Cheapest way of Getting a Property and Land in Thailand Video 60

Cheapest way of Getting a Property and Land in Thailand Video 60

hello everyone again Simon here lots of
new subscribers Wow thank you you’re welcome to the channel I hope these
videos maybe saved you a penny on some of the ideas and things I’ve talked
about today I want to talk about is it some possible to buy some cheap land and
build erect a cheap house what’s the cheapest way of getting into Thailand
and owning some some property their condos are obviously the first thing
people think about because as a foreigner you can own them it’s not just
hard to get one but I have a did a bit of research and I’ve done a couple of
vlogs earlier on about property in Thailand and the mistakes I’ve made now
with the information I’ve got now and my trips to Thailand I realized that there
is a cheaper way of getting a property now in Thailand land when you buy land
its measured in what they call right which I believe is 400 square meters and
the Thais call it 400 square Dara meter now and they call it one right if I’m
right two-and-a-half why is an acre if
somebody’s knows exactly if you can put me straight in the comments but one rye
is enough to probably build four houses on you know it’s quite forward to square
metres a lot or two big houses now the price is around Thailand very
dramatically depending on how far away from electric water you are if you’re in
the mountains up north in Isan or Chiang Mai you absolutely
I’ve believe you can get one ray of land so four hundred square meters for less
than a thousand pound it’s $1,200 Pecha boom north-east
definitely in that area away from civilization it’s even lower 500-pound
$600 for a riot land further safety go the process change
in my village 8 which is our side the Bangkok it’s about eight thousand paying
for a ride next to a road and if you come away from the road a few hundred
meters probably drops to like five thousand pound six thousand dollars now
if you were to get a piece of land building a house it it can be quite
expensive it can be cheap if you don’t do what I did find a company to do it a
million bar so twenty five thousand pounds 30 thousand dollars you can build
a three-bedroom house but I thought many times when I’ve been driving around
Thailand on the side of the road you see these wooden Chalet site houses and some
of them are very grand three 4-bedroom big wooden log cabins on stilts a lot of
the time built up in the air and these are companies that build these chalets
stroke cabin houses for you and these are just they’re just ones there on the
side of the road a sort of show homes now I’ve done a bit of research I put
some picks you up in a minute the small one-bedroom Chalet which is just one
bedroom open plan a little bit of a range with a veranda a deck area and a
bathroom sort of shower toilet you can get those for two hundred thousand bars
and if I see them at 170 I would put some webpages up but they’re all in Thai
and you I can’t read Thai but you can do a search on the internet
for these wooden slide pages that 170,000 but upwards for a little so
that’s about 4000 pounds so put the two together four grams 5,000 pounds and
let’s say you spend 8 for some land in nice area less than 15,000 pounds you’ve
got the comes will come along build the wooden house on your land you hook it up
to the electric water if it’s a night if you’ve got it in that area all the
paperwork yeah less than 15 grand I reckon you could get a small wooden
house on some land which is cheap in this day and age really is and it’s a
good starting point if you bought a little bit of land put one of these on
in the corner of the land you can always build your own house on that same land
later on or you could use it as a holiday home and even rented 8 so 15
grand I think you should get your money back quite quickly Ren’s me she went
somewhere like Chara save the Bangkok near Hua Hin they’re still land upon
towards the mountains there I’ve seen four six seven thousand pound ten
minutes from the beach I think if we go a bit further down the coast from Barry
and this may be even cheaper condos they seem to start with a million baths you
know 25,000 pound you’ve got the upkeep of them in our maintenance and all the
rest of it so better lounge wooden house 15 grand
sounds attractive and I think that is the cheapest way of getting onto getting
a piece of getting property Ibiza land in Thailand you have to either marry at
our national put the land in their name but hasten your name get a yellow book
or you’d have to set the company up I’ve also mentioned how to do
there’s been a gray area yeah it’s doable it is doable I think it’s great
15 grand what do you think is that have any of
you guys who are living that is a lamb near YouTube for sale and have you seen
some of these wooden Charlie buildings on the side of the road you’ve got some
up-to-date prices maybe some pictures could drop across so in the comments
below that’d be great anyway so that was my
source of getting the property getting on the ladder in Thailand
maybe a hold of their home for the cheapest possible way I’ll catch you on
me a boyfriend I’ll catch you on the neck that video bye for now

