Hey. We are Sorted, a group of
friends in London looking for those amazing things in food
that make you go (QUIETLY) wow, between stitching each
other up and innuendos. Now be warned, we
have two chefs, but we give them
limited airtime. And we make sure
all of our ideas start with a
suggestion from you. (SINGING) Take the cake. I’m gooey in the middle, baby. Let me bake. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everybody. I’m Taylor, Barry Taylor. This is Spafford, Jamie Spaff. Today, two chefs,
one pizza oven. And it’s nothing like the other
video you’re thinking about. Eww. A few months ago, the guys got
James and I to review this– the G3 Ferrari G10006
Delizia pizza oven in red. Recommended retail
price, $99.99. And to ensure a
fair, unbiased test, they gave us a frozen pizza. Did it work? Who cares. It was a frozen pizza. But you guys commented
in your hundreds, asking us to test it properly
with a proper homemade pizza. And because it heats up to
well over 400 degrees Celsius, way higher than
any domestic oven, we wondered what
else we could test. I’ve got some pizza
dough that I made. It’s risen. It’s deflated a little
bit since I dropped it. And now I’m going
to roll it out. [MUSIC PLAYING] I reckon we’re probably
only two or three minutes off being able to go with this. What it says is the
pilot light should be on. So if it’s heated up to a
point where it’s gone off, then we actually need to
just cool it down a bit. [MUSIC PLAYING] Looking good so far. Oh, timer. I’m hoping the crusts get
nice and crispy in the time, but it has to put some
color on the top as well. Otherwise, there’s no point. Which you know when they do a
big paddle in a big pizza oven, and they lift it to
the top of the oven for the last few seconds? That’s to get that cheese. In theory– [BELL DINGS] –that is already
close to the top. That was the ping. It was only three
minutes, and it said it might need up to four. So it might not be ready, but
I’m just going to test it. Ah. Mm-hmm. Good. Do you know what, James? I think my tomatoes were
a little bit too wet. Oh, it’s bubbling. It’s bubbling well. That’s quite important. Oh, no. Do you know what? Straight off, I can
hold it by its very tip. And the base is crispy enough
that it’s not just flopping. There is no way you could
achieve that beautiful crispy base– got a little bit
of semolina and salt in the bottom– in an oven at home
in the same time. It would take a good
10 minutes longer. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Like, we use that
dough a lot for pizza. That’s basically our go-to. That’s great. And I don’t think we’ve ever
really got that result before. It works. Stone-cooked bloody
frozen pizza right here. Cheers. Cheers. And now I’m intrigued to see
what else we can cook in it. I’m thinking first up,
super simple beer snack– padron peppers. So obviously, you preheat it. It’s got the pizza stone in the
bottom and the heating element in the top. It’s got temperature
between 0 and 3. Now we know what
the temperature is. We can work it at
about 2 and a 1/2. And it’s got a timer that
goes up to 5 minutes. Again, 3 and a 1/2, 4 minutes
has been where we’ve been at. It’s as simple as that. Yeah. Pop. Normally, you want the char from
lapping flames or a cast iron griddle. We’ll see what we’ve got here. Also, seasoned extra
virgin olive oil. Trust me. They smell good. They do smell good. They’ve been popping. Oh, that looks good. [MUSIC PLAYING] I cooked through
perhaps more than usual. There’s less of a bite to
them, but I wouldn’t say no. So I love a roast peach. Because if there are any peaches
that are a little bit firm, they are a beautiful
thing to do. Basically, like toss them
in like a flavored sugar and just put them in
a tray in the oven. I think it was a recipe that
I’ve used from the Chiappas Sisters, and it is so, so good. Because while it’s
already sweet and juicy, it’s just taken to another level
when the sugar is caramelized. Couple of those ones,
see what happens there. I’m gonna do it, James. Frommer and the chefs. Oh, we have some black. It worked. [INAUDIBLE] it worked. I think the ones on the stone
directly didn’t work as well, but the ones in the
pan look really good. I’m gonna suggest it’s
going to be really hot. Be careful. [MUSIC PLAYING] That is absolutely delicious. And you could absolutely
do that in a normal oven. Would you get the same color
if it had been in the oven for five minutes longer– And still retain the texture. –and still get the texture. Yeah. What’s next? [BELL DINGS] Whole aubergine. That might be
touching a little bit. He’s done it. I’m going to prep some
goat’s cheese mushrooms with a rose harissa on the top. And in theory, four, five
minutes in the oven chopped up. What is rose harissa? So it’s rose petals
blended in with harissa. If you’re having a dinner
party, this can just be ticking the whole time. And when it dings,
it’s like, it’s ready! I know why I’m acting like this. Because I watched my first
ever episode of Queer Eye last night, and I loved it. Oh, hasn’t stuck. Looking good. There you go. I’m putting his mushrooms in. [MUSIC PLAYING] That’ll do, innit? Whether it’s any better
than an oven, I don’t know. But it’s half the time. I’m warming to this thing
now, based on speed. I can tell. I’m starting to feel like
the awkward third wheel. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mmm. Really hot. Actually, that aubergine
