EMPTY APARTMENT TOUR! (aka where i hide bodies)

hey welcome to LA yesterday I was gonna tell my voice I’m still dead and so today I’m Bobby find an empty apartment or because I move first if we’re dead bodies for us don’t so here is the first boss says that he lost our dead bodies I just stole them and I keep all the shoes there cuz I like the laundry room we have both a dryer and washer form I made a cake my sister to do my laundry let me sarcastic yeah I’m gonna store my suitcases here we just killed a spider I’m like terrified and our laundry stuff will be here the like chicks up it’s what am i handing into come to be weightless john-boy so welcome here’s the favorite part in the house catch as no snacks in it right now because I’m on a diet right now here’s the freezer I’m on a diet right now psych only take in my protein shakes bag free protein shakes there you go that’s cool right here’s the bottom there’s a lot of food in here I just like having gone through to sorted out yet so we’ll do that in another day when Patricia gets here am i made i am really some o when i’m ready soon oh you better write that maintenance thing there’s a dishwasher open click it um growing up Asian we don’t use dishwashers so this will be a journey these are more comments do you have a trash one there are like a lot of drawers in this kitchen so we’ve got a sorry Patricia here is my place convenient Oh delight all the things here because um we’re currently moving okay if you didn’t know this the oven you know I like to like focusing okay now it’s not the main focus of this apartment that really Linda was your boob you need new names the blue flame is over there whistle real fight fight is that real wood that’s where this is very I would know just turn on all right dude but this one will burn out so this one will burn you turn the gas on and then you get to turn that on it looks really good on your filming he leaned closer as he could outrun the backyard we have a lot of greenery cuz this is Michigan so if you don’t have a lot of you got close up there yeah [Music] cuz I’m really tired from LA I had like three hours of sleep every night yeah what are these shell water storage space here so I’m gonna definitely use this unroll and look at the Jordan a little bit so I’m definitely gonna come in here and start on my skincare Mel’s in it but the one thing I don’t like what this place so far is that they’re spiders this older and the second the second thing is that like you know lighting here is on yellow and I want to change it up I don’t know how so like dr. Patricia dude this is my room welcome to my room it’s pretty small but you know it’s just living in yourself my closets pretty small too as you can tell don’t mind this yet it’s just some stuff I have I’m still gonna organize my business it’s so small I mean wait I might sound ungrateful yeah I mean at least I would cause that I can use right mm-hmm this is where I like to the boys open all another future this place that I really liked with these pan old windows so it’s up try panel rifles their kids name and we’re surrounded by trees he can’t relate then there’s too bad this is a place I’m still gonna have people check for spiders yeah it’s really yellow see this is a pelham I need like I just wanna come changed out or something or whatever your shower is nice yeah you could sit did it come off you guys can almost make sure the white trash cans on my bathroom and this is the merit ready break so I can check my office pressure and I love this medicine cabinet right here which I woke up yeah and you’re back in my brother but like it’s really tall for me and it’s like kind of like a changing utilize that but I’ll put some spinach in there and that means you don’t need another bathroom yes I do and I need your closet that’s my bathroom okay no we don’t have no less Turtles like we should be your bridge I wanted to be in for dinner but Noel is not to get a key because we don’t watch TV but then my family it was morning love watch sports here yeah so we might get a TV just for that sound Nicholas Lester hi where is Nick please this is what I do to my nieces and nephews there make them come and clean this chest right back out the kitchen is really pretty to do this I hope seriously because I was just joking half the time and joke like this all the time and sign them at energies like down there talk to you right now anyways you want me to do a more in-depth apartment tour what everything’s furnished or like a room tour bathroom toured all stuff and then I will do that what everything is so yeah you guys can join in and make sure to LIKE this video if you guys want more if you guys want moving vlogs we do check out my quilting blood right there it’s called its fading because it’s writing but it’s a day so check out my moving blog and I will see you guys I [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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