Henry Welcomes Stupid Jeff Into His Home?! 🏠 Henry Danger | Nick

Henry Welcomes Stupid Jeff Into His Home?! 🏠 Henry Danger | Nick

Guess who I am. OK, I’ll give you a hint. My middle name is Prudence
and I look like a weenis. Oh, oh! You’re Henry. You’re Henry! Dude, those are my clothes.
What were you doing up in my room? Rubbing my butt on your pillow. Are you serious? You wish. Ooh, book cheese. Hm, uh… Piper, you wanna
get this dinner started? So the Bilskys can eat
and get on their way. We’re good to go. Now… Does anyone not want whipped cream
on their fish lasagna? No, no, no! No one’s having whipped cream on anything
till my other son gets here. [crashing] That’s him! Is this the right house? I know that voice.
Why do I know that voice? We’re in here, Jeff! I know that name.
Why do I know that name? Hi, I hit your mailbox with my car. – No!
– Yeah. – Jeff!
– Mitch! – Son!
– Ma! – No!
– Yeah. [yelling] Hey bro, why are you dressed like that? – You look like a weenis.
– Oh, yeah I was just making fun of him. [laughing] Classic Mitch! – You put your butt on his pillow?
– Ha! He wishes. I do not wish that. Oh relax, you weenis.
Hi, I’m Jeff. Uh, nope. OK. Hey, I brought a gift
for Billy’s little filly! What? The future Mrs. Bilsky! – Nope.
– The sister to this mister! Why don’t you open the box, Jeff? Dude, I told you. This tuna fish meat will cost you
700 bucks a pound. Hang on. Yeah, it’s Jeff. Of course I got the tuna. Yeah, someone’s foot
just came through my door. Looks like you’re gonna need
a door hole repairman, Jeff. Aw, crud. Hey, it’s Kid Danger
and Captain Man. Can you uh, come bail me out
of jail later? Ah, it’s just me Jeff. – Captain Man’s out of town.
– Oh. Cool, so after you pick up this tuna, you wanna go see a movie or something?
I heard that the– Dude! The only movie you’re gonna see
is the one in jail! On movie night! If they even have that, now stand up! Or get zapped. I ought to slap that thing out of your
hand. Well, I’d like to see you try to slap– OK, that really hurt my hand. [phone ringing] Oh, that could be my tuna buyer. – Give me my phone.
– Oh, you want your phone? Oh, this thing right here? Are you playing keep away from me? Yes, I’m playing keep away from you! Alright, that does it! Ha! [crashing] I hate you. [moaning] [breathing heavily] Are you alright? OK, hit the table twice if you’re OK. [crashing] OK, was that one or two? [groaning] Dude. The door wasn’t even locked. I know, Jeff, but I don’t like you. So I smashed your door. I don’t see any hamburgers.
Where are my big and beefys? The only thing you’re gonna get
that’s big and beefy will be your cell mate in jail. OK, well when do I get my million dollars? OK, you’re too stupid to talk to.
Sit. Hey, Kid Danger! I was worried about you. Uh… Thanks, boss. I was worried about you too. Well… I knew you didn’t need me
to take down a petty criminal like Jeff. Oh, yeah. I was just about
to bust out of those ropes, and rain down some pain on that dude. OK, Kid Danger. Go to it. Huh? Go show that criminal who’s boss. Yeah, Kid Danger!
Go bust him up! I love it when boys fight. OK… This is what you get for
breaking into people’s cars, and for kidnapping us on Halloween! [moaning] Whoa! That was for you, Monica.

100 thoughts on “Henry Welcomes Stupid Jeff Into His Home?! 🏠 Henry Danger | Nick

  1. This is what I would do as Henry
    goes outside
    blows a bubble
    calls captain man
    You know what’s next

  2. I hated it when he spoilt my handsome Henry's hair. So angry😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  3. Big fan of Henry Danger Game shakers Cousin for life I am Frankie loud house I am the number 1 fan of Nickelodeon

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