Get to know Google Home Hub

Get to know Google Home Hub

from the Google Home team. And I’m so excited to
show you the newest member of our family, Google Home Hub. It’s thoughtfully designed
for any room in your home. The seven-inch display
appears to be floating. Its compact size fits
naturally on any surface. Two mics deliver far-field
voice recognition. And the ambient EQ light sensor
allows Hub to match the colors and lighting in any room. Plus, Hub has the Google
Assistant built in, which means you
can use your voice to get the best
of Google services you already know and love. That’s all of
YouTube, your commute from Google Maps, your
events from Google Calendar, reliving your memories
in Google Photos. Let’s be honest. The kitchen is all
about multitasking, which makes Hub the ultimate
companion while your hands are getting messy making
cookies in the kitchen. Hey Google, show me your
recipe for compost cookies. GOOGLE HUB: OK, here
are some recipes. ROSS TUCKER: And with
just one voice command, I can get started. Hey Google, start cooking. GOOGLE HUB: There
are 12 ingredients. You can ask for
the next ingredient or skip to the instructions. ROSS TUCKER: Say you get
a little stuck with one of the recipes along the way. No problem. You can get a helpful
video from YouTube. Just say, hey Google, show
me how to knead dough. GOOGLE HUB: Playing how
to knead dough on YouTube. SPEAKER: We’ll show you four
easy steps to knead dough by hand. ROSS TUCKER: You can
always see everything you’re doing on Hub in
one view when you go back to your home screen. Just say, hey Google, go home. And here, I can see my
actively running timers, any music I’m playing in the
background, or in one touch, get right back into my recipe. [DOORBELL RINGS] Who’s there? GOOGLE HUB: Mike is
at the front door. MIKE: Hey, Ross, you’re late
for the demo in the living room. Come on. Let’s go. ROSS TUCKER: Here
in the living room, we want to show you
how Hub can help you simplify your connected home. Today, the assistant works with
over 10,000 compatible devices from over 1,000 popular brands. With Home View on Hub,
you can see and control all of your devices
from one place. Just say, hey Google,
show me my Home View. GOOGLE HUB: OK. ROSS TUCKER: The
Home View dashboard can show you the status
of your home, the ability to view devices in each
room, and control the lights, pause the TV, adjust
thermostats, and monitor cameras. Say you want to
adjust the thermostat. Swipe down to get to Home View. Just tap here to
set the temperature. And adjust the slider to get
to the temperature you want. Say you’re having
friends over and you want to set the perfect mood. With the light
panel in Home View, you can adjust brightness
or select the perfect color right here. Check it out. Now that the vibe
is set, I’m going to get the party started
with one of my favorites. Hey Google, Play “Cold War” by
Cautious Clay on all speakers. GOOGLE HUB: All right,
“Cold War” from YouTube playing on all speakers. [MUSIC – CAUTIOUS CLAY, “COLD
WAR”] ROSS TUCKER: If you’re
like me, you probably take lots of photos on your phone. But there’s really no great
way to enjoy those photos on another screen. Hub works seamlessly
with Google Photos. And with a feature
called Recent Highlights, Hub will automatically select
your best and latest shots and show them on the screen
right when you get home. Thanks to the ambient
EQ light sensor, the colors of your
photos will automatically blend in with the
lighting and colors in any room in your home. Hub can also help you enjoy
your favorite entertainment when you’re unwinding in bed. Just say, hey Google, play
“Cobra Kai” from YouTube on the bedroom TV. GOOGLE HUB: OK,
playing “Cobra Kai” from YouTube on bedroom TV. ROSS TUCKER: And just like
that, one of my favorite YouTube originals is on my
bedroom TV hands-free. And when it’s time
to unwind for bed, Hub can take care
of multiple tasks and control all our your
devices in one voice command. Just say, hey
Google, good night. And Hub will help you set an
alarm, lock the front door, arm your Nest secure,
adjust the thermostat, and turn off the bedroom TV. It will even dim
the lights for you. And thanks to Hub’s
ambient EQ light sensor, Hub knows to dim
automatically so you won’t have another
glowing screen getting in the way of a
good night’s sleep. To learn more about Hub,
visit the Google Store.

100 thoughts on “Get to know Google Home Hub

  1. I personally think this is not unique enough to need a separate product. You can have google home and google assistant in your phone already, why do we need more devices?

  2. it's very buggy for just controlling the lights in my home, I don't see myself letting handle my locks or heating!

