Finding Property Owner Information | Simon Zutshi

Finding Property Owner Information | Simon Zutshi

– How do I find property
owner information? That’s a question I am often asked and I’m going to answer in this video. So my name’s Simon Zutshi, I’m the author of “Property Magic,” the Amazon number one
property best-seller. I’m the founder of the
Property Investors Network, fifty meetings around the country, and I’ve been investing
in properties since 1995. Now, very often you might be out and about and you might see maybe
a derelict property or a property that’s been boarded up and think, “I wonder if
there’s an opportunity there?” And very often, there is an opportunity. So it’s important to be able to contact the owner to understand
what’s going on for them and are they maybe interested
in selling their property, or maybe even doing a joint venture? Maybe they’d love to develop it but they just don’t have any money. And maybe you can come in, you could get funding to come in, which means you’re using
none of your own money because they put the deal in, someone else puts the funding in, and you can profit from a deal without actually owning any property. Pretty cool strategy, right? So, it comes down to
finding the property owner. The first thing you do,
if you have the address, you can go onto Land Registry, you put the details in,
you pay three pounds, download the title deeds, and that will say who owns the property and the last registered
address for those people. Then send a letter to the owner. Now, don’t just send one letter. Send a campaign letter. Every couple of weeks
send them a new letter. Because they might not
get the first letter. Or maybe they’re
interested they just don’t get around to responding to you. So don’t just try once. You’ve got to be persistent. That’s the first way. The other thing is, if
there are neighbours, neighbouring properties,
go and knock on the door and say something like this, “Excuse me, I hope you don’t
mind me disturbing you, “I’ve noticed there’s
an empty (or derelict, “or boarded up) property next to you. “I know it doesn’t look very good. “I’d be interested in
maybe buying that property “and bringing it back to its former glory, “but to do that, I obviously
need to contact the owner. Would you happen to know
who the owner might be?” Now, if they’ve only recently moved in they may not know. If they’ve lived there a long time, or maybe they’re an older person, they might know everything
about the property, about the owner, and they might be able to help you to find that person. Because I’m sure they don’t really want to be living next to this derelict, or empty, or burned out property, and they’d be really interested in someone coming and
improving that property. Because that’s going to bring up the value of the whole area and the whole street. So it’s in their interest to help you. Many people are a bit nervous, they don’t want to go knock
on the door of a stranger. But, you know, you’ve got to go outside your comfort zone. And here’s the thing, if it’s really difficult
to find the owner, really difficult to track them down, what it means is most other investors will have given up long ago. If you’re persistent and find the owner, you got a pretty good chance of maybe securing a deal if you can come up with a win-win solution
that works for them. So, first we’re going to Land Registry. If that doesn’t show any results, go and look for local neighbours. Then also, not just the
ones immediately next to it, if you’re not finding people in, not getting results, knock around at all the other houses, to see if maybe there’s someone there who knows something about it. The third thing you can do, and this is a little bit drastic. But if the first two don’t give you the results you want… Something I’ve heard people do in the past is they put up a sign outside the house that says, “For Sale.” They put up a For Sale sign and they put their number on there as a contact number. And sure enough, whoever
owns that property will somehow hear, or see, there’s a For Sale sign
outside their property. They’ll call you up and say, “What the Hell is going on? “Why are you selling my property?” And then I’d apologise. I’d say, “Well, I’m really sorry. “I’ve tried to contact you. “I did this to get your
attention, obviously it’s worked. “I hope you’re not
offended but I just wanted “to contact you because I wanted to know “if maybe you’re interested
in selling your property “or renting it because I’d like to “maybe add some value to it and buy “that property if that’s
of interest to you.” So it’s all about getting their attention by either writing to
them from Land Registry, contacting neighbours,
or drastically putting up this For Sale sign to
see if they’re going to come back to you because
someone has tipped them off that some scallywag is trying
to sell their property. So, I do hope that’s been useful. By finding owners, putting
in a bit of effort, there is some great opportunities. The final thing I want
to leave with you is: How many times have
you maybe seen an empty or derelict property
close to where you live and you’ve often thought,
“Oh I wonder who owns that?” or “I wonder if somebody
could be done with that?” and you’ve done nothing about it? Then maybe six months later, suddenly scaffolding goes up, hoarding goes around it, and somebody is doing
something with that project. And they turn it into loads of flats, and they sell the flats, and they make lots of money. Well that could be you. All you have to do is take action, contact the owner, see if you can come up with an ethical win-win solution. So my name is Simon Zutshi. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I encourage you always
to invest with knowledge, invest with skill.

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  1. Hi Simon just reaching out for some advice and I'm not sure if you have an up to date video on my question.

    What areas best fit a low entry point property with a good ROI on the rent, Is there any particular areas which jump out at you for delivering a good ROI (constantly between 10-20% after due diligence)

    I've built up a £5k safety net, and now have built up £20k deposit to put into a buy to let, I'm obviously looking at the lower end of house prices and can't buy in my area as I'm from Oxfordshire, I should be able to this a couple of times a year but don't want to get too spread out to make viewings and getting to know an area better (including networking meetings) I'd use property management, I'm also happy with this strategy as it's a good balance for the time I want to put in, I don't want to go full time property at the moment but this is where I want to invest. If anyone in the chat also has any advice on a good area I'd love to hear it, thanks.

    I'd like to do some of your training but the course I looked into was for two people and I don't have anyone to do it with at the moment.

    I've also read your book and started attending the Oxford PIN meetings, very inspiring

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