67 thoughts on “Cheapest way of Getting a Property and Land in Thailand Video 60

  1. In a previous vlog you mentioned your wife is now a British citizen , So who owns the land your house is built on ?

  2. Another option for farang with or without a wife is the 30 year lease with a 30 year option, 30+30 lease.
    Need a Lawyer to make it watertight, but basically the land is secured and you can build on it, never get evicted.
    Who's going to be alive in 60 years, lol. I don't know anyone gone this way, but it seems legit.

  3. Hi Simon. 1 Rai is 1600m2, 40mx40m…..You were almost spot on about the 2 and a half Rai to an Acre though. And no I didn't know, I googled it.

  4. Hi Simon, a very informative vlog, I paid 1500 Pounds for my 4 Rai which we built our home, a bore hole for water cost us 1000 pounds and solar power around 800 pounds, all in all cheap as chips if you plan it right. When are you moving here full time? GT

  5. Definitely an option if you can put it somewhere on the land that you can rent it out later when you move to something more permanent as not a long term solution.

  6. I am just going to marry into the land and house my girlfriend has.My money will be use to fix it up to western standard.I may lose in the end but life and marriage is a gamble.

  7. My understanding is that if you set up a company, you have to employ 4 or more Thai people. I can't imagine that those small wooden houses have any kind of kitchen or much in the way of toilet facilities.

  8. We paid £12.000 for our house and land which has 2 bedrooms. 3 toilets. living room and a kitchen + a small garden. in Wang Pho. Kanchanaburi

  9. How strange, just been to Chiang Rai to look at land that we could put one of these wooden houses on. 4 Rai and 1 bed 1 living room and balcony 600,000 baht. Problem was the land was to far from the road so we decided not to go ahead. Only thing I would say is be careful where you buy a wooden house from many of them use mixed wood so the Termites will have a feast on your house! Another great vlog Simon.

  10. I think I'm just going to always rent. that way if I get tired of the place I can just move and get a new lease somewhere else. I don't want to get stuck in one place by owning a property. you can typically find a two bedroom house for about 6000 a month. I know a lot of people want to own land but I just don't see any value in it. but it was a nice video and very informational.

  11. In December 2016, we visited a friend's new house out in the boonies about 20-30 minute drive south west of Chiang Mai Airport (maybe just inside Hang Dong District). The adjoining field was 2.5 Rai for 3 million Baht. We visited Lampang 2 months ago, new 2 story houses were 3 million Baht and new single story houses were 2 million Baht. We visited Lamphun a few weeks ago, to see my stepkids new house building project (they build houses as a business). It was a large 6 bedroom 2 story house for about 3 million Baht. I do not know the cost of the land. We are 1 year in a new 4 bedroom 2 story townhouse near Chiang Mai Airport Plaza Mall which was 3.1 million Baht and maybe another 500-600k Baht to finish and furnish the inside. Note: generally when buying a new house in Thailand, the inside is usually left up to the buyer to do alone, meaning there will be no window screens, drapes, cabinets, closets, kitchen or hot water heater in shower/bath. Nothing like taking a quick Navy cold shower in winter, lol.

  12. simon,, what is this yellow book,, have never heard of it,, i know the land has to be in her name,, but my lady says my name can be on the paper for the house but under her's ,, so to me it seems like she is the main house holder as well,,, Please can you do a vlog and explain about the yellow book if you have one,, and how to get it,, Thanks,,, Sean,,

  13. Thank you for the excellent Thailand videos. I watched the one about Bar Girls Point System and was hooked. I watched them all. I am grateful for the insights you provided on so many subjects.

