Grow Coriander at home in water; Dhaniya उगाने का सबसे आसान तरीका : Coriander in hydroponic system

We all want to grow Coriander in our kitchen garden. In this video i am going to tell you the easiest method that is Hydroponic cultivation i.e. growing in water. After watching this video you will get to know: 1) How you can grow coriander in water easily, without worrying about soil and pot. 2) Benefit of growing coriander in water. 3) Conditions when coriander would not able to grow in water. So, letz start the video. Start with good quality coriander seeds. For better germination purchase agricultural grade seeds from agriculture store Or you can purchase normal coriander from general store. Now you have to crush seeds into two half by applying some pressure. You just need to press seeds gently with some weight, which will break one coriander into two halves. This treatment use to improve germination rate. Guys, in case you are growing coriander in soil, than also you must consider breaking seeds in two half. Be careful while crushing, you just have to break seeds in two half. Do not make powder. After crushing, along with split seeds there will be some whole seeds as well, which is not a problem. Seeds are ready. Now take a container, which must not be transparent. Fill it with water. Now above water filled container keep a net basket. Guys, In case you are following Prakriti’s Garden from before, you might have remember that: Past year we have grown Chickpea and coriander hydroponically. And in this same basket, coriander was planted. I am reusing this basket. Now on this net basket, sprinkle split seeds. Guys, here is a trick: Do not sprinkle all seeds at one time, Sprinkle them in 3 batches at an interval of 5-6 days. This will help you in harvesting coriander in batches later. See, i have saved some seeds for next two times. Add a bit more water in container, so that seeds can come in contact with water. Do not let seeds dry. If you feel like, you would not able to keep seeds moist by refilling water, than cover seeds with tissue paper or cotton cloth. Now keep this setup at bright location. In winter, Direct sun light is okay. But in summer you must protect hydroponically grown coriander setup from scorching sun. In 7-10 days seeds will start germinating. This result is after 12 days of placing seeds for germination. Guys, I have kept tissue paper over seeds, to keep it moist for longer. When seeds start germinating, either remove the tissue paper, or just let it be there but rub and tear with hands, so that roots can go into water. Guys, here is the update after 25 days of planting seeds. Seeds which we planted in first lot are now having true leaves. Seeds which we planted in 2nd and 3rd batches are also started growing. So Guys, we will meet again for first harvest. Coriander plant starts giving very good harvest from 40 days onward. Here is the result after 45 days of planting. You can see plant is growing very well & roots are also growing very nicely. Guys, at this point you might be having a query in your mind. Whether hydroponically grown coriander does not need any fertilizer for growth. Guys, let me tell you, Fertilizer is required. For this, you need any liquid fertilizer or water soluble solid fertilizer. Lots of hydroponic fertilizer option are there in market. Link of all those fertilizer, which i use is there in video description, do check them. Here I am using, solid water soluble fertilizer with 30:10:10 NPK ratio. This fertilizer is having added micro-nutrients, so i need not to mix any thing else Guys, do change water at every 15 days interval and add 1/4th teaspoon of this fertilizer. And Guys, do not keep this fertilizer in organic or inorganic category, As these are mineral based fertilizer, it will release only those nutrients which plant use to absorb for growth. Isn’t it really easy, growing coriander in water. Guys, now let me take my first mega harvest. And after this i will keep on getting mega harvest an an interval of every 6-7 days. At the end let me tell you, in what condition, coriander would not able to grow in water. Firstly, in case water at your side is having high TDS ( more than 400 ). High TDS hinders coriander seed germination & plant growth. Secondly, if your water is having high salt concentration & comes under hard water category. Than also coriander would not able to grow in water. If you still want to grow in water, than use RO water. But in my opinion better to grow in soil or cocopeat. Guys, I have a detailed video on growing coriander in Soil do check that, link is in video description. There is a trick in harvesting as well, that is, just cut above mature leaves. Leave smaller leaves & let them grow for further harvesting. This was complete procedure of growing coriander in water Now, lets talk about benefit of this method. First benefit: You need not to worry about soil. In case your kitchen window is well lit, you can grow coriander by this method and use in your kitchen. Second benefit: You need not to worry about weed. In case you will plant coriander in soil, weed will become a trouble & you have to remove them frequently. Else whenever you will harvest coriander, along with coriander weeds will also travel to your kitchen Guys, you can easily grow coriander & chickpea in water. I really want you to grow them, & share your experience with us. I hope you will find this video useful. Will meet you again in next video. Till than, take good care of you, take care of mother nature. & yes, do subscribe and press bell icon to stay connected. Bye Guys, take care, happy gardening. Green Earth, Healthy Earth, Happy Earth, Prakriti’s Garden Signing Off.

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