100 thoughts on “Gary Clark Jr. Performs ‘This Land’

  1. Love his voice, his lyrics and the accompaniment. In fact love everything about. Want his album…Granny from Oz.

  2. Gcj is cool and all but his liberal cool is not reality to me…its sends the USA IN A POLITICAL TAILSPIN..ROCK ON GCJ…

  3. Amazing solo!! but I think GCJr made a mistake cutting or agreeing to cut the lyrics, I mean that´s the whole idea of a protest song

  4. Ofcourse… Mixing rap, wierd techno stuff, and political views all into one to try and get more popular. Think im done with Gary if he keeps on this direction. I thought he was better than that, more down to earth, but he just wants to get popular and push a completed, dead agenda.

  5. Colbert is a complete useless waste of space skin and blood. Cares more about the Hollywood money than his country. Piece of scrum. But live the music

  6. We are ALL children of the STARS. The same iron that is in our blood is the same iron that was in a star that exploded/complete supernova millions and billions of years ago. Think about that for a quick second. Thank you Gary Clark jr. And thank you Carl Sagan. Peace to all. Good music and Good Times cheers!!! 😎🍻🌠❇🌌

  7. All negative history aside. Without black people, America's food and music culture would suck.
    Have you ever been to New Orleans Louisiana!?

  8. Hell Yeah! Spread the love baby! Love the positivity! . Thanks Stephen again for being part of the problem vs the solution.

  9. Garbage solo, this is what happens when rock dissapears its return bring mediocre solos which appear good, always compare to hendrix, waste of money gary clarks guitar is

  10. Wow, that was a disappoint. So a fine musician like Gary Clark, creates a song that has to be one of the most affecting, powerful and angry middle fingers to racist white America recently. Then, when asked to perform it on mainstream late night TV promptly caves to the demands of the predominantly white corporate media to "yeah we'd like to have you on our show…but…um could you please not use the N or F word?" I don't know about anyone else but for me that was one of the most powerful moments in the song. It's the moment you think " boy, this guy means what he says and calls it out for what it is". Judging by his obvious capitulation to shamelessly promote sales of his new album over standing by his art or the possibility of offending the very people the song is aiming for, I have to think maybe he doesn't.

  11. Gary has gotten worse and worse. If you want a real savior of the blues, check Kingfish Ingram. Gary is an overproduced poseur.

  12. Fair warning: If you keep calling people racists and they keep trying to tell you that they aren't, don't be surprised if you instill anger in them. And when you do, and you blame it on racism, just remember that you are the one responsible for rampant "racism" in 2019.

    In short, quit being the problem.

  13. Will Gary house and feed and clothe a caravan of ILLEGAL INVADERS on his property ? HELL NO !! He just killed half his fan base by letting his politics invade his head and music.

  14. Fucking brilliant, Hendrix and Prince are smiling from Heaven. Hendrix for both the message and the guitar, Prince for the guitar

  15. Terrible, politics and music never work. Just let the music speak. The words of this song was the only reason he was a guest. I clicked on this cause I heard the song on Spotify. It sounded good. The guitar solos were in their, had a hip hop beat. Now I see him as a uninformed libtard, not a good guitar player ripping of Hendrix.

  16. Oprah before Trump was elected had him on and talked to him like he was just as normal as the rest of us. After the election results, he is racist!

    This is the same cognitive dissonance that has caused rampant division, if you knew the truth about both parties this song would have never been written or pandered to an agenda. It is and being a huge fan of the blues, this is outside of GCJR's comfort zone. Artist's always need to come from a place of constant creativity and I respect that, the blues is one form of music where pain is expressed no matter what the circumstances might be. I thought he would follow in the foot steps of being more like Joe Bonamassa and BB King instead of making a race baiting garbage song like this. This song is still good but the context and the media spin on it is all off, people have their parties mixed up and the lineage of history is more off base than it ever has been. I am just glad Joe stays away from this kind of subject matter because the blues is best enjoyed apolitical. Oh and #MAGA.

  17. I found this video days after I was saying it had been a while since a blues guitarist had gotten mainstream success. I hope it continues to grow for Mr. Clark. 🙂

  18. He's right as an original inhabitant of the American continent this land is his! He is American son so telling him to go back where he came from and he's already there and been there, foreigner.

  19. This song doesn't have near the same impact when it's stripped down like this. I'm bummed. Thank the tech gods for YouTube and no FCC for the interwebs.

  20. Bravo, Mr Clark ce message est tellement d'actualité chez vous aux USA. Bravo, Mr Clark , the message through this song is so currently what's happening in your country. Salem from France

  21. The Howard Stern version is so much better, not only bc uncensored but the sound quality is crazy and the solos are unreal

  22. As a white, I just have to shut my fuck up and listen this perfect song… facists should die slowly..

  23. Trump is a KKK card-carrying racist! Lets send him and his chain-migration wife back to where they come from–HELL!

  24. Because of this performance I became a huge fan. My daughter got me the CD as soon it was released and we just went to see him up in Santa Barbara CA a couple of days ago. Killer show. Rock on Gary. 🎸🎶

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