Hey Steve: Waiting for His Financial Stability || STEVE HARVEY

Hey Steve: Waiting for His Financial Stability || STEVE HARVEY

– So I’ve been dating my friend for the past six years–
– Okay. – on and off, more consistently
the last couple of years. I call him my friend because
he’s uncomfortable with titles. He says he wants to be
more financially stable before he settles down with me. So I’m at a point where
I’m kinda tired of waitin’. I wonder, should I be waitin’ for him to settle down, be financially stable,
or should I walk away? – Could I ask you a question?
– Sure. – How old is he? – 37.
– 37. – Mm-hmm. – For you, is it worth hanging onto? – I just hate to start all
over, build another six years. But I’m at a point–
– Yeah see. – where I am unhappy.
– No I understand. And that’s an important statement
that a lotta women make. You don’t want to start over. You’ve invested six years, and you want it to count for somethin’. But he has to want it to
count for somethin’ too. So the question becomes–
(audience applauds) Here’s the question, what it becomes. It’s that simple. Do you want six more years of this? So the only way to stop the six years of what’s been happenin’
to continue to happen is you have to just make an ultimatum. And what a lotta people are afraid to do is make the ultimatum
because they don’t wanna, the fear that the guy could walk away. He ain’t what you want him to be nohow. You want him to be there, but he ain’t there.
(audience applauds) Let me just tell you this quickly. When I flunked outta school, I came back to live when
my parents for six months. And so, every time I got
paid, I get tellin’ my momma. I said, “Momma I’m gonna get a new car.” She said, “I know baby. “But your old car is outside
in the driveway up on blocks.” My old car was sittin’ up on
cylinder blocks in the yard. Cups was under it. Leaves was under it. Every pay day, I’d come in the house. I said, “Momma I’m workin’. “I’m gonna get me a new car.” She said, “I know baby. “But your old car in the
driveway up on blocks.” This went on for about five, six weeks. Finally you know, I always know my momma always try to teach me somethin’. So I walked in the
house one time and said, “Momma I’m tellin’ you. “Have faith in me. “I’m gonna get myself another car.” She said, “I know baby. “But your old car outside
up on the blocks.” I said, “Momma what do my old car “up on the blocks got to do with me “gettin’ a new car?” She said, “Because you ain’t
prepared to get the new car.” She says, “See Steve,
as long as your old car “on to the block, where you
gonna put this new car?” And so I said, “Okay.” So I called my partner
up, paid him 15 dollars. He came, towed my car away. This was a long time ago.
(audience laughs) You can’t tow no car for 15 no more. So he came; he towed my car away. I moved the bricks. I swept up all of ’em under the car. I cleaned up all that paper. Got me some concrete cleaner. Put it down. Got them oil stains up. Boom cleared out the driveway. Two weeks later, I didn’t get a new car, but I got a used car. And I pulled it up in the driveway. I said, “Momma I got the car.” She said, “I know ’cause you cleared out “that ol’ raggedy car
that was up on blocks.” (audience applauds) So I said, “Momma so what
was you tryin’ to say to me?” She said, “Son if you gonna
ask God for somethin’, “you gotta make ready to receive it. “But if you don’t ever
make ready to receive it, “where you gonna park your new car?” And that’s what happened to
a lotta women with these men. You got these old dudes,
sittin’ in your driveway, up on blocks.
(audience laughs) Now you can’t get the new man in there ’cause you got this old man, sittin’ up in your driveway on blocks. You don’t want him. He don’t work. He don’t care you know where. He ain’t worth a damn. You oughta get his butt
towed out for 15 dollars. (audience cheers and applauds) – All right thank you. (chuckles) – We’ll be right back.
(upbeat band music)

24 thoughts on “Hey Steve: Waiting for His Financial Stability || STEVE HARVEY

  1. Stop having sex with men you aren’t married to and this stuff can’t happen. Because the losers will walk away from you. Your happiness is worth waiting to have sex.

  2. Watching Steve is just another red pill I take in the mornings. These hoes can pound sand and enjoy your crazy cat lady starter kit.

  3. I don't give ultimatums I just leave 🤷‍♀️ no sense in putting pressure on someone to be with you because they probably don't even wanna be with you and just cave under pressure and decided to be with you only because you threatened to leave not because they really wanted you

  4. जंगल है आधी रात है ।
    लगने लगा है डर?
    आजा मेरी बाहों में सोजा रख के सर ।

  5. I like the way that a woman can forever be financially unstable and thats no problem, a man looks after her with his money, the reverse doesnt apply. She never once mentioned any kind of love. Men always under pressure to succeed financially. Thats the reason why I believe once à man is financially stable, the last thing he wants is à woman. Steve Harvey is always pandering to his female audience. How much Child and spousal support are you coughing up Steve. Men support yourself and dont worry about these woman who get their advice from a divorced TV host.

  6. Some times you can fix the old car then upgrade then someone else can reap the benefits, but try not to see the old car down the road and want to get back in it.

  7. I see no fault in the guy. She has agreed to his terms and conditions. If he isn't a man of quality, then she should bounce. Remember, we are hearing one side of the story. We don't know that she isn't a woman of quality…

  8. And my response to this is, what's her situation like? Is she a bum also or is she taking care of him? That goes both ways, a man will want to provide if he himself is ready to provide with the mentality to "want to" in that sense I agree she should think about leaving. But the story sounds one sided. There's always two sides in a relationship.

  9. Its cause that's all she can get she with him cause he blowing her back out, she trying to turn the alpha into a beta male provider and it ain't gonna happen.

  10. If he were younger I would've defended him… but in this case I can't. Unless he didnt care about himself till she came along and wants to make sure they can travel and enjoy life.

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