[Eng Sub] Boy For Rent ผู้ชายให้เช่า | EP.4 [4/4]

[Eng Sub] Boy For Rent ผู้ชายให้เช่า | EP.4 [4/4]

Sorry, I’m late It took me forever to get Onnie drunk Tell me the plan. I’m ready. My plan is… You call and ask him to teach you guitar at the club’s room at night I will lock the door for you I’m sure this scene is perfect. Are you sure it’s a good idea? Of course! You will get to be alone with him all night. And maybe you guys might… Stop right there We might what? Don’t say it. I’m not ready Ready? If the situation gets carried away to the stage that… I’m not prepared. Can it be just a date? Smile, listen You rent me for only 10 days. It’s already hard enough to make it work in 10 days You are too afraid to do everything. I think your lifetime isn’t enough You have to choose. If you don’t do what I told, you cancel the rent I will do as you said. Thank you. Now it’s your time to request the songs you like. Liz, what song is it? Just play what we prepare for. Maybe Kyro can’t play this song The Best in The World. By Instinct? I can play this one. But… ♫ You know how lucky you are to have me? ♪ ♪ I can give you everything. No one can ever beat that. ♫ ♫ I just want to let you know so you will understand… ♪ ♪ How sad it will be to lose me… ♫ ♫ Who can be better than me in this world? ♪ ♪ Someone who loves you so much. ♫ ♫ I love you very much. ♪ ♪ No one can love you… ♫ ♫ Like I love you♪ We got good tips tonight. Thanks to you, Kyro. Your fangirls paid up a lot The customers like you. You do want to play with us regularly? I can? No! He has his own band. He can’t play with us. Are you keeping him to yourself? Are you crazy? Why would I keep him to myself? Go get your stuff. They’re a lot. Do you want to help me? Just go already! I played with your band tonight What about another 10 days? Just 9 days. I already rented you for today OK. Whatever you say. Are you going somewhere after this? We will have a drink together. He can’t. He has something to do. OK. I’m tired of chasing you already. Let’s get some drink. See you next time. Bye. Laters, baby. I can stay longer Your renting time is not over yet. It’s not about the time. I’m just being cautious. I don’t want them to know about you I’m your customer. You have to listen to me. Go home. Yes. Yes ma’am Sorry I talked to you like that. If you agree, you should text him now. OK. What should I type? Good evening, Kyro. Would you mind coming to see me in the club room, please? This is an old lady language. I’d be surprised if he came. I don’t know what to type It’s my first time doing this Leave it to me. What are you doing? Kyro, are you free tonight? I need to ask you a favor. Can you teach me something? What do you want me to teach you? Come meet me at the club’s room. And I’ll tell you. What time? See? He took the bait. How about 10? I need some time to prepare. You will be stunned when you see me Stunned my ass! I meant you will be impressed. I typed it wrong. See you, baby girl. See you, baby girl Yes. Kiss kiss… No kisses! It’s good that he agrees to come But look at the words you used. What will he think of me? It’s good. He will think you are mysterious. And sexy. You sure? If you used your old language You won’t get to even see his pretty thigh in your life But it sounded like… Like… Like I want to eat him so bad. Now that he agrees to come, I will go wait for him. Why so hurried? You have time. Prepare yourself first Prepare how? What else should I do? This. I prepare your outfit for you Go get changed. Outfit? Are you serious? Directed By Ekasit Trakoonkasemsuk I don’t know what happened But why didn’t you come clean with her that you are doing Boy For Rent I can’t! Do you think I want to do this freakin’ job? Then why are you doing it? I really want to see his face. What kind of guy he is to leave you here alone? Who the heck?!? Where is this place? Hua Hin. What? We should get wet for the good view’s sake

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  16. Why do I feel like I'm the only one who finds liz and kyros scenes more interesting then smile and badz

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  18. At first I came for Mond and Fon (BadzSmile) only and not into KyroLiz, cause I can't get their chemistry. But I begin to like them too, not a much as I love BadzSmile of course.

  19. Why everyone is talking about smile and badz Liz and kyro also have great chemistry I saw this series bcoz of him

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