  14. i though you cant own land unless you put it in your wifes name , you could rent land for up to 30 years

  15. I have lived in Thailand 18 years, I bought land in my wife's name and have a 30 +30 year lease on the land I had a house built and the house is solely in my name she owns the land I own the house, this is the easiest and safest way to own your own house and live in Thailand.. renting a property is just dead money..

  16. Simon, I like your videos, very informative. Last October when King no 9 died I was with my fiancee in Thailand. The army had set up road checks and when we were stopped she produced 2 ID cards. The normal blue one and a gold one. We were waived straight through every road block. Who is entitled to the gold ID card as I could not get an proper explanation from her.

  17. How much to marry a Thai wife? 🙂

    I like this option, to buy land and an elevated house. But brick and mortar.
    5 minutes , walk to beach, 3 bedroom. 800 sqm, garden and indoor and outdoor kitchen.
    Garden and maintenance, to be provided for 5000 pound a year.

    Ultra modern. ~120 000 – 150 000 pounds?

    Or will there be a problem with crime, and squatters breaking in if a holiday home?

  18. mate its is cheap up north. built 3 of the cabins on our land, . I was very lucky bought 20 rai , 20 years ago and planted 10 rai of Sak, teak trees, golden teak . granted its a long wait for timber, but the returns are well worth it. free timber to build and can sell for ready cash any time. I am breed quail, also cheap to raise and keep, tons of eggs and great bbq eating birds, run a incubator for about 40 eggs, free birds in 3 weeks, the grandkids sell for pocket money, grand ma is a clever girl, ha ha. all the best mate, good to hear a old knock around, cheers Paul

  19. A rai (Thai: ไร่, pronounced [râj]) is a unit of area, equal to 1 square sen or 1,600 square metres (40 m × 40 m) This is what l thought, but checked with Wiki.

  20. Most men are in their 50s when retiring to Thailand to live. A 30 year land lease seems the best way to go. You can usually increase these leases to longer periods if you think you're going to live too long.
    For those who desire a quiet life away from other tourists and the girly bar life, Chumphon might be a good choice. Mile upon mile of near deserted beaches, and large tracts of beautiful national parkland. The town also has an airport to take you to nearby tourist destinations if you ever get bored of the quiet life.
    Land is quite cheap there as are rentals on homes.
    Chumpon lies between Cha-Am/Hua Hin and Phuket/Krabi.

  21. Making a video advising people to buy land in Thailand is irresponsible and demonstrates ignorance. There are countless cases of foreigners getting screwed. At the very least if you aim to be responsible, you need to go over the various ways foreigners get scammed when buying land or condos in Thailand. You might want to ask Colin Vard for some insight on this topic. Otherwise you are just contributing to the disinfo.

  22. Love your videos Simon. Really fascinating and insightful.
    As a maths teacher I just wanted to clarify your land areas:
    1 wa = 2 meters. 1 tarang wa = 2 x 2 = 4 sq. m.100 tarang wa = 1 ngan = 400 sq. m.400 tarang wa = 4 ngan = 1 rai = 1600 sq. m.2.5 Rai = 1 acre = 4000 sq.m.2.5 acres = 1 hectare (10,000 sq.m.)
    A land for sale sign that says:2 ร1 ง20 ต
    …means 2 rai, 1 ngan, 20 tarangwa = 2 x 1600 + 1 x 400 + 20 x 4 = 3680 sq.m.

  23. It's the same same deal in the Philippines land cheep cheep
    Bamboo house cheep cheep
    BUT BUT BUT corruption will
    drive you made
    And it's NOT as safe as Thailand

  24. Those wooden houses (small or large) are more expensive than a brick and cement structure. Don't forgot the termite buffet they make! I purchased 10 Rai of farmland 6 years ago. Very cheap but the real cost was completing the road and running power to the land. It cost almost 1/2 what I paid for the land. I also bought four small cabins 5 years ago. They are falling apart, even with frequent maintenance. Water and insects are a constant challenge.

