Cold Calling Motivated Sellers LIVE | Wholesaling Real Estate

Cold Calling Motivated Sellers LIVE | Wholesaling Real Estate

What’s going on guys it’s ya man Ed Hayes The Wholesale Coach and in this video I’m gonna give you all a little bit of an update on what’s going on with the Amazon FBA retail arbitrage business and You’re gonna get a chance to listen to some live Calls that I’m about to make to some motivated sellers out in my area guys if you pumped for this content go ahead and hit that like button now and subscribe to the channel if you new guys let’s get all right guys, so We actually we finished up our package guys. I was gonna record the actual process of me Putting our products online on the Amazon site But we had some technical issues going on at that time So I wasn’t able to do that though guys, you all can see that we’re waiting. We’re not waiting We’re about to go across the street and drop off our package. They actually had to split our package up into three Separate shipments guys, so it’s a little bit of a failure. We got attached to one the Shipping fees. We got taxed nearly twenty bucks on the shipping fees and Those books that I showed you all That should have been eight dollars profit apiece turns out that they were about four dollars profit apiece But I’m still not complaining about that 400 percent. ROI can’t complain But I just wanted to give you all an update before we actually go into this store guys So you all would know what’s going on here. We’ve got all three packages In the box, we’re gonna have them set it up We should just be dropping it off and walking right on out of here. Got a package. Yeah Just waiting to get across the street now there’s a little beautiful daughter Alright guys So we just went and dropped off that package Real quick. It was nice and smooth. We just had To drop it there. They just asked if we had the shipping label We told them yes, and it was like, okay, I’ll take care of this and you’re good to go like all right now So that’s just as easy as that guys. You just got to go there and Just drop it off, it’s nice and quick guys. It’s like Well, most of the time we spent in there we’re waiting in line. But yeah, nice guys nice and smooth and we’re off I’ll let you know how the end results work out guys if you interested and more of this Amazon FBA content guys where we go through We hit the dollar stores you know any clearance racks and stuff like that and go resell our Stuff for more money on Amazon guys, go ahead and drop a like on this video and subscribe to the channel guys let’s get Okay – I was late l Whatever Hello, is there a Rick there? Okay, sorry, oh Hi, this is Edward Hayes calling again about your property that is located on 53 47 North Troy, I was just interested in making you an offer on the property I believe that you had like a for rent sign outside I’m a real estate investor in the area and I’m actually looking for a few properties in this area So if you can give me a call back, I would really really appreciate it. Our phone number is 708 Hi, is this Marco? Yeah. Hey Mark. I was calling about your your property over on 3615 North Campbell, I Had pulled past it recently and I was just trying to see if you would be interested in getting an offer on it You say you don’t hmm, I Wonder if you like do you have any other properties that you’re interested in trying to sell right now? I’m a local real estate investor Actually, I’m looking for some properties in the area Wow, yeah, I did some skip tracing to try to see who the owner was and your name came up. Yeah Okay, okay well sorry about that but yeah, definitely I would highly recommend you check that out Yeah, does that mean I’d be the only person calling you, you know That is so strange Hello, my name is Edward Hayes I was calling because I’m a local real estate Investor and I rode past your property and I was interested in trying to make you an offer on it I wanted to see if you were interested in selling Just a little bit on poco so I’m I rode past your property , uh your house Tu Casa. I wanted to see if you wanted to sell it No, you say no, oh you don’t understand AFUERRRRTAAA! Afuerta para tu casa? Por tu casa para tu casa at uh 5347 North Troy. Yes. Yo quiero afuerta para tu casa For like dinero in cash You Say how much like you say how much I’m just I want to come see it first if possible, possibly Okay, hold on one second Then are they like a sin I I want to try to purchase your house.. oh So what I’m trying to say is that quiero comprar a tu casa Do you own a house in Irving Park in Spanish eres dueno de una casa de Irving Park? No Okay, okay well guys then I must have the wrong phone number sorry. Thank you Good ol’ Spanish. She like no no Oh, you know what I may have the wrong phone number hello Alright, this is Edward Hayes I was calling because I was just trying to see if you would be willing and willing to get an offer on your property I was interested in purchasing it Alright guys, so as you just saw the calls didn’t go exactly how we planned on them going guys, but it’s all good We still out here grinding y’all. We not playing no games. We got some deals in the pipeline right now We got a couple more deals Just recently came up from a former client who wants to sell us two properties for thirty thousand less than what his original Price was so that’s a plus we’re gonna do some more Driving four dollars on ourselves go around get some more of these vacant and distressed properties around here Reach out to those sellers. We only got a small Sampling of the actual vacant properties in the area this time, so just got a new set of leaves So we got some more leads from my system AutoGrow You could check that out with the link down below, but we just got some more leads hopefully we’re gonna get something cracking with those guys and Yeah, so we’ve got a ton of them and we’re just gonna start plugging away at those phone numbers I’m not gonna spend too much a hostile So on your videos of me calling people But I will make sure that I’m recording when I am on the phone with a live motivated seller so you all can Hear that and actually benefit from me being on the phone and you can hear how that conversation works Okay guys. The wholesaling mastermind group starts today guys If you’re watching this video on November 7 check it out guys Click the link down below if you want to get into the whole seller mastermind group We’re gonna have whole sellers from all across the nation. What getting deals closed? Making money out here in the field coming into the group. You can ask questions Comment get around other wholesalers who are actually in the industry and and start getting these deals closed guys So I look forward to seeing you in the group if you checking this out I hope this content helped you out a ton And if you did go ahead and hit that like button and subscribe to the channel guys and until next time You

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  1. I love doing these videos for you guys. Comment and let me know what you want me to make a video on next!!

  2. Lol she said" l dont own a home in any park" here you go for next time.
    Señora, me interesaba hacer una oferta en efectivo en su casa ubicada en( insert address)

  3. This video convinced me that when you account for labor, time, and money, that buying traffic on Google is by far the "cheapest" way to get quality deals.

  4. Omg this is the best cold calling video on youtube right now lol it's just like that too. That's why I'm learning spanish now. You should hire someone who speaks spanish to help converse don't miss out on those deals. You are great thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Omg this video made my night. The ambition!! I love it. I loved how you worked that Spanish 📞. First video I've seen of you and I enjoyed it. Subscribed!

  6. I liked this vid the minute you started cold calling and got a gang of dubs lol cause that's really how it be. It's cool though, all i need is one yes.

  7. Definitely can relate to the wrong number/ non working # . Sometimes you just have to keep dialing and dialing & keep that positive mindset 24/7 💯

  8. If your successful doing real estate then why do retail arbitrage. That's counter intuitive, your going backwards, you should put more time into the real estate op

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