Epic Home Haunts – Official Teaser Trailer

Epic Home Haunts – Official Teaser Trailer

Home Haunting um Oh my gosh it’s blinking again! [screaming] A Home Haunter it’s somebody who does a haunt out of their home. And they do it just simply for the love of doing it, they don’t make any money from it. They dont…ya know. We just simply do it for the love of it. We actually have adults that are brining their children that came to the haunt when they were children. I think often times if we can just inspire one person that’s going to come through here someday that’s going to say hey that was the coolest thing ever when I get a house of my own I’m going to do that!

8 thoughts on “Epic Home Haunts – Official Teaser Trailer

  1. Why would someone give this a ‘thumbs down’? All of the work these people put into their homes, to entertain… for FREE!? I’d give them more than a ‘thumbs up’. I’d give them a standing ovation! Now… can I come and visit? 🙏

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