Have Real Estate Pay For Your Lifestyle

Have Real Estate Pay For Your Lifestyle

Every time I want something, I just ask
myself, “How many homes do I need to pay for it?” If I want to take a trip, if I
want to buy a nicer house, if I want to buy a new toy. I asked myself, “How many
homes do I need?” In fact, today in this video, I want to share with you how you
can get real estate to pay for every part of your lifestyle that you want. So
first of all, for those of you that are unfamiliar with this channel or how I
help people create money through real estate investment, let me just give you
the basics. Real estate is different than 401ks, IRA, stocks or just about anything
else because it actually pays you. My definition of an investment is something
that pays you. Your 401k, even though you put money into it, it doesn’t give you
back money. The stock market doesn’t give you back money. Your IRA doesn’t give you
back money. You put money in savings in the bank, it doesn’t give you money. And
when you put your money into something and it gives you nothing back, I call
that speculative or Vegas money or I- throw-money-at-something-I hope-I get
paid-back. We’re talking about real estate investing. Something as simple as
I buy a home and that home is going to produce a cash flow for me because let’s
say, I get it for a good price and as a result, I can actually… Let’s say that I
have a mortgage on this thing. And my cost is $1,000 a month. But let’s say
that we’re using Kris Krohn super-duper hyped up strategy that performs way
better than rentals. And as a result, I’m actually collecting a special rent of
$1,500 a month. And as a result. I have $500 a month of… What do we call it? Cash
flow. Correct. Its cash flow. Okay? So, just in case you’re unfamiliar with real
estate, when we talk about real estate paying for your lifestyle and and giving
you everything that you want, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. Now,
take for example, the things that people want in life number one, people want
security. Number two, people want a nice house to live. Number three, people want
to drive a nice car. Number 4, people want to travel, right? These
are the basic things that human beings want. At least that’s what I wanted. And
when I got myself… I was in college and I want to share this with you because this
changed everything for me. I was so lucky in college to have gotten literally a
super, super, crappy telemarketing job. Meaning, I was on the phones all day
talking to people that didn’t necessarily want to talk to me. But I
learned some things about them. And the people that were talking to my company
were looking for ways of making some additional income, were doing some
retirement planning or starting a business. Most of them had been to
college, most of them had worked that college degree for 20 or 30 years, they
had been popping money in a 401k or an IRA and now they were getting in their
50s or later and realizing crap. What society said about get a degree and work
for somebody else isn’t anywhere near what I actually need for retirement.
These are people that had been saving lots of money. They were not necessarily
living the lifestyle of the dreams. They weren’t driving the cars they wanted.
They didn’t have the freedom to do what they wanted. Hence we’re talking about
real estate. Now, as a young impressionable 22 year old, this was
actually a really good thing for me. Because it really helped me understand
that society had no financial game plan for me to win. It had no way to give me
the freedom that I wanted in my life. And if you want freedom, it’s up to you to
create that for yourself. And that’s why I’ve created this channel so that I can
actually make that easier for you. So let’s jump into it. You want real estate
to pay for your lifestyle. So what you need to learn how to do is residualize
This is the content of the day. You need to learn how to residualize
what you want. Now, a car makes it really easy to do. For example, I drive a BMW i8.
And it’s one of the very first in production. It’s their concept car. It’s
absolutely amazing. I freaking love it. Guess what though? They’ve got a brand
new i8 that’s coming out that’s a roadster with a convertible top and I
love convertibles. In fact, I always said there’s nothing that could make that car
better than making it a convertible. Well, I already know right now that if I buy
that car, in three years, I’m going to want a new car. I’m going to want something
different and shiny because my lifestyle can afford it and I feel okay with that.
Don’t judge. And that car costs roughly $2,000 a month. Dude, am I going to buy the car
cash? No. Because I’m going to give it again. I want to control the car just like
I can control my assets. So here’s the thing I’m saying to myself. “If I want to
actually have $2,000 a month covered… If I want to buy this car,
what am I thinking again? How many homes do I need to buy?” Now, let’s just say for
a moment that my average home is producing a cash flow of $500
a month. How many homes do I need to pay for this car? 4. 2,000
divided by $500 a month means… “Oh, Kris wants to drive that BMW.
He’s going to need 4 houses.” Or if you say to yourself, “Oh, I’d love to take a
trip every single year with my special someone in my life and I don’t want to
take a basic trip. Like I want to drop some serious money like… Like I want to
pay $10,000 for a trip.” Okay, that’s $800 a month. You basically
