Escaping a ZOMBIE INFESTED Apartment Complex in Virtual Reality (Contagion VR: Outbreak)

Escaping a ZOMBIE INFESTED Apartment Complex in Virtual Reality (Contagion VR: Outbreak)

Gimme the remote, come on [TV]Breaking news: biotech has once again come under fire after failing to release a statement on what caused the explosion at their facilities [TV]It’s been a week since Dr. Miranda Faye who was heading up their research department was found dead in her downtown apartment… Where did their remote go? Oh [TV] After accusations were made that Biotech and Faye had been able to circumvent the es… Oh Uh.. Uh.. Uh.. [TV]The following message is transmitted at the request of the Roanoke State Police Department [TV] Civil Authorities have issued a warning for the following counties: [TV] Multnomah and Washington [TV] At 3:20PM reports from these counties have issued an outbreak of a highly contagious virus [TV]Some reports claim the outbreak started in the Multnomah and Washington County hospitals [TV]symptoms of this virus include loss of coordination confusion and eventually certainly death [TV]Reports have also claimed that those infected to have acted out in extremely violent behavior [TV] Citizens are advised to avoid anyone with these symptoms [TV] As a safety precaution, Nearby counties are advising citizens to stay in their homes until the situation is dealt with. Well I should call I should call Amanda and tell her that she should come up here. Oh Honey are you downstairs? Listen, I just had the news on and- I can’t make it back. They have the roads blocked off. What the hell is going on? What? You mean they blocked the entrance to the apartment? Yes! They’re redirecting everyone back to the main road. Said something about quarantine. What the hell’s going on? Quarantine? H-Hang on. Just wait for me, All right? I’m gonna grab my gun and I’ll be right down. Ah, shit. The bedroom door, it’s still locked. Oh, before I left I think Tony gave me the new key. I think I put it in one of the pockets on the bag on the couch Alright I’ll, I’ll be right down Yeah, bags on the couch I love you, too. Hurry! Okay, well We have a situation on our hands. Oh look at that. It’s a floating key A floating key for this probably. Bloop! Uh. Uh. Uhh Oh my god! Hold on hold on.Hold on hold on.
Grab the guitar.Grab the guitar. Th-The guitar is in the kitchen and I can’t move! Um. Why can’t you move? Tony? Listen, uh..There’s some crazy shit happenin’ right now man and uh.. We gotta get outta here. I’m comin’ in. No you’re not. No I’m not. No I’m not. No you’re not. Alright. Here’s what I’m gonna do.. Gonna grab the guitar Well great. Okay. I’m gonna grab the knife. Knife isn’t there. I’m gonna.. What? Where’s the knife? Where did you put the knife? Where did I put the knife? Where did..oh there’s the knife. Ok. Pick up the knife. Pick up Tony? Tony? Tony I’m not-I’m not messing around here Tony? Holy shit! Better grab something to defend myself with. Tony! Tony! Uhh. Tony! Where’s my knife? Where’s my knife? Where’s my knife?! Oh, look at the-look at the-on the bed. Look on the bed. Look on the bed. Oh no. Oh my god. Grab your-grab-get your gun Where’s the gun? I don’t friggin’ know. It’s your apartment. Where’s the gun? I need to turn on the light. Turn on the light. Lights don’t work. Hello? Yeah just [unintelligible] that whole entire bag you had Boy he has a Desert Eagle? He has a…. …bitchin’ gun. Do I?…. Ok..hold on. Oh shit! Reload! Oh how do I… Fuck. How do I… How do I take the mag out? Click Okay Okay, hold on. I think that guy.. Ohmagod That’s gone. It’s gone. It’s…I got it! He’s moving Stop moving! He’s armored, what are yo-boy. Stop Pick it up. Pick it- Oh. No. Ew! Ew Uh. Uh. Hold on. Put this.. Okay, he’s dead he’s dead I’ll take that Hey leave him alone. Oh, sorry Hold on. Gotta get the shot. Oh my god! Oh shit! Ohh Pump it Get away from me. Anyone else? Anyone else? You? You? Done Done. Hey you [gasps] ooh I’ll take that I’m trying Oh shit No This is not good! Get away. Get away! Get away! Get away! Get away!

100 thoughts on “Escaping a ZOMBIE INFESTED Apartment Complex in Virtual Reality (Contagion VR: Outbreak)

  1. If this was a real apocalypse I'd call you a legend. I wish I had the balls to casually walk up to a zombie and shoot him in the head XD

  2. Honestly, I think hearing the alert sound from the TV is the scariest part of the whole damn game. I'm not saying the rest isn't scary, but Jesus Christ, that warning is just the most ungodly sound I've ever heard in my life and it brings back a very child-like fear in me.

  3. I'm new to this channel but damnn!! The way this guy manages to handle stressful situations is really impressive!! I'm totally subscribing!

  4. Kinda cliche how alllllll the action starts occurring after the broadcast. It was perfectly normal with that news channel on

  5. if you find a assault rifle don't change it. in the demo there's a horde and you can just mow through them

  6. WHAT IF
    they re make this game, with better animations, better zombies, and a whole game like the walking dead or worldwarz with the options of vr or remote

  7. For home defense situations I’ve decided to not worry about capacity and just get a giant .44mag or .50ae hand cannon which is totally logical for a condo.

    We need to teach this man what a PCC is

  8. The moment that you realize that there's a baby bed in the bedroom and you don't know where the baby is

  9. 7:52
    GET AWAY FROM ME!! he moves closer to the zombie..
    Me: …100% IQ Right there, I mean you could've backed away.. 🤣🤣

  10. The scariest part was the taste of vomit in my mouth from the sporadic vr camera movement. It was real close but I pulled through.

  11. Nobody:

    MeLikeBigBoom: lemme just rip off MerpTV's thumbnail, but I'll make adjustments- no wait, I'll just copy the whole thing

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