Fuji Q, Thomas Land, Ginza and More | Life in Japan Episode 29

Fuji Q, Thomas Land, Ginza and More | Life in Japan Episode 29

Oh! It’s so big! It’s coming down, it’s coming down! Ah! Are you guys ready? Fuji Q Highland. Some of the craziest roller coasters in Japan next to the craziest mountain in Japan. Does that look so cool? Yes?! Dude! What do you guys think? I wanted to go on it!
That’s crazy! I want to go over there Daddy!
OK, let’s go. Look at that! You gonna jump? Whew! There you go. Right off the “J.” OK keep walking on the blue line. I see Thomas Land entrance. Is that Thomas? Toot toot! Hello! Oh my! Alright, let’s go! Let’s go see more, huh? Look at that. It’s like a Thomas Wall you can ride, huH? Alright guys let’s go get in! We’re going to ride in Thomas, oh my goodness! OK, ready dude? Is this so exciting? Can you feel it?
I wish I could go fast, not slow. You wish we could go fast, not slow?
Yeah. We’re so high, Daddy!
We’re so high, look! Say “Hi!”
Hi! Whoa! Look at those swings that go so high in the sky! Oh my goodness. Sarah, how was it?
Good. OK, they’re getting on the ride. It’s a maze! Over here! Ready? We have to take it. Come Daddy, in there. Going up into the maze, higher, higher, higher. You found another red one?
Yeah, right here. Helicopter. Over here. So high. Oh! Goal! Ready? And… (Gong crash) It’s the biggest stamp yet! Ah, we gotta get the balloon! OK. Ok let’s go. Ok get up, get up. Whoa! It’s clear all around, isn’t it dude?
Yeah. I see a new roller coaster too!
You see the roller coaster too? Yes, we’re so high.
I can see our home over there. You can see our home?! Yea, so far!
Is it so far, dude? Are you scooting closer to Daddy? Ah! I see people, Daddy! Yea, I see them too, huh? Look! You can’t get any higher than this! Whoa! So cool! One time I got hurt and hurt my knee. Whoa! There’s the ladies, over there. How ’bout it Sarah? So fun? Yes! Fujiyama: King of Coasters! Sarah and I are about to do Fujiyama! It’s so big and so fast, right Sarah? Our first big roller coaster! What did you think?
I think it was amazing. We went on a huge one, huh? That was so cool. You were so brave! Tell Sarah, we’ll see ya’ later! Bye! Why not? Here’s my beautiful bike. My handles, my bell. What are we getting ready for here?
A photo shoot. A little photo shoot? There you go. Oh my goodness! Look at this! So these little babies and the teacher drive and they can go in here too, or in right here. Can I hear what you’ve been learning?
Right now? Good! OK, we’re going to ride our bikes. We got the training wheels off. Oh yes. Whoa, nice little ride! It’s time for bed. Give your mother a kiss. Oh, right here on the cheek. Your beard tickles so much! Oh, I made it from 7th to 2nd. Oh here I come! I’ll pass you! Ok! Today we get a special tour of Ginza with our good friends Ryoji and Miruka. If you’re watching subtitles in Japanese, he’s the reason why we can do that. Ryoji, what do we have here? What are we looking at? We have small Godzilla over there. Small Godzilla! Why is he here in Ginza? Because I think that is the movie office that is making Godzilla films. She’s enjoying coffee and scone while I enjoy Godzilla. Best coffee.
What?! In Hibiya.
Oh, ok. It’s a very intense lunch menu, but Ryoji did a good job ordering for us. It’s like either French or Katakana. So confusing. So our food has started to come and oh my goodness! It is a feast. A feast! So Ruth — that gets the approval right there? Yes. Here we go. Are you ready?
We’re home. We’re home, yea! Hi. It’s already, like, winter. It’s a lot warmer than winter.
Winter’s colder. That’s right.
Because you gotta have a long shirt… Maybe you gotta have like three layers. Winter is like…
cold… like you can’t take it. Yea — like “you can’t take it” kind of cold. Daddy, you’re cold, right? Am I cold?
Are you? Well, I’m chilly, but like I feel nice. No way!
What? Yes way. (Reading Japanese) Well hello. Where are we going? To Costco.
To Costco! Hey, how’s it going? Look who’s driving. Wait a second! Sarah’s driving! Do you feel safe with Sarah driving? Are you dancing and singing along? Yeah! Don’t put your feet on the DVD player, dude. Alright, were stocking up, huh? It’s the softest in the whole wide world. Ah!!
Oh my. Oh my goodness! It’s super big! I’ll put my hat on him.
You’re gonna put the hat on him? I don’t think it will fit, his head’s so big. So more of Ruth in her happy place: all the Christmas stuff. Look a train! Look! Awesome. Christmas night lights — it’s cute! Are you getting it for the girls’ room? I’m hot, Daddy. I’m hot.
You’re hot? OK, go like this, OK? OK, you gotta hold your breath like this. Hold it, and then blow it out. Whoa, you can see your breath dude! What’s that?
Those are real pumpkins. We’re on our way to our friend Hiroki’s guitar concert. Let’s go! OK, we found the place. Do you want me to negotiate with them?
That’s right! No that’s alright. Hiroki’s about to start. Thanks so much for watching! If you ever see us out and about, please introduce yourself to us. We’d love to get to know you… get a picture with you… just like we did with Kota, who came and visited us at Paz Church. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up. Please subscribe if you haven’t done so already… And until next time, we’ll see you on Life in Japan. Bye!

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  1. 待ってました(*^-^*)ところで、大阪のユニバーサルスタジオジャパンには来年「SUPER NINTENDO WORLD」が開業するので、ぜひぜひ行ってみてください(*'▽')めっちゃくちゃ楽しいはずです!!待ち遠しい!

  2. ベッカアナとサラジョシュアは行動が別々が増えたのかな?お年頃かな(笑)いつも笑顔にしてくれてありがとう👍

  3. 以前の動画でコメントした者です🙇‍♂️

  4. What a wholesome family.

    Maybe I missed it but I'd love to see/hear about how your family has integrated into the Japanese lifestyle/society.

  5. お勧めに出てきました!

  6. この家族ならどの国でも楽しんで暮らしていけそうだけど、日本に来てくれてありがとう😊いつも動画を観るのが楽しみです。

  7. You should make a video of your children speaking Japanese and translating it to English! It would be so cool to see!

  8. Just subscribed to your channel after lurking around your vids for a bit. I enjoy watching your family and love that you are sharing your journey with us as well. Keep up the good work and please do stay warm and healthy for the coming winter season.

  9. I really wanna go there but I live so far away. I'm in Gifu.

    Check my channel too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8NOGEdq43j721W-NZu7kPw

  10. 本当に楽しそうで家族思いなdaddy&Mammyだよね~👍️🐸子供達も無邪気な天使で可愛い過ぎる~(*≧з≦)日本の食文化、アニメ、ゲーム、温泉😌♨️🍶等々も楽しめます🐼🐸

  11. 毎回楽しんで見ています。子供達の順応性は凄いですね~~

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