Do Real Estate Agents Have To Tell Buyers A House Is Haunted? | Don’t Be Dumb

Do Real Estate Agents Have To Tell Buyers A House Is Haunted? | Don’t Be Dumb

(electronic music) (high pitched shout) – Hey and welcome to Don’t Be Dumb. I’m Josh Clark. Thank you for joining me. Have you ever heard that
if you’re buying a house that’s supposedly haunted or where a murder or a suicide or a murder suicide took place that the realtor has to tell you about it? That depends on where you live. See, a house where something violent like a violent death has occurred, is what’s called a stigmatized property. And they can be a lot harder to sell than a non-stigmatized property. In fact, one study found
that stigmatized properties take as much as 50% longer to sell and sell for as much 35% less than non-stigmatized properties. But that’s a bargain for you. Some states say that
realtors have to disclose a stigmatized property’s stigma, while other states don’t. It all comes down to
state’s interpretation of what’s called a material fact. See, material fact is information about a house that would impact a person’s decision to buy it or not. Like the material fact
that the house is built on a toxic waste dump. Or the material fact that the house used to be a crack house and the new owners can expect drug addicts to show up at their door
wanting to smoke crack. Those are material facts. But not all states agree that rumors of a haunting
or a house’s history as the setting for a murder suicide constitutes a material fact. In some states, a
realtor does have to tell a potential buyer about
something like that. For example, in California, if a violent death took place in a house within the last three years, the realtor has to tell you. But in other states, they
don’t have to tell you jack. But even in states where you don’t legally have to disclose a stigmatized property’s
haunted house jam, you can still be sued by a buyer who finds out afterwards and is none too happy. So most realtors suggest that
you air on the side of caution and just get it out there. So the next time somebody says to you, “Hey, you better disclose the fact “that your house is
haunted when you sell it “or else you’ll go to jail.” You set ’em straight and
tell ’em Josh sent you. Thank you for joining me. Do you have a suggestion for
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  1. Hey Josh.

    I recently discovered the SYSK podcast and I am in fact addicted. Coincidentally, I just listened to the "Why you can't kick SYSK" episode. Yeah, I went into the archive and started from the very beginning. I listen to it all day whilst I work, and sometimes right before sleep. I'm late to the game but I'll be getting the TV show episodes soon. 

    Keep up the excellent work, as its currently my favorite thing on youtube and in the world. Never let this die.

  2. Since it is the Lunar New Year, you should do a video about whether it is true or not that hospitals and ERs are more busy & the police arrest people more during full moons…  I'm a time traveler and the future Josh sent me to suggest this to set the present Josh straight.

  3. My house had a triple murder-suicide,
    Got it at a fantastic price! 
    My family and I are happy, 
    It's not so bad, 
    Once you get used to the screaming…

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