HOME | Official Trailer #1

HOME | Official Trailer #1

NARRATOR: The universe is a pretty big place.
The funny thing is, each of us who live here occupy our own little world. Take the case
of Tip, an ordinary girl with a mom who loves her and a cat named Pig. Now, she never imagined
that a million miles away was a lonely fellow named Oh… OH: Hello! NARRATOR: …a low-ranking member of a nomadic
race called the Boov. CAPTAIN SMEK: Give daddy some sugar! [Boovs cheering] NARRATOR: …looking for a safe place to call
home. CAPTAIN SMEK: What plant grows these delicious
fruits? [Deflating noises] NARRATOR: Chances are these two would never
meet—but the universe is nothing if not unpredictable. [Tip and Oh shrieking] OH: If you do not let me go, then I will shoot
forth the lasers from my eyeballs. TIP: You can do that? OH: Yes…? TIP: Hnh. NARRATOR: From Dreamworks Animation… TIP: What did you do to my car?! OH: It should, uh, hover much better now! OH: I am prepared to accept one of your traditional
gestures of human gratitude. TIP: Our tradition is to punch you in the
nose—hold still. OH: Your gratitude is implied. NARRATOR: The creators of the Croods… [Pig meows] OH: Your vehicle is infested! TIP: He’s my pet. [Pig purrs] OH: Now he is vibrating. Is he going to explode?! NARRATOR: …and How to Train Your Dragon. OH: What is your name? TIP: My friends call me Tip. OH: I am Oh. TIP: Oh? OH: I have been given this name by my many,
many friends. OH: Good morning! BOOVS: Oh… OH: Hi guys! BOOVS: Oh… OH: Hello! BOOVS: Oh… NARRATOR: They’re uncatchable. TIP: Why are they after you? OH: I has made a few mistakes. BOOV #1: Hot hot hot! BOOV #2: [screams] [Explosion] BOOVS: OH! OH: Oops. BOOV #3: Arrest that Boov! NARRATOR: They’re unpredictable. OH: What is happening to my body? TIP: It’s called dancing! [Cat meows] OH: Oh, no! My hands are in the air like I
just do not care! NARRATOR: And their journey around the world— OH: My turn for driving! Keys, please. TIP: You are a terrible driver! [Screaming and honking] NARRATOR: —to the unforgettable. TIP: Look! I has found our car. [Screaming] TIP: Are you trying to drive me crazy?! [More screaming] NARRATOR: Dreamworks’ “Home.” [Screaming and cat meowing] GO HOME

35 thoughts on “HOME | Official Trailer #1

  1. If youre a fan of Big Bang Theory, this movie is for you. The same irony in every sentence he says its just hilarious 😀

  2. Thumbs up to Tip's hair, though! Great animated movie… mostly thanks to Jim Parsons Voice as 'OH'. =)

  3. i wonder if I'm the only one that cried or i am just over emotional today…Oh well, i love this movie/animation, its one of the better ones i've seen. And I have hair envy for Tip's natural hair, mine just refuses to behave.

  4. I rely liked the part when O said"my hands are in the air like i just dont cer" it was helerius ( funny).😂

  5. This movie was INFINITELY better than Big Hero 6.
    Like i can't get how overrated BH6 was; got an oscar foooorr….???

  6. Did you know that this movie is showing you when you think all what you had and loved was gone and you think you will never get it back but you get another chance? This movie was the best and I learned something from it it was sad to me and funny the songs feel the light and towards the sun teach you something too the movie made me cry I am obsessed with the movie home make a home 2 plz if you do you will get a lot of money and if you can make it 4d

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