  25. Hello Simon. This is the first time I have looked on your blog. Somebody told me you can get a house built with cement boards they look like wood but they are molded cement and cost a fracton of the price of blocks. We have 6 rai of land up in Uttaradit and plan t build a small house with a large kitchen. Do you think you could tell me if this is true as i have no way of finding out. Thanks Dermot

  26. AS far as I know , as a foreigner you can never buy land in Thailand , the only way is if you married to a thai national , and she will own 51 %

  27. He makes it sound so easy ???My wife has 3 farms , so I am lucky , no need to buy land , so all I do is build houses , and they are all in my name , I have a 30 year lease on my wife,s land and as I am 67 , I will never see the end of that , ha ha ha

  28. What about if you have a child with a Thai, could the child own the land so that you could have a little assurance?

  29. Simon, assuming I buy a cheap Rai of land around Chiang Mai and stick a wooden cabin on it, how is the bathroom/sewage handled? Because you're far from mains, do they put in a septic tank, or what? And how about electricity? Thanks. PS: Assuming I don't want to marry a Thai woman or set up "a company", I've heard that foreigners can have the land for 30 years, rather than own it freehold. Is that right?

  30. Hey Simon good day mate, love all your videos, some very funny some warm and moving and all are priceless with valuable incite and information. For a few years I have been studying the Philippines, and that was going to be my go to place, maybe even my retirement home, but sense i found your channel, i find myself leaning towards Thailand.. Of course when i come that way i will visit at least those two countries and i would be excited and honored to meet with you and pick your brain for a more in depth knowledge of the country, what i can do and cant do. I think your awesome and much appreciate your time and hard work sharing your life and experience with us all. thanks a million…

  31. I thought it was illegal to set up an LLC to own land but apparently this is ok as long as the foreigner owns up to 49%. The 51% percent can be divided amongst several Thais so the foreigner could have controlling interest and 100% ownership of the structures. Is this correct? What are the strings attached to this? Taxes? Business licenses(a real business), etc? What are the feelings of local Thais about all this? I am married to a wonderful Thai woman but will not invest significant $ if my American children cannot inherit. I have another angle to accomplish the purchase but was surprised to learn of the LLC idea. Does anyone know details? (I was a custom home builder in the USA and want my own design built. I can't stand the thought of renting forever or buying the bad ideas I've seen thus far.)

  32. You didn't say that only Thai's can own in Thailand! because you have a Thai wife, she can! you can own a condo because you don't own the land


    I'd go with leasing the land not buying the land lease only 1 rai or lease half if possible. But nothing is 100% smooth nothing – maybe you haven't seen the video this bloke got scammed, he went and bought his land from this lady he thought was a steal he had big plans build a big house, said wanted to leave it for his kids he went and signed the paperwork got the land title everything was legit. the next thing the lady that sold him the land had her relatives moved in to squat on the land and he had to pay them off. Who knows maybe even the officials were in on it. if you don't know their language or laws they could conspire to run circles round and round you.

  34. If you have the websites that are in Thai, I would love to look those over. Thanks so much for the informative video!!!!

  35. a foreigner cannot actually own land in Thailand, they can lease it for extended periods of time but cannot own land outright by themselves. You can own a building/house but not the land that it sits on.

  36. If you buy a house In thailand you can never own the property and the property will never be in you name either and that' s for any Foreigner… The land and property has to be in you thia wife or girfriends name period.

  37. I'm interested in the part where you said you got it wrong in the beggining… Hopefully so I don't make the same mistake…

  38. I like log cabins to be honest, and I've never seen one there. You can build it on top of center blocks and that should take care of termites because you also stain them only on the outside. They have kits and it goes together like a puzzle. You can buy them on ebay, check them out.

  39. Great option/info. Missed when you originally posted. Really like the tradition Lanna/style wood baan. They do/can retain heat a bit more than a insulated condo. Build in shade with a cross breeze/good air flow, or north Thailand for cooler nights perhaps.

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