Chinese Street Food Near My Apartment in Chengdu, China | Bedspread Noodles and Hand made Dumplings!

– So check this out, it’s Trevor James, and today I’m in the outskirts of Chengdu near my new apartment, a place that I wanna take you to here when you come visit me on Couchsurfing, little local market. We’re gonna go for a walk
around, see what we can find. Let’s take a look. (slow techno music) – Handmade dumpling skins here. Fresh shar. These are the fresh Chao Shou she makes by hand every day here. Pork filling. (speaks in foreign language) Oh, yeah, look at that. We’re gonna see what
else we can find here. So you can bring these home and boil them, and you have to add chili oil. If you wanna come visit me, I’ll take you to one of these markets, we’ll have a good time, but please make sure
you’ve got your flights and your visas and all your
travel arrangements first before you make a request,
and then I’ll check it. Ting Ting might be helping
read some of the messages and reply, ’cause I’ve
been overwhelmed lately. I really wanna meet all of you, though. Look at that chili oil. Okay, we’re gonna learn to do it. – (laughs) Mine is not very
pretty compared to hers. But I will be learning how to do this at Sichuan Culinary School
over the next couple of years. – Oh, it’s plump, look at that, it’s oily and filled with
a soft, gooey filling. I’ve never tried this
before, look at that. That is really good. Mm. – Oh, yeah, look at that. There’s a nice sticky rice,
thick layer of sticky rice in the inside, we gotta
go a little deeper, but I can taste sesame and
peanuts and sugar in that. Mmm. That is magical. (laughs) Look at that. That is so good. That peanut sesame filling is
like gooey and soft and sweet, and this sticky rice layer is a real, real soft and heavenly texture with the nice crispy
golden sesame texture skin on the outside. So one of the fun things
we can do together when you come visit from Couchsurfing, we can explore for food
together like this. – Look at these big, wide noodles. So these are, this is pu
gai mian, like bed noodles, and they make these by hand. You’ve basically got
these huge noodle sheets that they boil for you in a Big pork bone broth. In a big pork bone soup. Whoa, look at those big noodle beds. MSG right on there. Green onions. Look at this. So, look, you’ve got all this
zha jiang, that is like– (speaks in foreign language) This is zha jiang, that’s like the mixed
pork sauce, ground pork. Mmm, look at that big noodle bed. Mm, mm. That’s okay. This one is quite average. Mm. It tastes like an earthy,
slightly salty bowl of these big noodle pians, noodle beds. That’s okay. You can come up, we can rent a bike, we can come up to this
peach blossoms area, enjoy the natural scenery. It’s about a 30 minute
bike ride up the hill. The entrance to this road is 10 minutes from my new apartment. You gotta come Couchsurf
with me, send me a request. I really believe in Couchsurfing, it’s one of the best things for travelers. You can meet people
from all over the world and have great experiences like this. So thank you so much for watching
my food and travel videos, just had a wonderful ride up into the peach blossoms here, just a 10 minute ride
from my house up the hill. It’s completely beautiful. I wanna invite you here, I
want you to stay at my place, I wanna meet people
from all over the world, and that’s what Couchsurfing is about. So, read my Couchsurfing
profile for more inforamtion about how you can make the request. Please read that, okay? ‘Cause it has some instructions
about what you need to do before making that request, okay? Thanks a lot, guys, beautiful up here.

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