Creating an Unbreakable Bond | A Single Dad | Justin Yoder | Utah Realtor

My own Not even them Have you ever seen green kill Zola? So when I first became single jet was young, you know, five six years old. I started selling homes about ten years ago and Daycares don’t work at night. And so He would have to come with me. I Definitely had a lot of guilt of is this the right career is this? doing the right thing for him, but it’s what I’m good at and So I just kept pushing and pushing. So here we are inside Four bedroom three and a half bathroom Am I gonna flip around and yes, I have a selfie stick and it’s awesome One thing that’s been tough is finding out how to trust somebody again My wife had a couple surgeries and the doctors prescribed pain pills and eventually she was hooked on him She was healthy and happy when we got married and then totally turned into a different person Learning about addiction was the total iOpener and For about three years. I tried to help her and we had Rules like hey, you can’t go here. How can I help you? And it was kind of like I was the warden When we got divorced I sent her through rehab Hoping that she would come out the other side and and finally be a positive thing in my son’s life Unfortunately, she Still struggles with it And she’s been out of his life completely For four years stay hi jack you like The hardest thing is trying to figure out how to juggle everything like how I work and Have a career and still be there for him and trying to figure out the balance of Of what I want in life and what I want to give him in life it’s the daily thing that I You know, I feel like I’m working too much and so I’ll pull back and I’ll spend time with him. I kind of refocus on what’s important I Got some really good advice that I just always go back to and because I’m so hard that I want to be perfect I want to do this perfect gonna make the best dinner for him. I want to help him with his homework I want to make sure his hair’s always combed and all these things But so this parent told me, you know, I was breaking down with her and then said hey I can’t do this on my own like what am I gonna do and she says did he eat dinner? And I was like, yeah, and she’s like he still have a roof over his head. I said well, of course She’s like some days that’s good enough And I still go back to that some days you just Make it through the day I think okay tomorrow I’m gonna I’m gonna go that extra mile As a guy a lot of men aren’t that nurturing? Were that top? Hey, they pulled on you like get up and You’re all right I’ve really had to work on bring that level up of Snuggling him and comforting him. We all just want to get validated and Have a hug, you know For as long as he wants and everything else can wait

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