  3. Sounds so unnatural, you have to say "ok google" all the time, it is so annoying. It cannot recognize natural speech, you have to learn what to say like "go home" that's dumb. Technology should adjust to humans, humans should not adjust to technology. This is going to be a flop. Few people would want this.

  4. Google is spying on you you know what you you do sexually things and I know that I know it’s not true you you do you have

  5. They need to fix false triggering Google Home, and every command requiring an internet connection. I had music playing when our internet connection went out. I tried to stop the music but it required an internet connection :/
    I had to unplug her to get it to stop lol.

  6. Stuff like setting a timer shouldn't require to internet to do… If it does, i'm calling it a tethered home rather that a smart home.

  7. So how fast will updates be for countries outside the US? So far I've been disappointed how many features we're behind with or not getting for being in a different country with google home and mini, I sense this will be the same.

  8. When update Google assistant "tamil" language sir please answer me tha question sit please update tamil language imideatily sir..

  9. Hi Google, I've come here to tell you about a misunderstanding, so I hope you read this.
    My cousin has a father, which is my uncle.
    My uncle lets my cousin play on his phone, Hauwei P8 Lite.
    This morning my cousin asked me to help fix the phone becuase she she couldn't get into play store. She also said all the games in the phone were gone.
    I checked the and she said she didn't know my uncles Email. I told her that i will need my uncles email address to get access to play store, but she said my father never tells me his email!
    So i decided to login with my own email which I know in my head for now.
    I tried to login a few times but everytime I finished with the login and tapped next as the last step it kept saying login failed.
    I told my cousin that the login somehow keeps to feel even tho the email and password are right, not wrong and that my uncle needs to factory reset his phone to fix everything from the start.
    But then i went to get my tablet and i got THIS message from you:
    Wahide Eda, someone tried to login to your new Hauwei P8 Lite or something like that.
    I'm just trying to say, STOP with these 'security emails.' i DID NOT GET BUY A NEW PHONE. My parents only bought me a phone for my birthday last year which is the Sony Xperia XA1. I didn't get some new Hauwei phone. No one tried to 'break into' my account. Please stop sending me these emails. I know it's me.

  10. You don't even need a commercial for this, I'm getting it. Next time save me the 4:03 and say Google Home Hub, I'll figure the rest out. 😉

  11. Set up my home hub yesterday, it is pretty good, but I'm a bit disappointed that music alarms are not supported in Australia I have multiple Google minis and a home in my house and I've been able to get music alarms to work with them by changing the language to us in the home app settings however I have no idea how to do that with the home hub or even if that's possible Im hoping this will be fixed soon, as it shows on the hub screen what it can do, but not available in my region…lol

  12. I need a Go fun me app I got check last month now saying I do not have account now say I have more funding that came to Facebook at eighty I do not know to much They have all my Ingo Thanks

  13. everything looks great. I watched the video, I bought it, but it turned out that I spent the money in vain. a lot of things are not supported in my country. even the Google Hub cannot open my youtub to play videos or music. And nowhere can I find what to do. It remains only to use as a photo frame and clock. offensively

  14. I can't believe that GOOGLE published a video about the Google Assistant without suppressing the "Hey Google" wakeup phrase. It's beyond annoying. Watch some of the better 3rd party reviews and demos to see how this should be done.

  15. நல்லவர்கள் நாடாள்வார்கள்.
    நாடு சிறப்புடன் நிலையான ஆட்சி அமைய அனைவரும்
    இந்தியா இந்துக்களின் தேசம் என்ற ‌முழக்கங்களுடன் வாக்களிப்போம் தாமரைச் சின்னத்திற்கும் கூட்டணிக் கட்சிகளின் சின்னங்களுக்கும்.

    வாக்குறுதி ஏற்போம்
    வாழ்வில் வளம் பெறுவோம்.
    வாழ்க பாரதம்
    வளர்க நம் தமிழ் நாடு.
    அன்பே சிவம்
    குருவருள் சரணம்
    இனி இல்லை மரணம்.

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  17. Wait, turning off a TV?
    In my home Google Assistant just set the ambiant mode with photos on screen, how can I set her to turn it off?
    I have a Google Chromecast 2 on my TV.

  18. Damned annoying … can't concentrate on your video while I'm busy telling my google to shut up…..Just display "hey google" on the screen instead of speaking it.

  19. I'm a stay at home paraplegics meme. I love my grands + my great grands. I miss them all
    Also my kids, i guess they have
    a lot to do ! I would love a email /text from my friend's
    Some I haven't seen in 30yrs

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