HGTV’s Property Brothers Show You How to DIY 3 of Their Favorite New Design Trends for 2018

We have got the favorite identical twin brothers back to show us how to create the latest home trends– Are we throwing you off your game here?
Of 2018. You guys know them as the Property Brothers. They both act like my little brothers. Please welcome back to the show Drew and Jonathan Scott. (audience cheering) Every room in your house should have some kind of a feature, so that’s what we’re saying. It’s very easy. You don’t have to bring in a designer and hire the brothers to do stuff. You can do it on your own, so why not create a beautiful feature wall? Some of the trending colors, beautiful mossy greens– Violets.
Purple, violet, stuff like that. Purple is so big right now in everything. (audience laughter)
Anyway, this is super easy. A little bit of glue on the back of the millwork, you throw it up, and a couple of tacks in here, and as long as you lay a grid out in advance, it’s the glue that’ll actually hold it. Paint it out, and instantly you’ll have a beautiful feature wall like this. Don’t forget my side, and by the way,
(audience applauding) you can use wood, you can use MDF. Let’s get rid of these glasses. We don’t need that for my next project. All right.
Come on over here. What’s the next one? Terrazzo. Terrazzo.
Who wants a little bit of personality in your cement? (audience cheering) What we have here is a bucket of cement. Oh that is, seriously, that is amazing.
It’s a cool feature wall. We have a bucket of cement. All you need to do is pour in some water, mix your cement. Remember, as you’re pouring the water in, if it doesn’t look like it’s loose enough yet, if it looks too thick, give it a second to settle in because it will continue to loosen up. You don’t want it to be too watery. Once you’re ready– It’s kind of like making polenta.
If you can follow a cooking recipe, yeah, exactly. You can follow this. This is just like cooking. Then once you’re done stirring there, you can pour it right in here into the tray, and then we actually have sea glass. You can actually buy containers of sea glass. We can make it a little thicker, but for now, Jonathan, you can hold up the other one there and show. We didn’t fully mix this, but you would give it a little bit more of a stir. I tried. You rushed me. I rushed you. You do need a bit more cement when you’re doing this to fill it up and then we can just make some lovely patterns. Here, have some sea glass. (audience cheering) Well then too, if you wanted to have a really raw, natural look, you just leave it as is, or you can use a resin on top and get a polished look too– I was gonna say. Tin tile, this is his redemption here– All right, this is something that I love because you don’t even have to own your place if you wanna do this. If you’re a rental and you can’t put nails and glue and stuff, you can actually use double-sided tape– Or if you want and you don’t wanna make the investment. Exactly, well this is actually plastic. So you can get this at the hardware store or online and the cool thing too, double-sided tape will hold it up there. Make sure if you do have the ability to nail or glue, I recommend that. And, if it’s a plaster ceiling… (audience laughing) This is very important, if it’s a plaster ceiling, you wanna put some plywood up there first and anchor it into the studs before you put this on. Otherwise, your nails won’t hold. There is a groove, if you guys can see, on one side of the tin tile there’s a groove, a channel so you have to make sure you line up that channel. Start in the center of the space and move your way out from there. And then, we’re– And keep the borders at the edges. Imagine that of course, bronze and brass is all back in style. It’s really beautiful.
(applauding) Stand in the middle here, will ya? Okay All right, gonna go this way? (audience applauding) Hold on a second. Oh, my goodness. Look at that What a beauty.
What a beautiful ceiling. This is amazing. So, you know, Habitat for Humanity is an organization I’ve been aware of for literally decades. I think it’s brilliant. Jimmy Carter was a terrific ex-president and that was a crowning achievement for this. (audience applauding) Now I hear that you guys are now involved with Habitat as well. Yes.
We were incredibly humbled that they announced that we were being designated as habitat humanitarians and it’s only an honor that they’ve given out to Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Jimmy and Jackie Carter. So we’re incredibly… We’ve been working with them for decades. Even before our shows, I mean, we’ve been doing construction and renovations for over 20 years and we’ve always worked with Habitat, the ReStore, so this is exciting, but we also have a contest because we actually have two amazing families and we have them actually in the audience here too, Ashley and Amanda. Their families’ here, we’re gonna be working with them in Nashville, working with them (applauding) to help them rebuild their home. That’s amazing. And we actually have fans. Fans have the opportunity to actually enter online. If you go to, you can actually come. We’re gonna fly you out, two fans are gonna be flown out to Nashville to join us on the sites. So, it’s exciting for us.
That’s fabulous, to lend a hand and a hammer. Yes, exactly The hope of Habitat is all about people working together, building, families building together because you don’t just help the families that are getting a home, they also help… They do 180 hours plus helping other families too. This is what we say, we’re not just renovating homes, we’re renovating lives and I absolutely love the relationship. Absolutely, it’s beautiful. (applauding) Thank you so much guys. I wanna come down and be a part of that too. Oh yeah, anytime. (applauding) (chimming) (applauding)

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