Hello, I have death anxiety | Death Land #3

Hello, I have death anxiety | Death Land #3

This whole Death Land journey began
in Las Vegas at Raad fest. A conference for people who wanted to extend their lifespan or even cheat death altogether. In episode two, I met people who no
longer have that option. I sat with people as they found out
that they were dying. By now, because I mentioned it, you’ll know that my anxiety
around dying is the whole reason that this series began. And when I did a callout
about it, a lot of you said that you also suffer from death anxiety. So we thought it was worth
discussing properly. So, we’re going to dedicate this whole episode
to talking about it and it might get a little personal. You’re looking at me like you’re
going to ask me something I don’t like. Hi
– Hi, how are you? Hey, I’m very good. Hi, how are you?
– I’m doing fine, how are you? How often do you think about death? I think about death every day. It used to be on a daily basis. I have these thoughts about death, I’d say every alternate day I wake up
at around four in the morning and I have like, hot flushes and sweating. Most days the concept of death
has at least crossed my mind. Twice an hour. I think everything triggers it
because I’m hyper aware of like, danger. So, say I’m just walking down some steps
I will imagine myself falling down them. I’m on an escalator, I imagine that the
escalator is going to collapse and I’m gonna fall into the mechanism. You know those signs that stick out from shops, I imagine them
falling on my head. It’s just the background of my mind. I’m not constantly
about to cry about it. It’s just there. For me it just seems like a normal
response to a dangerous world. What thing do you worry about most? Is it yourself dying, somebody else
that you know dying? My mom was very, very ill
when I was about 11. 10 or 11. So my aunt passed away
and it was really tragic. She was at the peak of her health
and she suddenly passed away. I put my dog to sleep … I’m going to get a little upset, sorry. That’s OK. … last month and that was tough. That’s where all of my now anxiety comes from. When I was nine, I think, there
was a really terrible car accident at a family wedding I was at. And I think our car was behind that car so we actually came upon it first and I think as a nine-year-old, who was
like having a really nice time at a wedding, to be confronted
with something that looks so horrible and quite scary was like … I guess I was traumatised by it. It would be the simple way of saying it. I think probably from the point
the car accident happened, I probably improved
and then like four years ago, I saw another really terrible accident
which sort of set it back again. That was a cyclist who got run over by a truck
while I was on my way to work and that, again, I was like right
in front of it, in a vehicle. So, as I got older,
it’s just getting worse, I think. ‘My dad’s dead.’ ‘Shit.’ Why do you think it is that people don’t
like talking about death? Because the society definitely does not prepare, does not discuss death,
does not consider it and then when it happens
it hits everyone like a tonne of bricks. Their whole world collapses. In this society, we don’t talk about death and I think the reason we don’t talk about death is that most people are actually quite scared of it. It’s something that
you can’t know what it is and I think for a lot of people they just
want to push it to the back of their minds and get as far away from it as possible. It is really hard to talk to someone who’s
experienced loss or is concerned about death. It’s really difficult for people to do. It’s almost because I think they
don’t want to be attached to the subject. It’s like a contagion almost because once
you start talking about it, you have to consider your own mortality
and what that means. We don’t confront death in a sort of
healthy way. Some people will watch videos on YouTube of like horrible things happening to people and not speak to their, like, closest
relatives about their deaths. We don’t know what to say or, like, what to
do about it, so we just don’t talk about it. In a classically British, particularly,
in a classic British way. Probably people, even my
family and my close friends, they don’t even know
that I have this kind of anxiety. It could be possible that I know other people who are experiencing the
same kind of anxiety and fears and because we don’t talk to each other,
we don’t know. At least I know that I’m not the only one. The relief that I had
when I saw your story is like, ‘Oh, if there’s someone else feeling the same, we should get together
and help each other. Thank you very much for sharing. You’re welcome, that’s my pleasure. Nice talking, bye! Bye. I’ve absolutely loved hearing from you
guys, so please keep sharing. I’m going to be doing
a responses video soon so leave any questions
you have for me in the comments. Next week I’m being very brave
and facing up to my own death by planning it with a professional. So click ‘subscribe’ if you
don’t want to miss that.

100 thoughts on “Hello, I have death anxiety | Death Land #3

  1. If you promise fantastic rewards in the afterlife then people might not fear death and instead actively seek it to receive their rewards….

  2. I'm not a psychiatrist, so take this as you will. My personal belief is that the fear of death is caused by the fear of the unknown. No fear greater than unknowing the inevitable. Thoughts?