need two homes. And just owning two homes. We’ll basically allow you every year to
take an amazing $10,000 trip. Or you might say, “I’d love to live in my
dream home and my dream home costs $4,000 a month.” Okay, $4,000 a month means
that I need to buy eight pieces of property that will actually pay for that.
You need to residualize your desires. Whatever you want. If you can figure out
what it’ll cost you every month then you can actually dump it into this system
and the more homes you buy, the more you can actually have. So my friend, real
estate has the ability to help you live the lifestyle that you want.
You just got to start looking at things in terms of homes. Now, here’s the good
news. A car is a depreciating liability. A
house is a appreciating but liability because it doesn’t make you money. The
things that you want in life in the freedom that you want, they have a cost
associated with them. But most of them are liabilities. They’re not appreciating
assets. We’re fighting the liabilities that you want with assets. So, don’t go to
a job, make money and throw it at a liability and have it dissipate in value
over time. Instead you buy appreciating assets that grow in value that can only
give you more of what you want. First and second home that ever bought combined
made me $200,000. That $200,000 bought me a lot of lifestyle, it bought me a lot of
freedom, it bought me a lot of stuff. And so you want to use assets to pay for the
liabilities that you want life. So, I want to invite you
when you’re done watching this video. And then I got a little bonus for you. I just
want you to start looking at the world. I want you to make a list at what you want
and I want you to start asking, “How many homes do I need for the lifestyle that I
want?” Now here’s the good news, in real estate investing, you are the captain of
your ship. You are the one that is determining your destiny and your fate.
You don’t have to wait for a raise or a boss to tell you where to be or when to
be. When you learn the game of real estate investing, you’re living life on
your terms. So, if you want more then you just go get
more homes. And there’s no limit to how many homes that you can do. In fact, you
can do as many as you want. Now here’s the bonus, some of your watching this
videos think, “Kris, this sounds amazing. Great. I want this thing, I don’t want
this thing and I need that number of homes. How do I do that?” If you’d like me
to tee up the homes for you, if you’d like me to show you how to find them, if
you want me to show you how to actually find the homes that can make the
lifestyle of your dreams come true, I’ve got a lot of people in my community that
are doing just that. In fact, I was just chatting the other day with Bill and
Julia Grade and they came and visited me in my new house here. And they had just
bought their 11th home. They’re always taking a trip somewhere in the world.
They’re always going somewhere and their real estate has enabled that lifestyle
for them. Neither of them work anymore. And they are essentially retired and
living the life of their dreams. And when they want more, they just get more real
estate. So if you want some help on knowing “How much real estate do I need?
How do I get the real estate? What do I do with it?
What if I don’t want to be the real estate person but I want the benefits of
real estate?” That pretty much means that you need to talk to a member of my team
and request a private consultation. Now, I’m going to charge you 399. 399. Meaning,
it’s just for you don’t have to pay for. But I’ve got trained members of my team
that are basically looking for the right people to add to my personal private
real estate community that I can mentor and teach how to do real estate
investing. So, if you need a mentor and you want someone to show you the ropes
and give you every detail and get interactive with you, I could be that guy
for you. But we got to see if it’s a fit and we got to see if you qualify to be a
member of my team. The good news about qualifying is all I’m really valuating
is your hunger. I don’t care if you’ve got nothing because when I got started, I
got nothing. I had nothing. I’m looking for the desire. And if you’re ready for a
better life and you want that life right now, then I’m going to invite you to
click the link in the description below after you subscribe. So I can share with
you more of my daily videos and notify you about them. Especially if you
ring that bell. But get that private consultation in that link below. Talk to
a member of my team. Learn exactly what you need so that like me, you can retire
young or only a few years from where you’re at right now and you can live the
life of your dreams.

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  2. youve inspired me to be hungry and start in real estate. although im about 3 weeks into watching your videos. i just dont know how to take the first step. with so many options and risks. How do i take the first step?

  3. My husband and I are gonna use rentals to pay out bulls and pay us a little extra. Then we can focus full time on our wholesaling business, our Youtube channel, family time, and charity causes

  4. Dont you have to pay taxes ? I am from Germany, so I dont know the Situation over in the USA, but I guess you also have taxes.

  5. Soon as I save 30k I’m purchasing and every time I get it again I’ll buy another , working with wholesalers or people with mls access

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