3 thoughts on “General Assembly passes bill aimed at ending housing discrimination

  1. Umm, Credit Check. Under this law, a landlord could still decide that a tenant needs to have a certain credit score to rent from them, which would pretty much disqualify everyone who has a section 8 voucher. Who writes these laws, seriously.

  2. Democrats are going to run this state into the ground. No protection against squatters or property damage from non-paying tenants. Yeah you could sue, you're going to get a percentage of their nothing. Poverty is also the base of the majority of crime. So is that how this is going to work Virginia Democrats? Trump improves the economy so you use it as an excuse to screw it back up with ridiculous laws like this then blame it on Trump. Supporting the disabled and elderly is one thing but many of these vouchers are distributed to worthless people leeching off Society with a bunch of non-plan children and bad choices. Their life mistakes should be their problem and not made a burden to others.

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