  3. Funny, I fell asleep looking at my medical records from when I died 7 yrs ago, and when I awoke, this discussion was happening on my phone, in my hand. I have died. I absolutely do not fear death at all. Although I will not precipitate the event, I do not dread it, not anymore, it's just what's next, and frankly, at the time, it was an improvement. My sense of humour was not improved. My records absolutely prove that I died, and though I was most annoyed at having been revived, I accept that, not much choice, as I accept eventual death, only the word is scary, not the event, because it is just an event, not an end.

  4. Omg! I swear to you I woke up and death anxiety was on my mind and this pops up. Death anxiety. Lord I hope this isn't a sign. ⚰️⚰️⚰️ Funny but not funny.

  5. Health and death anxiety seem to go hand in hand in some ways, do you ever worry about your health to the extent that it's "unhealthy"? I also totally agree with the idea people should talk more about death, especially in the context of grief

  6. As a child, I died or nearly died 4 times. I experience no fear of death. Consciousness does not cease. Others are there. Love is there. It's where we all came from.

    I fear pain, though, and given that I have no health insurance nor any expectation of ever getting any, I expect to be without medical care as I grow older, to have no treatment or pain medication as my body breaks down. I hope not to be a burden to others– more precisely, I hope others do not find my aging, illness and death process to be a burden. But it will never be a profit center, so I do expect others to find my life and death more and more burdensome as I get older. This is painful to contemplate.

    I understand why some people feel euthanasia should be an option.

  7. I think that it's important to talk about death in order to make it less scary.
    Our modern society has lost a lot of the rituals that put as right next to death, like taking care of our loved ones when they pass away, a lot of emphasis is put on delegating to professionals and the importance of presenting the dead as impersonal, as life-like as possible (think about embalming in America), while it should be important to give space to experience grief and death according to our sensibilities.

    To talk about death as a natural part of life and not the negation of it it's a tiny step towards acceptance. Don't get me wrong, it still sucks.
    If anyone if interested there's a community of people of the Internet devoted to make themselves death positive, search Caitlin Doughty, orderofthegooddeath[.]com, Death in the afternoon podcast and the channel Ask a Mortician here on YouTube.

  8. Here's how you can think about death. Do you remember being born, or what happened before it? Do you remember being in your mother's womb or even the light of the new world you entered? No, and death will be the same. Your mind just goes to sleep, and then the question of 'what next' just becomes irrelevant because time becomes irrelevant. It's going to be peaceful, and by the time you are at the age of natural death, you will have literally lived a lifetime. That's a lot. Think of the amount of time you've spent on this planet. It's insane how much you've seen, isn't it? And you're probably only halfway through it! There's a huge other seemingly endless half left! Live it to the fullest. 🙂

    I have massive thanatophobia. I think of death everyday. I'm a paranoid mess outside of my house, and even inside. This thought gives me some peace. Try it. 😀

  9. So am I, so is everyone I know :))

    Take mushrooms, LSD, dtm etc… Best way to stop being scared of death is to face it head on

  10. You dont care about not being here before your birth. Death will be the same…Just like before your birth. Now shhhh and enjoy the short time you have in the amazing universe

  11. “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.”

    ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

  12. I'd probably recommend a solid dose of LSD or mushrooms to experience an ego death, becoming actually one with the fabric of the universe, then you realise death isn't so bad and actually consciousness just goes on forever. Really eye opening and crazy stuff. I have no fear of death now as it's just all part of the whole. it's fine.

  13. Idk why anyone is afraid of death, it's just the end of life…an event i look forward to. I don't remember the start of my life, i wont remember the end either. We're all on the same journey, death is not a unique experience. The on trend acronym is fomo, that's what this fear of death boils down to imo, but completely irrelevant!

  14. We don’t have a after life or myth about death there is no “he is in a better place now” no after life makes are nihilistic life’s pointless and death becomes a tragedy instead of a form of redemption from the body.

  15. We don’t have a after life or myth about death there is no “he is in a better place now” no after life makes are nihilistic life’s pointless and death becomes a tragedy instead of a form of redemption from the body.

  16. We don’t have a after life or myth about death there is no “he is in a better place now” no after life makes are nihilistic life’s pointless and death becomes a tragedy instead of a form of redemption from the body.

  17. It's not because we're afraid that we don't talk about death, it's because the subject is utterly boring. It's like having a conversation on the topic of ending of that conversation. I regularly ask myself "on my deathbed, will I regret I did X too much?", and if the answer is yes then I try to do X less, otherwise I try to do X more. On your deathbed, will you regret you worried about death too much?

  18. The same woman who says society has an unhealthy relationship with the idea of death, also obsessively thinks about death and lives in constant fear 🤷‍♀️

  19. How do you stop thinking about it. It always happens at night before I go to sleep. It has happened since I was young and amplified recently when a death happened in the family. I think my brain almost malfunctions because it can’t find away of avoiding it.

