Home Exchange Q&A with CasaVersa

Home Exchange Q&A with CasaVersa

You’re probably asking yourself how can a guy like me afford a place like
this? Well I can’t. And that’s the beauty of CasaVersa – while you’re staying at my place I stay at yours, and that way we all get to have vacation houses all around the world and we don’t need to pay for them! I didn’t pay for this. Christina from Berlin asks, “Why would I
exchange house with a stranger?” Well you wouldn’t! These are Robert and Joan. They own the house. These are their two daughters, Martha and Allison, and this is Timmy, their dog. And why would I know all that? because with home exchange you actually get
to know the people beforehand so by the time you’re swapping, you’re no longer strangers. you’re actually friends. Hey, they even have a photo of me here. Lauren from California is asking us, “Can I see the house before visit it?” Hello Lauren, I’m glad you asked. This is a
good opportunity for us to introduce our new feature at CasaVersa, which we like to call photos. You should take advantage of photos because people are way more likely to swap houses with you if you have great photos. Sophia from Paris asks, “I really want to
travel but I’m afraid of lizards. Do you have any advice for me?
Lizards, Sophia? Really? What else – unicorns? Bears? Anyway in this case my advice to you is don’t let them in the house. Does it include car swapping? Of course it does!
That’s all for now Join us on CasaVersa.com and get your
first exchange for free!

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