Home Cook takes on Cookbook from 1914!!

Home Cook takes on Cookbook from 1914!!

100 thoughts on “Home Cook takes on Cookbook from 1914!!

  1. While I do love all the competition-based episodes, this one by comparison was kind of leisurely and wholesome. Really liked it.

  2. Hey SORTED

    Been watching your videos for several years. Can you please stop putting pictures of the finished food products in the thumbnails of videos? It really does ruin the surprise, especially for Pass It On videos.

  3. Did the camera crew had a drink before this shoot? Jeez, keep that camera steady mate. Getting dizzy just watching this

  4. I'm not sure if they mention this, but the previous video has 55K likes. I think this means Mike should do another one.

  5. I mean, if you want to try a similar concept with a much more difficult book I'd say go for "hjelpreda i hushållningen för unga fruentimber" which is a swedish cookbook from 1755. I believe that the recipes where structured in a similar way to the one you've used from the early 1900s and the book was released in swedish, finnish, latvian and german so maybe that will make it easier to translate it?
    I'm not sure if you find this comment but I think it could be quite interesting to try and older cookbook and something from a completely different food culture than what should have been present in the book you used. And if you need help translating then I'll try my best as a modern day swede to do so.
    Just food for though.

  6. Pass it on but you can only pass on the page numbers for references you used so the rest have to figure it out based on ingredients around you

  7. The electro shock therapy featuring our amazing normals while following a recipe in 1914 and the nice chefs will give them tips on how it should be done. Teamwork is very necessary!

  8. Why not try to do a recipe from another country and then translate it into English with Google Translate? 😁 i love to watch your content! ❤

  9. Well done Mike! I'm so impressed. I think we need an episode on the Mother Sauces next. Then, after that, something from Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management.

  10. I appreciate how the guys are generally so encouraging with Mike. They seem like they would be really good teachers…not really handing him the answers but leading him to the correct process. I love it! Also, Mike is great! He's so hard on himself!

  11. Hey does anyone else ever notice that their Intro is always mixed like 3x higher than the rest of their video (and also most of YouTube)? It's not a huge deal but I always get blasted by the first like 5 seconds haha

  12. Mike did so well!! I was so impressed when he guessed it was a baked Alaska 😂 never in a thousand years would I have figured that out on my own

  13. The Mediaeval Cookbook by Maggie Black has the original 14th century recipes, along with a 20th century adaptation for each. Wouldn't it be interesting if you were only given the original…

  14. This was lovely, (Mike did fantastically!) but I was really just distracted because JAMES IS BACK and can never go away again, please.

  15. I have an original cookbook from Alcatraz. Food that the famous al Capone ate whilst incarcerated there. Fun fact the sell by date was made by al Capone because he absolutely hated off milk growing up as a kid. If you would the cookbook please contact 😁👍

  16. I wanna see some Mrs Beeton cooking, ensuring all of the etiquette rules are also followed to a tee!
    "The book thus advocates early rising, cleanliness, frugality, good temper" …sounds like the boys will be right at home 😂

  17. Mike! Way to go! I think you did smashing! So stop doubting your abilities. It’s only the time constraints that stress you out. Awesome job guys!

  18. Have you tried the Salvador Dali cookbook? I have a copy and have made the pork medallions covered in puff pastry, with sauteed cabbage and it was delicious! It's full of very interesting recipes!

  19. I say keep the chef's using the 1914 book, as that lets us see them at their best and most inspiring. Then, choose a different book for the normals, something like the modernist cookbook mentioned by James or the surrealist cookbook mentioned in the comments by petkaj. That way we see them at their most baffled, but without needing assistance from the chefs just to even begin knowing what to do. Baffled panic that humorously leads to a dish that's … sorta like what was intended, is entertaining. Frustrated panic leading to a mess of a dish isn't. Let the chefs shine, and let the normals overcome a challenge and become better by the struggle.

  20. I'm thinking remote control chef. The normal sits and reads from the book and the chef has to cook. figuring out what the 1914 book wants this time….Or the Modernist because James seemed so cheery.

  21. New idea:

    10 min salad challenge

    A mystery box full of difficult ingredients (spicy, bitter, bland, blue cheese, century egg), the boys must create a well-balanced salad at the end of 10 min using as many ingredients as possible.

    Show us those flavour theory!

  22. Would be great to see a vid or 2 on cooking for a large group. When we have family gatherings we have 15 to 20 people which is difficult in a normal kitchen. Tips( or a chefs table) on scaling up recipes, timing, hacks, recipes to avoid, how much food to allow per person etc.
    You could cook a full sit down meal for friends or a charity group but just with 1 oven and stove top. Plus other things most kitchens would have rice cooker or slow cooker bbq

  23. Look into any of the 18th century American colonial cookbooks which I think is WORSE than the 1914 cookbook!! You get some vague measurements with some oddly named ingredients you have to figure out what it's called now & then determine what the dish compares to today!

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