  20. There is no avoiding Death. Death is the ultimate truth. You and I need to worry more about what's in store for us on the OTHER SIDE of Death. Read what the Prophetic Traditions of Rasoolullah (the Hadiths) have to say about the Afterlife. It will leave you speechless.

  21. I am really liking this series, thank you. I don't know when exactly but I stopped being really afraid of death a while ago, I still get scared sometimes of course. I think I realized that when I die, I will still exist. My "soul" or whatever you call it, will go on, somewhere. I'm not religious, at all. I had out of body experiences as a child and I think that helped me to realize that if I could leave my body, well then that means there's something beyond the flesh. Plus I'm getting older, almost 60 now, and have lost many people. I hope I'm right, but if not, well I won't be here any more anyway so it won't matter 🙂

  22. Well tbh if someone lives in constant fear of death and they worry about it everyday and not do anything with your life they basically are in a prison of the mind and are already dead their entire life figuratively.

  23. Death is a transition. Just as scared as you were when your mother birthed you and this big open scary world grasped you in its arms, the same will be applied in death when it lets us go. We will be just as scared. Death in itself is not scary. The unknown of what lies beyond or the process in which we die is the problem for some people. Really one of the issues here is "pain". Our anxiety already adds to death, during our last moments, and the last thing we want is more anxiety from excruciating pain. However, personally, I think there is an OCD element to this type of problem. Once people get hypersensitized, it can be hard to let go when they focus on it too much.

  24. “Hyper aware of danger” I will do the same thing, where I imagine how in this moment I can die. Always in an elevator and it’s failing. I wish I could just stop.

  25. I hate the idea of sudden death. where you have no time to come to terms with it. I would n't want cancer or any terminal illness, but at least with that, you can talk to those who love and say goodbye. And appreciate life, and go out looking back on life.

  26. I have terrible death anxiety which makes me have second thoughts about going out at night because I feel like I will die.

  27. If technology allowed us to live until we chose to die (maybe even live beyond what's expected), what would be your option?

  28. Living is dying and dying is living. There is no life without death and no death without life. Life is but a journey to death and Death is the KEY to life: Death reminds us that life is but a fleeting moment and it ought to be lived to the fullest.

  29. Fear of shareing fear. Often it seems fine to confront only yourself. Because you are don't sure or you are afraid about the reaction which could be result in a rather emotional or dismissive situation. The response from someone else even if they are your friends and family, superiors etc. could hit you unprepared and often in a unnessary kind of explination.

  30. Hey Y’all! Guess what??? We are all gonna die…it’s the great equalizer….nobody is gonna escape it! Why worry about death itself? Now I do confess I do think about how I am gonna arrive at its doorstep! To quote Kenny Rogers in his song the Gambler…the best we can hope for is to die in our sleep!

  31. I am 41 on hospice with pancreatic cancer. I'm grateful I have more time with my son. It's nice to hear I am not the only one with death anxiety. I can't sleep.

  32. I know death is a part of life i look at it as another part of the journey i think what scares ppl about it these days are the fact that ppl arent living longer due to health and violence bcuz those are things we have no control over our time on earth is really not in our hands so i feel ppl should spend more time appreciating and value life while theyre still here and not worry about something u have zero control over

  33. complete break down just knowing im not alone but i guess it was a bit of relief to just know its NOT just me! Your explanation of the typical causes of it just hits home so hard and makes me a little more aware of why this is happening. Thank you!

  34. This series is very unsatisfying. Far too shallow an approach, and a lot of time wasted on the presenter. Also poorly produced. (The massive hobo bag, schlepping the boom mic, despite having a camera operator). Also, inappropriate of the presenter to be sitting between the doctor and the patient with whom the doctor was talking, especially given the gravity of the situation).

  35. Communists are atheists, this is why they are so evil. They don't believe in anything and are devoid of hope or any moral compass, which resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people and still counting. Don't be without spirituality, it's a modern cancer.

  36. I too have this anxiety, and it is a large change from a few years ago when I was so depressed I did not want to live. All of a sudden now living is everything and my anxiety is triple what it used to be.

  37. I have worked in palliative care in both the east and west. I gotta say in the east/ india people were a lot more relaxed and at peace near the end, almost smiling and joyous often (mother teresa, home for the dying, calcutta).

  38. I wish I could stop thinking about death. I have a illness that I cannot survive. I'm only 38. When will it come? Will it be painful?

