Donald Trump Shows Why Presidents Shouldn’t Be Part Of Real Estate Deals | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Donald Trump Shows Why Presidents Shouldn’t Be Part Of Real Estate Deals | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Shows Why Presidents Shouldn’t Be Part Of Real Estate Deals | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. How about Sarah Sanders as our next President in 2024 with a VP of Sean Hannity? Then doom for Rachael hahahahhahahahha Trump 2020

  2. For the Democrats the game is over. This includes CNN and open borders.
    We have been watching.
    We are one.
    We are Q.

  3. Do I hear a threat? Is Trump threatening the country with a stock market crash? = is he going to have the stock market hacked = somehow I sense an echo of "Russia if you're listening." Coerce has been his weapon many times. Threaten the enemy or else = Trump, and the mob for that matter.

  4. Why does anyone listen to this lady,she is always wrong she makes promises that never happen because she knows they are fake,she feeds on Trump haters to keep her ratings but they keep dropping,maybe because people are starting to catch on.


  6. Was his primary residence? If not, considered an investment property, do you not have ‘capital gains tax’?

  7. msnbc…lady can u please turn ur volume lower. and that laughs sounds like a barking puppy. thank u because my ears r very sensitive.

  8. People with BIG money should never lead a country. The people will always be beneath them in stature and prestige. For them people are just tools and nothing else.

  9. I used to be a fan of Maddow, but I am finding her constant false information so annoying. The Indonesian election was a couple of months ago and the next is in 5 years. Do you really have to change details ALL of the time to make your story more dramatic? It makes you untrustworthy. I am now a HUGE Maddow skeptic instead of a fan. You know how easy it is to look that fact up.

  10. Rachel go to any California property title company and get a property profile of that address.
    You make it sound like no one can see the truth, when all they have to do is know where to look.
    But of course if they looked for themselves, you would be out of a job.

  11. 7 MLLIION IN 2008 TO 13 MILLON. THAT'S ONLY MAKING 6 MILLION IN 11 YEARS ( FOR 2008 – 2019 ).

  12. don't play games!!! assessment is always lower than Appraisal, and you know it. my home assesses for 60k appraises for 80k. I really lost respect for this trickery even though trump was wrong.

  13. Trump talk about the white house before he move into it, it wasn't up to him standad ? no gold toilet seat.

  14. One disgusting biais woman or man i don't know. The problème for all is that Trump is a billionaire and it frustrates many. The jealous crowd should work harder and stop waisting our time sharing stupide news. Terrible TV presenter, should change jobs. More Fake Newssssssssss

  15. He should stick to taking bribe , and selling state secrets to our enemies like the Demo rats…how dare him.

  16. I haven't ever witnessed this much malice and ignorance in my 62 years. This guy has risked everything to take on the ubiquitous corruption that are modern day American politics. He is the only president since Kennedy that's worked for the citizens. Obama sold us all out and tryed to set the table for Hillary to finish off the job. 16 year plan. Why do you think they were so careless, and remember what Hillary said to her team election night…if he wins, we all hang…These people are going down in flames…I guess if you would like to make the whole country like California…then the Dem's are your best bet…WAKEUP/PUSHBACK/MAGA 💎

  17. I can't believe it. Trump actually made money at something? That's really unexpected news.

    Of course it's illegal, but he made money, that's something right?

  18. Thankfully the Presidency was NOT handed over to ignorance, corruption, racism, bigotry, and incompetence—Hillary LOST. Strangely enough, Hillary was right: Love did trump hate that night, and it was wonderful!

  19. I am a Veteran, and when I first joined the military there was 2 superpowers…Russia has changed, but they haven't changed that much, and accepting help from any nation much less Russia is offering up your office to a quid pro quo situation, yeah it's not just a sexual harassment thing, and I don't hear a single republican scream about the president…to defend our constitution, to defend our nation, but today our country is for sale.
    Our President's influence is for sale.
    Donald Trump has and still is only interested in himself, "the Swamp" has gotten more swamp like with him there…"Oppo research" everyone does it in Washington, but draining the swamp means not doing what they do in washington, but in Trumps case it is win at any cost, never appear to be a loser, and hide your losses, hide your failures, hide at all cost things that you think make you look like you failed. And yes he continues to attack our Nation's very core and the Republican party, Reagan's party, the party of Lincoln, the party that fought to keep the Nation together.

    It is now the Party that is so corrupt it is tearing our nation apart.

