Eye catching budget single story home for 15 lakh | Video tour

Hi welcome back to another budget home
video tour today we’re presenting an eye catching budget single-story home built
for 15 lakh the total area of this home is 980 square feet sit out has a good
space where a wooden chair is placed for seating the construction costs may vary
in other locations according to the availability of material and labor the
entrance of the sit out is given from the left side this home is located at
Carla sit out leads to living area where a cushioned sofa is arranged it is a
living come dining the main material of this house is flooring in marble walls
in laterite stone roofing in concrete the windows and doors are made in wood we have got a dining space here where
wooden table with chairs are placed this is the washing area where a small
and beautiful basin is placed with storage also a elegant fall ceiling are
provided exploring the stair we got a steel stair let us explore the first bedroom section we see a simple and spacious room with a
double card wardrobe is arranged opposite to the card also attached bathroom is available here checking the second bedroom we see the
same almost to the previous one here also a cot and wardrobe is arranged also attached bathroom is available moving on to kitchen we see a spacious
and neatly arranged kitchen with storage racks and shelf summarising this one we got a elegant
and budget single-story home in a trending design we hope you enjoyed the
video feel free to comment in the box your feedback and opinion about our
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