Dallas Real Estate Market Update | January 2019 | Update_001

Dallas Real Estate Market Update | January 2019 | Update_001

– Hey y’all. I’m Josh. – I’m Shonnie. – We’re about to give you the quickest five minute market update in all of Dallas. It’s right now. (upbeat music) – What’s up. It’s ‘right now’ time, and we’re about to give you
the five minute jam packed market update in under five minutes. – That’s right. – And I’m Josh. – And I’m Shonnie. – And if you’re ready go
ahead and say ‘yes’ right now. (typing) Type it in, type it in.
(tapping on microphone) – Yep, ‘like’ this post. (both laughing) – Alright, here we go. In 2018 of December, right you guys had had 269 properties that went on the market, alright (can opens) They went active. Active listings, 269 active
listings on the market in the month of December 2018 alright, in the month of December 2018. Now of those, you had a
median price of $349,000 (can opening) entry price per square foot
of $197 per square foot. Again, that’s $197 per
square foot based off of the active listings in December. – Well, we took a whopper of a jump going in to January because the number of active
listings more than doubled. It is 726 active listings (can opening) that are currently on
the market right now. – Come now. – That is a ton of inventory, let me just say. Like, wow. My mind is blown. The average price per square foot (can opening) is $216 per square foot
for these listings. And the average sales price is (can opening) $660,000 right now, you guys. Like, huge jumps from
December, right Josh? – Yeah, I mean that’s
a 37 percent increase from December to January. It’s pretty staggering. People are feeling it
going in to the New Years, they had something to drink, and they’re feeling really good. So, of those active listings in December, how many of them went pending? Well, that leads us to
the next number of 111. 111 (can opening) pending properties in
the month of December. Now the interesting point, so we started out at the entry
point at $500 to six dollars average price point you listed your house. By the time you got to the pending point, you were at $420,000 in pending status. That means that there was
some negotiations going on. There was some haggling. There was some new haggling and I’m interested to see what happened in the month of January 2019? – Oh there was some haggling, you guys There was some definite haggling. So pending properties for January, (can opening) 323 pending properties, okay? But watch this. Watch the jump from the
active sales price to what the pending average sales price is. So the pending average
sales price went to 353. (can opening) $353,000, the average
pending sales price, okay? And the average price per square foot, (can opening) went down to 162. So, that tells you there
were lots of negotiations going on because that’s
a very stark difference from what the active
average list price was and what the active price
per square foot was. So I think that’s really interesting. – Yeah, that’s an 84 percent difference. – Holy smokes. – Realtors, you better step your game up. (both laughing) – Shonnie and I, by the way, we average a hundred and
two percent asking price, so the odds are pretty good in your favor – Yeah – When you’re working with us. – Yeah, seriously. Alright, let’s check out what sold. I wonder if this trend’s gonna continue. – Okay, so 683 (can opening) properties were actually sold in the month of December here in Dallas. And that was on a
current price of $311,000 with average days on market (can opening) of 51 days in the month of December. Now, interestingly enough, we
need to see what’s happening in today’s market for
the month of January. – Alright guys, this Dallas market’s doing some funky things, let
me just put that out there. So, we have got (can opening) 330 sold properties in the
month of January, okay? And of those 330 sold properties, the average sales price was (can opening) $358,000, okay? So that’s a little bit of an increase from the pending average. And then the price per
square foot for these was $158 a square foot. So that went down a little bit more, kept on going down. And the average percentage
that a seller sold their property for in
comparison to the list price was 96 percent. So sellers are still
selling their properties for 96 percent of the list price. Which, even though we
saw all these decreases over the active to the
pending to the sold, the big picture is, sellers are still getting
basically what they want in January for their house. They’re getting 96 percent
of their original ask price. – [Josh] Yeah, so I guess
that wraps it up, right? – [Shonnie] I think so. – [Josh] I appreciate you tuning in. Shonnie, do you appreciate them tuning in? – [Shonnie] I definitely
appreciate you guys tuning in. – [Josh} If you guys
appreciate this feedback on the Dallas market, if you do, say yes right now. – [Shonnie] Say yes. – [Josh] Say ‘wow face!’ – [Josh] Yeah! – Alright, y’all, I’m Josh. – And I’m Shonnie. – [Josh] Thanks for tuning
in and if you want more say ‘yes, more’ right now
for the month of February. – [Shonnie] Or call us! – [Josh] Or call … But wait, how? – [Shonnie} They can
call me: (972)765-6095. Remember guys, we love you. Real stuff, no fluff. (cheerful music)

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  1. Nice vid! I'm glad to see more local CO real estate vids getting uploaded to YouTube! Thanks for sharing. 😀

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