is really good, even on this thing. Like, aubergine plus
loads and loads and loads of extra virgin olive oil
works really beautifully. It has the perfect texture
for a baked aubergine. Do I want that something
like something I worked up? Do I need it? Can it go in the oven? I’m a very confused
man right now. Rose harissa, goat’s
cheese, mushrooms. Five minutes, done. The goat’s cheese
should be melted. The mushrooms should
be cooked through but should be going
kind of slimy almost. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s done everything
that I wanted it to do, like mushrooms are
firm, the goat’s cheese is completely
melted, everything’s coming together in my mouth. Everyone here knows
that that’s going to taste good because it’s
mushrooms and goat’s cheese. Do you reckon scallops
straight on the stone? Tsssss. Or do they need to be off
the stone in our cast iron? I’ve got a bad feeling
about cooking on the stone. I’m in full panic
mode, full panic mode, because I don’t want
to ruin the scallops. [MUSIC PLAYING] Normally, it’s a
quick cook anyway. There’s no real
benefit to having done the scallop in there. Absolutely not. [MUSIC PLAYING] First one I’d question. Yeah, I would actually say
no, it’s not [INAUDIBLE].. OK, so this time
instead of putting it straight on to the
stone, I’ve put a cast iron griddle pan
with a little bit of oil on to the stone. [MUSIC PLAYING] The top thing. Not sure I like that. No, I think maybe– Yeah, that’s the thing about it. I’m going to say
this is not good. Scallops, no. Next up, some raw king prawns. What I’ve done is marinate
them in a red pesto sauce, sun-dried tomato
pesto, and then skewered them. Five per skewer. And we’re going to put them
straight down on the stone and see what happens. [MUSIC PLAYING] That was quick. I did not expect it
to be that quick. Looks good. Oh god, I’m going to say
again I want a bit more color. I want a bit more
color that you’d get from like a grill or something. I would never think of
putting sun-dried tomato pesto on prawns. The prawns are perfectly cooked. Meaty, sweet, juicy. That is how you want
a prawn to be cooked. This is the slightly more
ridiculous big finale. A whole fish. I didn’t know we could do
a big finale where we just cook a whole fish. Well, it’s definitely
not meant for this thing. But I just wonder
what would happen. I’m going to call it. It’s going to be– it’s going to be steamed and
we’re gonna love the flesh. The skin is just not gonna work. It doesn’t fit. I don’t think it’s
going to fit, James. It’s going to hang out
there, but we just might– Lol! What do you reckon? Three minutes? [MUSIC PLAYING] [BELL DINGS] It’s smelling like barbecued
fish, and that’s what I like. Especially the tail end where
it’s a little bit thinner, it crisps up a little bit more. And if we get that,
we’re on to a winner. It did it. That. Oh, it’s kind of crispy. It’s a little crispy. I’ve got you. I’ve got you. You got it. First off, will the
skin pull back nicely to reveal beautifully
cooked flesh? I don’t know if you can
tell, but Ben is so excited right now. [MUSIC PLAYING] That 100% worked. You can cook a sea
bass in a pizza oven. And again, you can
do that in the oven. It will probably take
15, and in that time, it begins to draw out
a little bit because of the nature of being in
there for twice as long. What you get out of that
is very speedy cooking. You guys asked us
to test this again after we did it the first time. Have we done it properly? Have we done it justice? I don’t think we could test it
any more than we’ve tested it. I’m still not sure this is a
fair experiment because I came at it wanting it to work and
wanting a lot of these things to work. However, I do think it has
delivered on most of the things we’ve put in there in half
the time it would take, and the product
has been awesome. I mean, obviously, I
didn’t think too much of it to begin with because it
burned the bottom of the pizza. And obviously, I
wouldn’t burn something, so it must have been
the pizza oven’s fault. But after this day, for
homemade pizza, it’s great. Again, it’s not
entirely up to us. What do you guys think? That was a good day. Now early this week, we started
sending out our new cookbook Can’t Be Arsed to Cook, and
you guys are receiving it. And it’s looking pretty good. Check out some of these. [CAMERA SHUTTERS] If you have no idea what
these books are all about or the Sorted Club that we’re
running, go to sorted.club and go check it out. Come sign up. Speaking of coming
and signing up– Don’t. –I think everyone
is already signed up for Dad Joke of the Week. No, people have no
choice about that. Yeah. Have you heard about
the new garlic diet? No, I haven’t heard about
a new garlic diet, Jamie. Well supposedly,
you eat five cloves of garlic for every meal. You don’t really
lose much weight, but apparently, you look
thinner from a distance. Oh, ’cause you stink. ‘Cause you stink. Yeah, but what happens when
you already stink though? Well we’ll see how much while
we wait for another video, and we will find out. Bye! As we mentioned, Sorted is
just run by a group of friends. So if you like what
we’re doing, then there are loads of ways that
you can support us and get more involved. Everything you need to
know is linked below. Thanks, and see
you in a few days. [BEEP] We could play like
good cop, bad cop. Do you have a uniform?


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