Dubai Real Estate: Property visa in Dubai. Investor`s visa.

Hi guys, my name is Denis, and I’m real estate agent in Dubai I received quite a lot of questions regarding the Investor visa and today I was in the land department, and I just came from there. I got some updated information about it and in this video I will share it with you. Well, first of all, one of the main requirements is that you need to invest 1 million or above in the property in Dubai and we’re talking about dirhams. It can be one property or it can be several proprty but the total amount of money that you invested should be 1 million or above. This is for an option when you have a mortgage on the property, but there is one condition. The bank should provide a letter to the land department that stage that you have paid fifty percent of the amount of the property already and after that even if you have a mortgage you can apply for the Investor visa. The fees for the Investor visa is somewhere around 12,000 dirham and they will open it for you for two years and once these two years period expires you need to apply for the renewal and renewal fee will be somewhere out 2,000 dirham. In case if you want to apply for the visa for your wife like to open a husband visa you can do so and it will cost you 5,000 dirham and renewal fee will be the same and as well you’ll have to put 3,000 dirham as a security deposit when you’re applying for the Husband’s visa. All this process will take you somewhere around one month and you need to bring with you your passport, the title deed your current visa and the statement from the police station. All these documents you need to come to the land department. In the description I will leave the number of the person, the direct number of the person who is in charge of the visas in the land department and If you want to clarify something you can give him a call directly and he will guide you through this process. On this I believe that’s it. I hope you get some useful information for you. And please, leave a like under this video. It is very important for me. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to answer them. Have a nice day! All the best! Goodbye.

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