when’s best invest. If you ask Warren Buffett that question,
okay arguably the most successful investor to ever be,
we’ll say when others are greedy, be fearful when others are wary,
be buying. Okay?
So when others are wearing, now is the best possible time to be
buying property in asking of july. It wasn’t the future.
These properties are going to be more and more valuable. I hope you found this video useful.
I wish you all the very best of your property investing.
I’ll speak to you soon. Hi.
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So I hope you found this video useful and very best wishes with your property
investing this year. take action.
Get on with it now. Uh,
right now, uh,
an investor with knowledge, invest with confidence,
create financial freedom.

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  1. house prices will go up regardless of brexit. brexit will only determine the rate at which it would go up. brexit = higher/ quicker rate. this country just takes too long to make decisions and resolving housing shortage isnt going to happen anytime soon, for sure.

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