Denver Real Estate Market | Colorado Real Estate

Denver Real Estate Market | Colorado Real Estate

What’s up friends! Welcome to this week’s
edition of Tuesdays with Taylor. Today I’m going to be talking about what we
can expect in the summer months for our real estate market, that’s coming up
right after this. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Taylor Osieczanek, I’m a Colorado native and now I’m a Colorado real estate agent with Keller
Williams Preferred Realty. It’s important to understand what our real estate
market is doing, whether you’re buying or selling or if you just want to know
what’s going on with the local market, so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about
today. So one of the most important things to understand about our market is
that our biggest month of the year is actually in May and that’s how it’s been
for the past six years. So, a lot of times when things start slowing down a little
bit here in the next month or two people will think it’s a bubble but
that’s not what’s going on. What’s actually happening is this: With our real
estate market being as hot as it is buyers know that they need to get out
early if they’re gonna find a place so they’ve been out looking for the past
few months and a lot of those people have found the right place and
they’ve bought it. Others buyers tend to get worn out by this time of year,
they’ve been looking at houses every weekend or during the week. They put in
offers they haven’t got the place that they wanted and they’re basically
pulling back and just saying we’re gonna wait and we’re gonna wait till next year
or maybe even further down the line. And consequently we have sellers who have
been waiting for the winter to end, for kids to get out of school to put their
houses on the market. So come June what actually is happenings is our buyer pool
shrinks while our inventory increases, so we’re seeing less demand but more
inventory, so prices tend to drop or at least not go up as fast as they’ve been
going up in the past. So now the big thing is what does this mean to you! Well,
if you’re a buyer it means now is a great time to be getting out there with
increased inventory and decreased demand. It’s a great time to find that house
that you’ve been after. And on a personal note, I think it’s a lot more fun to look
at houses when the weather’s great outside as opposed to doing so
in the winter when you’re having to trudge through snow and ice. But, what if
you’re looking to sell your house, what does this market mean to you? Well it
means that pricing your house correctly is more important now than ever. With
prices not going up as fast and with the decreased buyers out there, if you over-price, you’re gonna end up chasing the market down down down and costing you tens of thousands of dollars. I feel that one of the best strategies this time of
year and in the current market we’re in is if you’ve gone either 15 days on the
market or you’ve had 15 showings and you haven’t had an offer it means you need
to reduce your price. And it’s important that you make a big enough decrease in
your price the first time so again you’re not doing the thing where you’re
chasing the market down, down, down and losing money. When it comes to pricing
your home correctly I’m a firm believer that pricing it as close as you can to
what it’s actually worth is the best strategy, but if you are gonna error, I
think it’s always best to error by under pricing as opposed to over-pricing which
will almost always cost you money. So, I hope all that information helps you
understand what’s going to be taking place in our real estate market in the
next couple months. As always if you’ve got any questions please reach out to me
I’d love to help answer them for you. Once again my name is Taylor Osieczanek, I’m a Colorado native and now a Colorado real estate agent. If you’re watching
this on YouTube make sure to subscribe down below so you never miss an episode of Tuesdays with Taylor if you’re seeing this on Facebook check out my business
page where I have updates throughout the week of different stories that are
important to you as Colorado residents. Thanks as always for watching and as we
say at the end of every week’s episode, “Be good out there, and if you can’t be
good, be careful!”

13 thoughts on “Denver Real Estate Market | Colorado Real Estate

  1. Very informative! I would have thought the market in CO would be hot through the summer, but now I know!

  2. So interesting, Taylor! We will see things start to slow down shortly too. It's so funny to hear you say that it's nicer to go see homes in the summer. Here, it gets so hot that only the really motivated buyers are out there. Nothing like showing a vacant home in 110 degree weather that has the AC off 😂☀

  3. Interesting that May is your biggest month. May is strong for closings here and the time when buyer activity slows do to school being out, summer vacations, and the heat. Great info.

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