Furniture-free Extreme Minimalist Apartment Cleaning Routine

Furniture-free Extreme Minimalist Apartment Cleaning Routine

Hello, friends, this is Youheum. I’m an extreme minimalist practicing furniture-free living. Today I’ll be sharing my
apartment cleaning routine including surfaces, bathroom, dishes, and laundry.
I’ll also share my low-waste and sustainable cleaning tools including my
non-toxic all-purpose cleaning solution. In my space, I use these a zafu instead of
a couch. And I have a collapsible floor desk instead of a full writing desk.
Since I’m on the floor often practicing active sitting, meditating, eating on the
floor, and just chilling, I try to keep the floor clean as much as possible. Also
if you want to full tour of my furniture-free apartment, feel free to
check it out. I don’t own or use a vacuum cleaner but I have used it in the past.
I no longer have it since I gave it away and the reason why is because I do
enjoy cleaning in silence. This allows me to be mindful the practice of cleaning. Sometimes I notice that I’m just cleaning away without a single
distracting thought entering into my mind when I clean in silence. I also
think that my cat values quietness and calm vibes more than anyone in this
house. For me, I tend to go for collapsible and compact items,
this includes my cleaning tools for a floor cleaning. I have a simple
microfiber rag, a detachable quick loop mop, and a plant-based brush. I also have
a dustpan that comes in handy for cat litter. First thing I do is to sweep the
dust into the corner. Sometimes I skip this if I feel lazy. It is important
for me to keep up with my weekly cleaning schedule but it’s also good to
listen to my own level of comfort and my needs. So if I feel tired,
I don’t really force myself to clean. When all the sweeping is done, I use the
dustpan to collect everything. At the moment, these are being thrown out as
regular trash but feel free to share any sustainable methods with us because I’m
currently wondering if dust can actually be composted and if it’s okay to take it
to my community garden. After step one and two, I use my wet mop to go over the
floor once again. This collects all the dust that I missed
and I use my all-purpose cleaner while I go. I also make sure that there’s good
ventilation since I don’t really want my cat to be uncomfortable. I am aware that
some people, they love having the convenience of a vacuum or an efficient
chemical cleaner and that’s completely ok. I know that certain tools are
necessary especially if someone is physically limited in movement. So I’m
simply here to share what works for me in this present moment. I do spend more
time cleaning because I’m not relying on vacuum cleaners or other useful things. For me, cleaning is also a part of my mindfulness practice. I also like how I
can sneak in some natural movement like squatting and stretching while cleaning.
I have noticed that when I get close to the objects that I own, for instance, when
I get close to the floor, I notice all the patterns, spots, and marks. I
sometimes see what I often miss when I simply slow down and look closely at
what is already here. So cleaning definitely allows me to be more grateful
and more aware of what I own in my life. Also, be sure to share with me what
changes you made in your own cleaning routine or what changes do you hope to
make in order to align with minimalism and sustainability. Let us know in the
comments below. Some of you already know that I use my Scrubba bag and homemade laundry detergent for hand washing. I’ll leave a link in the descriptions for the
recipe if you missed it. I tend to do small batches of laundry with my
Scrubba but of course I use my apartment communal laundromat for large loads like my hammock bed, cotton throw, and area rugs. I do hand washing three to
four times a week for socks and undies. But for my outfits, I do it once a week. I
know that some of you asked me how clean it gets. So far I’m very satisfied
with my detergent and handwashing method. It does smell and feel fresh at
the end. I can also add some essential oil fabrics spay if I want.
I think the Austin heat and sun gets rid of the germs too. So I choose to do
laundry by hand mainly because I have a 15 item capsule wardrobe. I just
don’t have enough clothing to fit in the laundry
machine. I have to wash my clothes frequently. If you want, feel free to
check out my capsule wardrobe video. I will also be doing a step-by-step video on
how I fold my clothes compactly in the future. I’ve been using diluted vinegar
as a cleaner for many years. I love how simple, low-waste, and cost-effective it
is. It’s just filtered water and organic vinegar. I don’t put any essential oils
any more since it can be toxic to my cat. But if you don’t have a pet, feel free to
add a few drops in it. I don’t really think that the smell is too strong and
it goes away very quickly. So if you’re hesitant about that, it’s not too bad.
I’ll leave a link to my blog post with all the natural cleaning tools and also
this recipe so feel free to head over after watching this video if you want
the full list. I used the same solution and an organic bamboo rag for cleaning
other surfaces like the top of my mantle. But not on the marble counter top since
the vinegar can be too strong. So I’m currently just using water and a
bit of soap. Feel free to share any natural ways to clean marble tops. You
might have already guessed how much I love soap! I use a bar of soap for
everything including washing my dishes. I also have a crocheted hemp scrubber and a Japanese Tawashi scrubbing brush. This lasts very long, its plant-based, and it’s very durable. I’m enjoying it so far. My cultural
background definitely influenced my decision to become an extreme minimalist. This is mainly because most Korean people are used to sleeping on the
floor, sitting, and eating on the floor, also cleaning the floor by hand, and
doing small batches of laundry by hand. That’s why I’m open to other people’s
approach when it comes to lifestyle choices and their unique method of
maintaining their space. The bathroom is usually the last place I tackle since
this is my least favorite. I used the same all-purpose cleaner, a wooden
coconut fiber brush, and my silicone washing gloves. I found this after
searching for a reusable long-lasting dishwashing glove that doesn’t tear so
easily. For the tub, I’m using a short natural brush but the only downside to
wooden brushes is that it becomes moldy and it becomes discolored if it’s not
dried properly. So I recommend giving it plenty of sun after use. I do try my
best to align with my low-waste goals. That’s why I go for natural cleaning tools and try to be chemical-free as much as possible. But I know that it’s difficult
to be 100% sustainable within budget. So I simply focus on trying my best
without striving for perfectionism. I know that being organized and clean
might not matter for some people. That’s completely okay and I’m happy that
you are content with where you are. If cleanliness matters to you at this
moment in your life, I can completely relate. In the past, I thought that if I
can’t clean and live in an organized way that I am a bad and irresponsible person.
That’s why I hated a part of myself that allowed things to pile up. Now I
believe that cleaning is not really about removing bad things in order to
become the perfect minimalist adult. For me, it is about embracing all parts of
myself including my clutter, my messiness, and the distractions in my life. When
I am able to embrace all parts of myself I can see that cleaning is not really
about arriving at the ultimate cleanliness but it is about my own
process and my own folding. I think it only matters that I took some time in my
day to commit to this practice as much as I can with intention and
mindfulness. It really doesn’t matter what it looks like and it doesn’t matter
that my life is not perfectly organized in all aspects. I’m glad to share this
message with you. If you enjoy this video please like and subscribe to my channel.
Also, if you need more tips on getting unstuck with decluttering and organizing,
feel free to get started with my Minimalist Workbook. Thanks again for
being here my friends and I hope to see you again soon.

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