  39. Some may get comfort from watching “Bill’s Videos” channel. According to many people who have had NDEs death is just a return to Love. I very much look forward to it. I long to be embraced with unconditional Love, Acceptance, Compassion and Peace. I have zero fear of death anyway it happens. Blessings to all.

  40. My problem is i dont care about living. I dont kmow why i dont appreciate my life. Im 44 and i see am take on the pain in this world. Even 2 years ago i lost my beautiful mum of cancer. It reminds me of what this world does to people. I feel i need shock treatment or something. I really empathize too much for other people.but yet struggle to want life. Any ideas thoughts would really help. X

  41. I don't think I have any anxiety about it, only that I don't want to suffer, i Know I have lived more of my lifespan than I have left….my reason for being here is I want to understand my Father's choices near the end of his life

  42. Thank you for this series! It's such an important topic yet taboos prevent us from talking about it and as a result we dont know how to deal with it!

  43. I didn’t realize how much I think abt death lol like how she said she just imagines herself dying a million ways.. like same lol but the only dif is it doesn’t cause me anxiety lol

  44. I've been struggling with so much death anxiety. I spent most of my early life suicidal or just apathetic and now that I'm working hard to heal, I've found such joy in life and likewise have become preoccupied with the fear of dying before I'm ready, or by living and losing all my loved ones. I almody died at the hands of an abuser and it was scary how fast it happened and how easy it was to almost slip away.
    have been lucky to not have experienced much death in my life but I know that means I have a lot of death to face someday. I have panic attacks every night.

    I wish it was not so taboo to discuss death and dying and the fear of it. I think that would help.

  45. It’s weird watching this as someone who has attempted suicide. I had several family members pass away in the past year so that on top of already severe depression, just made me want to give up. Im working on building a healthier relationship with the concept of death like these people are, we’re just on different ends of the spectrum.

  46. I do the same thing you do with the imagining bad things happening to me like the sign falling and now I know what it is thank you

  47. I too have death anxiety! I was severely depressed when I was 36 and I tried to kil myself. I feel like i've been living on borrowed time since then. It's really shitty to be obsessing about death, it started when I was a child and I really wish I could stop and enjoy my life instead of being afraid to die. I'm not always obsessing, but it is ever so present in my thoughts. P.S. I'm an artist and death was a recurring theme in my artwork.

  48. I guess its fear of the unknown , your'e a long time dead . So not point in worring about it because you are going to die weather you like it or not

  49. You need to do a Pastlife regression to see what's triggering your fear of death otherwise if you are so anxious you will pass it on to your children if you have any!!

  50. We live in a dangerous place, isn't everyone always thinking about death? You'll stop fearing death when you are facing it. When I felt like I was dying, I really didn't fear that I was going to die.

  51. My Anxiety makes me terrified of death and when I have depression, I want to die and i feel numb about death.
    So I believe that fear of death is simply a state of mind.

  52. I have total death anxiety. I worry about my own death and the death of my loved ones. I am a total hypochondriac. I worry about gong for tests, being sick, the moment of death itself and what happens after you die. I also have a phobia of car accidents and earthquakes. All of this worrying takes away from my enjoyment of life and I know this but still can’t stop the worrying/obsessing.

  53. It’s weird because I feel anxiety with everything in life besides death it doesn’t scare me like it should even tho I’m young I’m at peace with not living forever

  54. i am not afraid of dying but i dont want to die while i have animals to take care of,as ive no children but im afraid for my mom who i take care of and is nearing the end of her life,even though she isnt afraid of dying.Every time she callsmy name i jump,shes got copd end stages and im afraid she will die and i wont be there holding her hand so she doesnt die alone,i cant sleep well,im afriad to leave her alone even though she can walk ,im afraid she will fall and break a hip while in at the store,i have so much stress ,i feel like im going to have a heart attack

  55. With the internet comes an amazing awareness with others who share. So many have come back or experienced death only to be grateful in the knowing. I was terrified until a great thing happened.. I was pronounced dead. A 12 car pile up at high speeds on the Interstate. My car was hit and propelled 4 times in thick fog. No one knew until we came around the bend and hit the wall of fog. It happened so fast that I don't remember much pain but lots of blood in the car! The panic of not being able to take that breath scares me still, but that was just seconds as well. Emergency responders in the fog took a while (before many cell phones)Maybe I wasn't dead-obviously Im here but it was definitely a different wonderful level of consciousness which has left me with an invaluable awareness.Spirit is just a frequency away&we create our own heaven.

  56. Only a fool does not fear death, because in the back of their minds they haven't accepted it. They think they will live forever.

  57. I'm only scared of how will family cope, when I die, and the transition from life through to death because the body wants to fight. the struggle is all I am scared of… the transition. I'm not afraid to die.

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