Home Again Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

Home Again Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

How are we feeling? First day, new school, are you nervous? I’m feeling exhausted, hopeless, and I don’t enjoy the things that I once loved. Where are you getting this from? The Zoloft commercial, obviously… There’s this really sweet guy in my yoga class. I’ve been disappointed for five months. – Come on…
– Girls! It’s my birthday! Let’s have fun! Hi! So I’d like to offer to buy you drinks. Really? Manager is making me ask for your ID. By the way, I’m definitely old enough to drink alcohol. Me too… obviously. I just always act out on my birthday. It’s like my own personal New Year’s Eve, so I just go like “woah” and just really back to normal. Did you wash these? I did, but only because I was doing a load and I’ve been up since 5:30. Hurry up, you guys! What are you guys doing home? I thought Nana was taking you to school. You’re acting weird. Oh, my God! Thank you very much for everything,
this is some … And you are…? I like them. Namaste, I’m Teddy! But they’re dead broke, so I thought they could stay here. Stay here?! Try looking at this as something that could be sort of exciting. Okay guys, let’s just do our best not to cramp each other style. I should grab that and flush it down the toilet. I don’t know your ex but he must be some
kind of maniac to have let you slip through his hands. You know I’m 40, right? Yeah, I knew that like… ballpark. Oh, my God, tell me you see him too. What are you doing here? Oh, God, I just can’t think straight! Is that one of them? Daddy!!! Did you tell dad about your play? Will you stay for it, daddy? When is it again? [together] Next Friday! I miss my family, let’s fix this. You make a decision about your life when you’re 25 years old, you think that’s a good life decision for the rest of your life?! You seem to be handling everything really well. Okay, let’s eat! It’s gonna be good. Bye. Goodnight. Okay.

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  1. What is going on here? She's separated and dating with three guys while also living with them?
    Men can date younger women.
    women can date younger men.
    Women on women
    Men on men

    I really don't care. But the trailer? I'm not sure how this movie is going to go but my sisters want to watch this…so pray for me (I love you girls if you read this comment)

  2. OMG ! My kind of CHICK Flick! This is Must see for the lady Mommy" s over 35 !!! YIPPEE ! Love The leads ( Witherspoon, Sheen, Bell ) , what a bunch of MIGHTY FINE actors !

  3. Give me $12 million, and ill make you a movie which will people watch even after 100 years, something from real life, without that bullshit music

  4. This film is bad because it drives the idea that betray your partner simply misunderstanding the story of the film about a woman relationship troubled with her husband for five months meet a young man at the age of her son and adopt a sexual relationship with him Do you believe this? And she is still married unfortunately and this against public morality and against all religions Once it became a natural betrayal I do not know Is become like eating and drinking Some animals have more jealous than humans ( I apologize for my language I used to translate I was provoked by the film and decided to write )

  5. This is defo a one time watch. I only watched it for Pico😍 there were a few funny moments. With this u have to ignore the love story to enjoy it.

    Also: she sleeps with one of them HARRY! (Pico)

  6. Dobra komedia, mało romantyczny, ale na babski wieczorek dobry (polecam dokupić butelkę wina) 😉

  7. I just got done watching this movie and it's great. She doesn't sleep with them all. She didn't have a one night stand. She divorced her husband because he'd rather party and stay gone then be a husband and a father. The guys who are all close to 30 move into the guest house because they struggling to get their movie made. Her father was a huge writer and producer and her movie an actress. They all come together as an extended family. It's really a touching movie.

  8. Remember when she tried to get out of being arrested by playing her fame card ("Do you know my name ?") and threatening the officer's career ("You're about to find out who I am") ?

    Shows you what kind of an ugly little person she is.

  9. As a depressed guy who just watches game of thrones all day I actually found this movie fun and laughed half way though it……its not just about a woman sleeping with a young lad, there a lot about this movie I can really connect to like having anxiety and not just doing things when I want to and living my life…..And I found the family having fun was really amazing probably CIA my family I despise
    Great movie

  10. I honestly feel like this trailer gives a very bad depiction of the movie. I initially watched the trailer without any context to the film and I was so damn lost to what this was all about. I thought she (Alice) was just a thirsty cougar sleeping with a random boy band kid who was barely 21. (turns out in the movie, he was actually meant to be 27). BUT THIS MOVIE IS HONESTLY SOOOO MUCH MORE!! I urge anyone to pleeaaasee give it a watch. Their relationship isn’t the only thing that happens; there is something so special about the theme of family in this movie! The acting, in my opinion, is so phenomenal! I love how their characters were portrayed so well. Alice and Harry’s relationship isn’t just about sex, there’s so much more to their chemistry that you’ll notice throughout the movie. It isn’t too cheesy; in fact, I was always shocked to see how their relationship turned out in the end. It is NOT a realistic film; it isn’t meant to be. It’s something about hope, and trusting the plans of fate and just finding “home again” (pun intended). Man, I loveee this movie too much

  11. naaaaah, this is more like, why don't you leave……..one night stands only become something if pregnancy is involved

  12. Pico Alexander is the hottest human alive and no one can do or say anything to make me think otherwise just loOK AT HIS FACE

  13. People in the comments saying "gross, disgusting etc…" i don't understand you, she is 40 and he is a younger man, so what ? he is a youthful adult man !, stop acting as if he is underage, if it was about a mature man and a young woman you would all shut up because you are just a bunch of angry hypocrits, stop with your nervous poop and be more open minded, watch the movie perhaps before acting like pure fucks, thanks for reading.

  14. I don't see who this would appeal to, ok here's the thing. The teen crowd doesn't give a shit about someone their age dating a 40yo with kids, the 20-30 crowd doesn't really want to see anything kid related. The 40s crowd see's this type of movie as a "would never happen because who's insane enough to allow 3 teens to date them". And everyone else generally doesn't give a shit about this type of movie. I'm struggling to see which demographic they were trying for.

  15. TRUST ME! the movie is way way way meaningful than the trailer!   i thought it was garbage when i watched the trailer!! but still gave it a try, and it was totally worth it!!!

  16. Love loved loved loved this movie❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤love her and him soo much btw he's super hot

  17. Really boring i was at least expecting fun sex scenes or anything but No it so plain the whole plot BIG NO.. do not recommend it

  18. I just saw this on cable. Reese is reading her lines badly! I haven't seen her in a movie in awhile how did she become so awful(acting wise) Shocked!

  19. 😂😂. Watching the trailer after the movie, and I thought it was amazing. Really awesome, hilarious and so utterly relatable

  20. Looks like this women ain’t ready to be a mom yet…party ? Drinks? Chase boys?Like really? If you are to be a mom should be ready for it

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