Donald Trump just sold off a real estate asset in mysterious fashion

[Music] last week the New York Attorney General announced that she was hitting Donald Trump with millions of dollars in fines over his abuse of the Trump foundation nonprofit charity this included 2.8 million dollars in restitution and another five point six million dollars in penalties at the time Palmer report pointed out that because Trump runs a debt-based cash poor business model he might have to sell off assets just to pay the fines particularly if they kept piling up it turns out we may or may not have been onto something dot today it’s being reported that Donald Trump sold one of his New York City condos back on March 8th Forbes is hitting on two key suspicious points first the buyer appears to have used a series of shell corporations to try to hide his or her real identity second the buyer appears to have paid Trump far more than market value these are both matters of concern but what caught our eye is the specific dollar amount two point nine million dollars sound familiar that’s right just one week before it was announced that Donald Trump was getting hit with a $2 eight million fine he sold off a property for 2.9 million dollars which was conveniently just enough to cover the cost of the fine is this merely an interesting coincidence or is Trump indeed selling off assets in order to get enough cash to pay his fines Trump was also hit with the separate 5.6 million dollar fine in addition to the 2.8 million dollar fine but he sold the property before the fines were publicly announced it’s possible he knew the $2 eight million restitution charge was coming and he wanted to generate enough cash to cover it but he didn’t know the extra $5 six million charge was coming dot of course Donald Trump will likely try to fight these fines in court if the courts rule against him and he doesn’t have the cash on hand to pay the fines New York State could decide to seize some of his assets in order to make up for it so yeah Trump could be trying to get out ahead of this or it could simply be a coincidence that he found some shady buyer to pay him an overinflated two dollars nine million just as he was finding himself on the hook for 2.8 million dollars

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