Heartland Home Health Care

[♪♪♪] – Heartland can make a huge
difference in people’s lives. Some people
have never had home care, they don’t realize
how much we can do for them. – I’d take her to the doctor
and bring her back home, but it was when Heartland
came and stepped in and the physical therapist said, we have a lot of things,
a lot of things we could do to help you and your mom. – And I just rather be home
than in the hospital because I’m in
my own surroundings, and I just want to be here. – It’s just been
a wonderful experience. [♪♪♪] – It’s been great being home. Just seeing the friendly faces, and people stopping in
and the kids come over. And we still have
our grandson once a week, he spends the night with us
and he knows he has to be real careful
of grandma’s hip and… – And no more basketball
for grandma. – Oh, here at home,
definitely, yes, and the doctor I have
knows that and he prefers
to have me home. [♪♪♪] – As a medical social worker, I work as much for the family
as I do for the patient. It’s important
that the family stay healthy, emotionally and physically. – With Heartland,
we can go in there and teach them ways
to make it much easier for their lives at home. [♪♪♪] – Since I’ve been home, my recovery
has gone much better because I can just
kinda do it on my own, and it seemed to be
working better. – It was nice to have
somebody come in instead of me having to
get ready and go out. It’s very convenient. – She’s feeling better,
she’s stronger, and I can help
her emotional needs, but the physical needs
were more than I could do. – The healing process increases
when the patient is at home. They’re more cheerful at home and they have a sense
of just connection. – I couldn’t have asked
for better help. It’s just very comforting
to be home. – I would recommend it
to anybody, you know, Heartland, that they,
you know, they make your life easier, and they’re
so, so available, so kind. – There’s no place like home.
[LAUGHS] [♪♪♪]

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