[Eng Sub] Boy For Rent ผู้ชายให้เช่า | EP.12 [2/4] | ตอนจบ

[Eng Sub] Boy For Rent ผู้ชายให้เช่า | EP.12 [2/4] | ตอนจบ

I’m at the front now. Where are you? I’m here. You… I was jealous of Liz at first I thought she was so lucky to have such a hot boyfriend But turns out that you are just a boy for rent. Why did you rent me? No reason. I’m just having lunch with my old friends. My boyfriend isn’t available So, I rented you just to show my friends That’s all. Let’s go. I hope you won’t disappoint me, Top Boy Pour me the wine. Of course, dear. And give me some French fries, please What a hot and caring boyfriend Where did you find him? I rented him. I was just joking. We met at some social event. He was after me I told him to back off but he wouldn’t listen, right baby? You are this rich If I backed off, I would be very stupid. That was a joke You guys are fun. What a perfect match Baby, do you have any hot friends available? Can you introduce them to my single sister? The daughter of a mistress? Is she still working at night? Not just at night. I think she needs a day-time job as well. How come? She got kicked out of the house She didn’t just slap me but also fought with dad My family stops supporting her completely I still feel the pain on my cheek. She is lower class You should have kicked her out long time ago I feel sorry for her. It’d be great if she had some guy to take care of her You still want to help her after what she did? What a noble sis! I am always noble. Noble? All you did was snap at your sister. She didn’t even fight back. What are you saying? Liz never starts a fight. She slapped you because you started it, right? Let me guess. You called her a night working girl. A low class Why? Are you jealous? You are jealous because she has a job and can take care of herself All you do is ask daddy for money. How dare you? In case you didn’t now… I only take customers as I please. But I let you rent me because of your sister This is the money you paid Give it back to your daddy! That was another joke, right? He’s so funny. Are you still thinking about yesterday? I was just playing around. Badz didn’t do anything wrong I know but I just can’t stop thinking about it What are we going to do? Do you want me to talk to the creditor? Don’t worry. Talking to the creditor? Talking to the creditor. Why didn’t I think of it before? You are superb! Thank you best friend. I’ll take off now Jayden, I have to talk to you. What do you really want following me around? When will my brother pay off the debt? He’s been working for so long. This is the amount he has to pay. 500,000 baht? It doesn’t seem to decrease. Are you cheating? Cheating? Do you know that people have to pay interest too when they’re in debt? Everything is in the contract. I know that but you should compromise Compromise? You should blame your boyfriend for this. He’s the one who’s in this big debt. How’d Badz react if he knew that his innocent sister… Didn’t get into debt because of the renting cost? But she fell in love with the boy she rented and wanted to pay for his debt. Then she tricked her brother to pay the debt. Stop it! You find him a lot of jobs to do so we will get out of debt quickly. I’ll go now. Jayden Your client is waiting in the VIP room. Okay. That was close. All of this mess is because of Bonne? Act, have you waited long? Let’s eat. I’m hungry. So he’s Bonne’s boyfriend. About the contract, we still have a long way to go How much do we need? A lot. We haven’t paid off even half. What did your brother say? May I take your order? I am so sorry. Just water please. You talked to Jayden? Right! We owe him a large amount Badz has a girlfriend I want him to stop doing this I’m afraid he’ll have issues like he did with his ex-girlfriend Do you want me to go back to that place? That way I can pay for my debt. You can’t. You have to take care of your mom. She’s sick His mom is sick? Is he a good guy? You’re right. Thank you for understanding. The hospital just sent me a reminder. I have to go. I will take my mom to see a doc. Really? Okay you go now. Don’t keep her waiting. See you later. You smell good. He has a good reason. I will act like I don’t know anything. Isn’t your mom sick? You’re just a motopunk! You’re dead. Follow that punk please. I know everything What are you doing to my girlfriend? Now that you know, I can’t let you go. Finish him off!

100 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Boy For Rent ผู้ชายให้เช่า | EP.12 [2/4] | ตอนจบ

  1. What a naive, annoying girl badz sister.. I hate this type of character in tv sesries. It's always because of their stupidity if people get in trouble 😡

  2. 5:08 omg, my heart. I've never seen a more satisfying scene about a spoiled character! The way he threw that money she loves so much in her face and said to give it back to her dad…WOUAW.

  3. The sister needs to be slapped more and put in her place. I would be ashamed and disgusted to have her as my daughter. And Liz doesn't need a man to take care of her. A grown woman should be able to take care of themselves, which the sister clearly can't do. She's the low class one.

  4. Omg, both the sisters are stupid, conniving bees. One is jealous and mocks her indepedent sister. The other one tricked her caring brother to be a BFR to clear another rent boy's debt. Such selfish idiotic sisters.

  5. Really annoying when they insist on showing someone who's supposed to be hiding… It's not necessary, especially when it's so obvious – he'd have to be blind not to be able to see her! But on a good note, I've really missed Nut!

  6. Please release English Subtitles for part 3 and 4 thanks from Brazil. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Yo $500,000 baht is roughly $16,243.75 USD. What type of guy cost that much🙀???? Man I wish a sibling would owe that amount of money because of a guy!

  8. กูเขิลตอนสไมล์จูบแก้มออนนี่

  9. Y ella que no Confía en ese muchacho está hablando mentira y ella para que se pone zapatos y no sabe caminar con ellos

  10. Yes I'm loving how kyro treats Liz's sister shot she deserves to be great like that
    But the money face slap was too funny nice job kyro

  11. สะใจอีรัญหว่า 😄😄 โดนไคโรเอาเงินฟาดหน้า ———> นี่เงิน💵ค่าเช่าฉันเอาเงินไปคืนพ่อเธอซะ😁 (ทำดีมากพี่ไคโร👍)

  12. อีบอลเน่อีน้องเลวก่อปัญหาให้แบดซ์พี่ชายตัวเองอีกจะใช้หนี้ให้แฟนแต่ดันหลอกพี่ชายตัวเองมาใช้หนี้แทนให้แต่ดันโดนแฟนเหี้ยมันหลอกเอาสมน้ำหน้าแล้วมึงอีเน่รักแฟนมากกว่าพี่ชายตัวเอง

  13. หู๊ยยยยโดนผู้เอาเงินฟาดหน้า!! สะใจอิเจ้าขายิ่งนัก555555

  14. ชอบตอนที่ไคโร​บอกอี่มันว่านี้เงีนที่เธอเช่าฉันเอาไปคืนพ่อเธอ

  15. โอ้ยยย_ไคโร เอาเงินฟาดหน้าอีริณ
    #กูถูกใจสิ่งนี้ (รักไคโร จุ๊บๆ555)

  16. 5:08 evil sis, friend next to her ain't shit for laughing. Lmao, like we can cause no one like her and it was funny but geez

  17. ถ้ากุเป็นไคโรกุจะเอาไม้เบสบอลยัดไห้พรุนไปเลย

  18. นี้เงินค่าเช่าฉัน เอาไปคืน พ่ออออเธอด้วย😂

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