    You all must realize the Steele Dossier was done by an American company that was hired to do the research, and was hired to look into ties between Trump and Russia, and was turned into the FBI, and was initially started by a Republican before it approached the DNC for further funding. I mean it is a Red Herring, an excuse to say they did it too, but they didn't, because it was all turned into the FBI,given ample opportunity to have a grand jury or a special prosecutor to convene and has even less grounds to be prosecuted on than what the Trump campaign did, and yet we still here about what Hillary's campaign did and yet they deflect…Trump's organization tries to still deny their campaigns tie ins to the Russians, but all of his political associates that should have known better than to do what they did are on their way to prison or already in prison.And he put everyone on notice he would do it all again, So great I gave my body and would have given my life for this to be the norm…this is atrocious behavior, oh and I used to be a Republican, but they have completely lost me. I am an independent that will vote entirely Democrat and tell all my friends why I am doing it. Do I agree with what Hillary and the DNC did, no, but Trump lies, he obstructs he obfuscates and at the end of the day he flaunts his distaste for our country's rule of law traditions, and will never admit his campaign did something wrong…Harry Truman said the buck stops here, and Ronald Reagan believed in it…I'm just aware that there is no longer any Reagan Republicans left, no one to try to shrink the government and nobody to fight for the Constitution except Amash who is going to be drummed out of office for holding a criminal accountable.


  21. She is full of partisan crap. According to Forbes from February, the house value was estimated between 11 and 15 million dollars. The estimated value was determined from 5 different local real estate experts in Los Angeles. The assessment value does not always accurately reflect the potential sale value.

  22. The Maddow cult followers spend their days raging and soiling themselves—such a pathetic, sad sack bunch.


  24. This is false reporting, The real estate market has gone up a ton over the last 12 years in Beverly hills, Don't listen to her

  25. 135 million in singular donations from Russian companies another 2.3 billion over the foundations life 3% given to charities. That's 97% going to private running costs and dossier conjuring. I love the puppet. So funny to watch and point at the lies. Takes only 3 min to fact ✔ and shake your head at the delusions. This is not journalism. It's a never ending propaganda. Moo

  26. ..what a fkn dingbat…that's some hard hitting news. is Roger Madcows only subject Trump?…more Trumpy-puffs please!

  27. This is why we need to see trump's taxes! We need to know his business interests or we will never know how badly we've been played!

  28. Another impeachable Offense…even to a foreign & white criminal activity .and the co equal branch's do nothing

  29. I love how Rachel takes a fact (Trump sold a property) and then conflates that fact to mean a foreign power has paid a kick-back in exchange for influence with the president. This is why half of America thinks Trump is a crook….Not because he is, but because of this web of lies that Rachel and co. Insist on weaving out of nothing. And you people…her audience, are the victims of lies and innuendo presented as fact.

  30. Stop reminiscing! Nowadays, the leader of the "Free World" is Angela Merkel. Duh! With the poor leadership qualifications demonstrated by this republican presidency, it's no surprise that the USA has zero standing in the international political community. Except in third-world-countries controlled by despots, tyrants, dictators or oligarchs.

  31. Anyone is going to pay more money for a property that they can say was owned by the current president. And if the president actually lived there, even better & more expensive. Oh & SHUT UP RACHEL!

  32. Billy Joel sold his motorcycle for multiple times it's worth, simply because it was, "previously owned by…," or, "so and so's FAVORITE motorcycle," bragging rights and future investment…that's all it is.

  33. Corruption at every level. The working class does not stand a chance while we have these kinds of crooked "leaders".

  34. Let's think.
    What other properties in the neighborhood could the buyer obtain for the same amount of money?  
    What does CELEBRITY add to the value? (There are many comparable sales, even in that neighborhood, so the percentage is known).
    What does PRESIDENTIAL ASSOCIATION add to the value? (Richard Nixon's San Clemente property & Ronald Reagan's Pacific Palisades property can be compared).
    If the buyer had no purpose at all for paying double the assessment, and the comparable "bump" for celebrity and presidential association doesn't account for it, then it stinks.  

    If Donald Trump responds to questions with "well I owned it, so it has great association", then comparable data might easily show that's not true.
    Alternatively, if this Indonesian billionaire is throwing money around, then maybe other buyers are getting "great deals" as well. Hmmm…

  35. I would think that the Indonesian fellow purchased the property with money from someone else – it is a 'gift' to trump from someone other than the Indonesian. He is just the 'pass-through'.

  36. (B)Mitch mcConnell's wife has got China in the white house. Her dirty back deals are being signed with her daddy's shipping company…cocaine anyone? AND the swamp turtle is in bed with Russian oligarchs to get his Kentucky aluminum plant $200 million worth. He voted against keeping foreign powers out of our elections. Washington's dirtiest couple. Trump=Treason

  37. She was picked in when she was growing up..your bitterness shows…put some new batteries in it..hook yourself up before you go work..

  38. And you did not even know then that in a few days huckabee sanders would be campaigning on stage for t. in Florida!

  39. Assessed value is almost always lower than actual value. My home was appraised at $145,000 in 2017 but the tax assessment is $125,000. So there's that


  41. Gees what difference between get paid during or after… Bush, Bush, Obama and Clinton all had many multiple million dollar paid dinners all over the world with foreign donors and multinationals lol.

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