100 thoughts on “Former FBI Agent on Why Kristin Smart Home Invasion Happened

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  2. So did the police arrest him or not?
    just by saying "by the advice of my attorney I am not going to answer your question" means he's guilty.

  3. The guy if he’s guilty he’s had 43years to dispose any evidence. If he doesn’t confess there’s no way they’ll find enough evidence to convict him

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  5. I hate when a crime happens like this it takes years for answers last person with her must be the criminal man! Investigations

  6. Why on Earth do criminals/suspects have the option to refuse answering? It's not the family's fault that the criminal doesn't want to show them their daughter.

  7. I used to live in San Luis Obispo. This was a big story. I’m glad it may be getting solved. I always heard that Paul Flores’ mother knows what happened to her. And many people think she’s buried in the moms backyard.

  8. Can you imagine that he got to have a normal life for about 20 years after the murder. That is only presuming he’s guilty. But… it seems only obvious that its him since he refused to answer questions and was a bit odd afterwards. Hopefully they find answers for the family.

  9. To think that that the renters of the home, heard the girls watch alarm going off every day for nearly a year at the exact same time, just so creepy, very Edgar Allen Poe. I cannot understand how police skipped the opportunity to dig there. The father put down two layers of concrete under, UNDER, a flower bed…. no one does this

  10. He killed her, but they're not going to find any evidence. They only way that he'll be found guilty for her murder is if he confesses, and he's never going to do that.

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