Finally ~ Some Good News ~ Back Home In Texas

well everyone good morning I’m home well
this is my official home here in Livingston Texas here at escapees so had
some business to take care of and I am happy to report some good news finally as I was driving through East Texas
yesterday I got a an email with a scanned picture from escapees showing me
that my bank card had finally arrived and I have already picked that up today
so the other thing is today is it going to be a crazy day as I make a bunch of
changes and fix fix all these problems so that they don’t come back part of my
process is to change most of my automatic payments to be linked with my
account number and routing number instead of the bank card that I can’t
control and also I’ve got to sit down and change 16 other cards that I can’t
change you know because like YouTube and Netflix and stuff like that it has to be
done with a card with an expiration and stuff so I got to sit down and manually
change all those over today plus other mail that I got here was my 1099 from
PayPal and my 1099 from Google YouTube so I got my tax forms to be able to
start filing for my 2019 taxes I am gonna get started on those with TurboTax
I will not finish it in one day but it’ll feel good to get a jumpstart on
that today I do feel like it’s easiest just to stay one night here even though
I’m just passing through to collect my mail and get a couple things it’s just
it’s more convenient to book one night have the RV parked here so that I can
scoot on the motorcycle take care and just kind of relax and regroup I did do
a lot of driving in these last couple weeks I never have a problem getting a
campsite here either there they got a lot of sites here at
rainbows rainbows and area and this is where I’m at kinda in the woods kind of
big slot speed between me and the other RVs 22 bucks a night for full hookups
really ain’t that bad but as I hinted at I’m gonna have to come back here either
end of February or the 1st of March because I didn’t get everything I needed
you know I got to take care of registration and inspections I got to
get the motorcycle inspected and there’s a couple other funny things going on
that I’m gonna wait till I get them resolved I’m just laughing at it now but
doesn’t matter man as hard as you try sometimes things just don’t work out the
way you planned and I’m in a good mood about it it’s funny
gonna hang out in Texas and go explore some new stuff in Texas here but I want
to get a little bit of work done so let me log in about four hours here see how
far I can get with all my bank cards and taxes and stuff and then I’ll I’ll talk
to here in a bit I’ll show you something real quick here that I’m not too happy
about I had mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was looking forward to the new
Mickey jacket because I found my same extra-large version in a large version
and I ordered it because I’ve been shrinking in size and well it arrived
here in Livingston and not all jackets are created equal or taken care of the
same obviously so not sure how well the camera is going to pick this up this is
my extra-large Mickey jacket that I have taken care of really really well okay
and then here’s the one I just got on the right the white actually it’s not
really showing up I’m looking in the monitor but the white is very very
yellow and stained you know let’s see can you see the cuff okay so and it
doesn’t feel like us like a soft leather it feels like a very it’s just a much
different feel there’s a good shot you can see how yellow this is and I handed
the Mickey emblem right there is really dirty yeah I’m yeah dang it anyway nope
no biggie it’s it’s fine it’s it’s a cloudy and dreary here in Texas and also
a little bit chilly but it’s not freezing oh my goodness meow it’s not
freezing and it’s not snowing so you need to stretch your little cat paws out such a good boy good be found a box
Jack’s found a box we can do it that box I’m gonna sniff it and nuzzle it and
inspect it you know you know okay does it all check out I decided to take a
little break guys I’m actually gonna go up to the Walmart here in Livingston so
I’m gonna bundle up and put on some long pants
everything I gotta go get a few supplies I got to get some fresh chicken to do my
weekly prep meals and everything so I’m gonna go for a little ride and break up
the day I am done with all of my automatic payments and everything and I
started on my taxes what is it about that box I’m a funny boy so uh yeah
that’s if I see anything interesting along my ride I’ll share it with you
though yeah Brody even sniff huh is your mouth open what did you smell
what is it yeah there-there must have been this must have came from a cathouse
this Mickey jacket I got a backpack full of stuff I gotta get in the fridge soon
so I can’t be out here playing long but I did want to stop at this rest area
because like I said Texas is has that 24 hour overnight parking rule at all of
these so I’m scoping them out and if I like one particularly I’ll star it on
Google so that when I’m in this area I may be able to enjoy a little piece of
overnight parking also the other reason why I’m not getting rid of this extra
large Mickey jacket is because if I continue to lose weight see I’m wearing
a hoodie I’m wearing a thermal top a t-shirt a thermal top a hoodie and the
jacket and so it’s a little puffed up won’t be able to do that in a jacket
that’s too thin so I’ll definitely keep it but I probably won’t be keeping the
one I just got on eBay it’s just too grungy and dirty and smelly and I don’t
like it but I like using the bike to scope out either potential boondocking
spots or just to kind of get an idea so for this rest area I would pull in this
section I’m in right now and I would park the RV right there in those two
slots right there because it’s away from the trucks over there there’s no rules
here that say RVs can’t be over here I mean I can’t fit into single stalls like
this with the RV but there’s one spot like I said I’m gonna write that in the
notes there’s one spot for an RV away from the semis all right well we got a
head back though I did make a u-turn for this one guys because I thought
something like bad was happening and I was very very confused I’m very confused
about this house and what’s going on out the windows
are you confused like me what in the heck is that it looks like a weird
creature of sorts is sticking out of the side of the windows I am very confused
here it is private property I can’t go past the fence but I’m baffled oh my
gosh it’s the other side too this is as close as I can get to it I don’t know
what in the heck is supposed to be sticking out of the windows but I will
not be buying this house oh my gosh it’s loud by the highway all right we got to
get back on the road now it is loud around here well just got back to the RV
I’m gonna throw some laundry in there while I’m here and do all my bed sheets
and towels and big stuff and the floor mat and all that stuff gonna do that
here and then get back to working on my taxes I know that doesn’t sound like a
whole lot of fun but you know I might as well cuz I got I got a place to stay
it’s cloudy it’s cold outside tomorrow be a better day I stopped at a thrift
store there in Livingston and although they don’t have a cassette tape you know
place right there over by the DVDs I found two winners I got two cassettes
for toto two of them and they work great I’ve
already tested them inside they’re in really good condition ninety-nine cents
a piece what a steal right doing some construction over there also I get an
email up that knows through the app I got an app update from AMC you know my
AMC a list that allows me up to three movies a week that at AMC’s and I
believe me I get my buddies worth man I love seeing movies even if I don’t eat
popcorn at him anymore but something changed they sent sent me an email and
said hey we’re only gonna give you one theater now for the $20 price you get to
pick one theater in the country and that’s it
so I guess there’s my word of mouth it’s been getting a lot more popular now
travelers are we’re starting to do it more often and so they noticed that we
would go to the really good theaters you know like sometimes it’s a four or five
dollar ticket other times you know you go to Downtown Disney or Disney springs
and you know the IMAX or the Dolby can be over twenty dollars for one ticket so
you make that up no in just one ticket anyway they Jack the
price up $5 if you want to make it in an international a list so instead of 20
plus tax it’s now 25 plus tax and I’ve also heard rumors that that’s
gonna go up to normal 25 and 30 at some point here in 2020 so they must be
making some money but they’re also learning that you know we’re getting a
pretty good deal so I’m gonna continue it for at least a couple more months
possibly not into the summer time though I may drop it I mean it’s I can watch
movies on the RV with Jax and yeah gotta have my fake fire I can make it seem more real just add
some fake crackling sound in the background anyways guys back on the road tomorrow
start some new adventures here in Texas I hope you’re gonna be following with me
it’s gonna be a fun couple months together so anyway hope you guys have a
good one from Jax and I we will see you next time on the channel bye guys

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