Curb Appeal Tips From the Property Brothers – HGTV

[music playing] There is no point
renovating the inside of a house to the
nines if buyers are going to drive right by
it because the exterior is an eyesore. This is the buyer’s
first impression. You have to make a good
one, and that will determine whether they’re going to
drive right by or stop and investigate further. Landscaping can be
really expensive, but there’s a lot of
ways that you can amp up your curb appeal without
spending a fortune on hard and softscapes. The easiest thing
is just clean it up. Having a
well-maintained exterior shows pride of ownership,
and that’s invaluable. And it’s as easy as just
trimming back shrubs, adding a coat of paint where
needed, and just adding some color and
interest through plants and outdoor features. The front of my
house was pretty drab. Basically one color, with
a neglected landscape. Nothing about the house hinted
at the style and sophistication of the inside. I needed to give the
exterior a facelift and decided to add
contrasting colors to show interest and depth. And as far as landscaping goes,
I chose a nontraditional desert scape, using native plants
and stone contouring to add that visual interest. Most buyers don’t
like yard work, so using these rocks and
low-maintenance plants, it’s perfect for this property. The exterior of the original
bungalow was uninspiring, and those two overgrown
cypresses were not helping with the cub appeal. I wanted the landscaping
to be reflective of the era of the home, so I did a
lot of geometric plantings and added an
architectural feature just to break up that front facade. But the front door, and that
pop of color, I’m telling you, that is the cherry on top
of this mid-century pie.

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